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Caitlyn Build Guide by NinjaNeill

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaNeill

Piltover's Finest Caitlyn

NinjaNeill Last updated on September 20, 2013
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Hey guys thanks for reading!

Caitlyn is my favourite ADC/Marksman and is arguably the easiest to play she has the longest base range and a strong poke. Her ultimate is perfect for when enemy teams dissengage a teamfight or after enough poking that someone backs of a little to recall (Caitlyn's ultimate will follow a recalling champion back to base meaning it can still kill after the enemy has recalled depending on cast times). Due to her long range she is easy to peel for and can pick up farm with ease.

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Laning Phase

Caitlyn's general approach is to play the farming game in lane, occasionally poking with Piltover Peacemaker. Whenever your Passive Headshot is available you should try land it on the enemy ADC or siege minions because they have a lot of health it's easier to last hit.

I recommend freezing your lane roughly in the river area. This is for 2 main reasons; The first is that if the enemy jungler comes for a gank a well timed 90 Caliber Net will slow them and knock you back towards your own turret. Secondly if your teams jungler comes to gank your long range means you do not need to run that far forward in the chase. In both cases thee will be roughly the same amount of minions on both sides so you shouldn't get bombarded with minion AA's while the enemy ADC is only taking you teams damage and not that of your minions as well.

As long as you keep last hitting that 1550 gold should come around pretty quickly so you can recall and pick up Infinity Edge. Upon returning to lane with this item you should pretty much shred the enemy AD with all the armour pen from the rune page, at this point just keep farming away and you can think about starting to pressure the turret.

Once you have picked up Vampiric Scepter & Berserker's Greaves you can really start forcing down that turret, I don't recommend roaming with Caitlyn until the enemy Outer turret is down, this is because you aren't that mobile and Caitlyn is not really a 1vs1 champion, most junglers and mids should be able to pick you off even with a support by your side.

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Your Ultimate

Ace in the Hole I wanted to write a quick section on this because I see a lot of people using it in teamfights.

Don't, just don't do it, if the enemy champion is so low they have to back in a 5vs5 good!, that is effectively killing them without the lovely gold part, your ultimate takes a few seconds to cast/channel and might even be interrupted by a tank who doesn't feel it, in that time you could have slaughtered someone else who is low in the actual fight you are taking place in.

Use it when the whole of the enemy team is leaving or when there is 1 or 2 enemies left alive.

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Mid Game

So in this part you are basically picking up Last Whisper and looking into those situational items depending on how the other team are progressing. You should hopefully have taken the outer turret by the time you have Last whisper and looking to take mid and top turrets.

I must stress even though Caitlyn has an escape she isn't a viable split pusher, you really need to be able to 1vs1 everyone on the enemy team to be comfortably split pushing and even fed I would not be comfortable in doing so, Stick to the teamfights! hug your support and jungler/top laner they can peel for you and keep you alive. You deal in auto attacks so if you die at the start of the teamfight you make no impact what so ever.

This is why I recommend Guardian Angel & Banshee's Veil although I ten to favour Guardian Angel because it allows for you to be nuked out a fight and come back Banshee's works well against knock up's and nukes you completely negate the knock up and damage making an extremely powerful ult pointless.

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Late Game

In my opinion this is where Caitlyn excels, pick up Elixir of Fortitude and Elixir of Brilliance for extra bonuses and an Oracle's Elixir well because you have full build you don't need gold so help out the damn team. Stay at the back of the fights let everyone peel for you and I mean it everyone.

You should focus on the Squishyest champion you can hit without being hit by anyone on the other team, if that means focusing the full build shen tank then do it, don't get me wrong this is not ideal but if you dive the enemy Varus and he ultimates and locks you down inside the enemy gteam you arent doing anything but die.

So focusing a tank is still doing damage, getting deleted from fights does not benefit your team, you need to try weight up the odds of who to target, this will probably change in every fight which is what makes it difficult, but it is only gonna help your team win the fights.

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So this is just a big TL;DR

Play safe and farm until you get Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster

Take your turret then work on other lanes

Do not split push

Do not dive into fights stay at the back and focus the safest person

Win every game like a boss