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Rammus Build Guide by Dumah

Pinball Wizard - Dominion

Pinball Wizard - Dominion

Updated on October 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumah Build Guide By Dumah 3,361 Views 1 Comments
3,361 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumah Rammus Build Guide By Dumah Updated on October 2, 2011
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I've focused perhaps half of my games in LoL on using Rammus. While I never thought he was the best Champ or even the best tank in the game, he's a lot of fun to use and I usually do well in matches. After using numerous builds that I had either created or tried from recommendations, I found that a variations of the Bguggs's build worked out best. For the most part, I believe the same is true with Dominion though a few things have changed.

I believe that Rammus is a tier 1 champ in this game variation. While mobility matters in the standard game, the primary goal for most champs is to remain in lanes early game and to help out teams in later matches. Rammus has great ganking capability but his lack of serious damage output makes him better for finishing off a running champ than initiating. Dominion gives Rammus more reasons to move around like the whole stage was a pinball table with him as a spinning ball.
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Masteries and Runes

I wouldn't get hung up on rune choices. Most tanky styles work. I prefer to have a balance of MR and Armor so I use Runes to give early MR and use items to give Armor. Rammus doesn't need exceptional mana regen and I find the little given by flat runes is enough to sustain him in Dominion.

The masteries are standard for a tank. In Dominion I prefer a little more damage for solo turret defense. There's a lot less need for minion related choices.
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Skill use and Sequence

The skill sequence here is the same as it is with the Bgugg's guide (and probably others). Rammus's powerball is great but doesn't need more than the first slot as your focus isn't damage. Taunt is the most important to level quickly so it has the longest duration it can. Defense Ball is what allows you to live when a team decides to focus on you. Tremors is likely the only way you'll get any kills other than last hits.

Start of match - 1 in PB and 2 in Taunt

I'll leave the intricacies of skill use to a better guide. If I find this guide gains traction, I'll put work into explaining the differences in standard game play to dominon in skill usage.

Here are the best pointers to keep in mind:

1) Always prefer to hit with Powerball from behind where the enemy wants to go
2) Use taunt to put your turret's aggro on enemies hovering on the outside. Prefer to pull melee characters as taunt forces them to move back with you (ranged characters don't have to follow).
3) Use taunt to help your allies survive when being chased. Focus first on any enemy that has the best chance of hitting or slowing down your team.
4) You can end your defensive ball and powerball early. If you use it then find you don't need them, end it early to the cooldown can start.
5) Save your Tremors for the squishies. Rammus is the worst against other tank or high HP characters. Tremors though takes a huge bite out of the carry's HP. Add that with taunt and DBC and you get to put the hurt on with little damage coming back to you.
6) PB get's an incredible speed boast with the mid area speed bonuses. Most likely, it's a percentage on top of PB which makes you even faster when chasing an enemy with the same boast.

For spells, you are using ghost when needed because PB is on CD. Exhaust helps makes the difference between an enemy making it to their turret's safety and you catching them with PB+taunt on the outside.
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First items - Boots of Speed, Ruby Crystal, Cloth Armor

Your boots of Swiftness should come in your next trip back

All other items should be bought incrementally with short return trips to the store

A key with any tank is to be able to shift items towards either MR or Armor appropriately. The item build has a focus on armor (as his damage benefits from armor). However don't be afraid to put more in MR instead with an item like Odyn's Veil if an enemy is AP focused. That would be a good substitute for Sunfire cape. I only get Thornmail against rapid fire DPS champs when they are doing well - like a Yi with a 10/2 K/D. Make use of your death stats to tell what's killing you. Make use of your tab key even before that to tell what items the enemy has and who has the best K/D to know how to defend.

Why not these items:
Warmogs is too slow first to get and then to build the HP up in. That late payoff means you get killed more and can't get it to begin with.

I don't feel Priscilla's is a good item because your time as Rammus is better spent defending instead of taking turrets.

In general I don't believe in health regen with Rammus. On a small map like dominion it makes less sense, as a quick teleport back and PB back to place can happen before an opponent knows a spot is empty. The items in this build plus the Runes should give plenty of MR. Force of Nature is a cost overkill. If an enemy is nearly all AP, then you may skimp on Quicksilver and have more Armor with something like thornmail.
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Game play

On Dominion, Rammus has the ability to reach, capture, and guard multiple locations quickly. He also has the ability to turtle down on one turret against one or two champs easily.

My game priorities have been:
1) Help the team have a third captured point. How this is done varies. Sometimes it means working with others to kill enemies so the capture points are open. Sometimes that means rushing a position left open or chasing down one opponent while the others are occupied. It can mean defense of one location while the team focuses the third.
2) Defense. I typically I choose the off location using taunt to get that turret aggro to put the hurt on. Your goal is to distract and detain making the enemy waste their time on you instead of capturing or killing your team. You are keeping a close eye on the map for sneak captures against an undefended location. That's when you can typically PB right into them before the point is fully captured and detain the enemy long enough for an ally to help kill them off.

Why not capture? Of course Rammus will help capture - but he does better in a situation where a turret is already under your control. He doesn't have the damage output quickly kill most enemies on his own. This means that his speed doesn't do any good as you'd need to wait on your allies. Typically this means you are better off not in the contested windmill area but the other two locations on your side. Use his speed to safely travel through mid-sections for ganks when appropriate though remember that you are no good on your own against a fresh opponent.

I believe the boots of swiftness give you an edge on Dominion. There's a lot more situations where you need to either get somewhere quick or chase down a fleeing opponent without delay. Quicksilver makes up for you not having tenacity. In a dire situation, be ready to quickly activate Randuin, then Quicksilver, then PB to GTFO.

With Rammus on Dominion I believe heavily in the B for teleport. Use his PB to both get away from a battle before death and the way to return. Avoid ever being at half health as typically you'll be sticking your neck out to taunt an opponent away from a group or their turret.
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I've put this guide out as a quick response to what I'm seeing in a couple of other guides for Rammus in Dominion. I've tried these builds and in general don't find them productive. The Bguggs's build has worked well and only needed a few changes to work in Dominion.

I welcome all comments.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumah
Dumah Rammus Guide
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Pinball Wizard - Dominion

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