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Master Yi Build Guide by H00D0FTHER0BIN

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H00D0FTHER0BIN

Play Yi, like a boss!

H00D0FTHER0BIN Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Want to know how to play Master Yi like a boss? Well, here's your relief, bastard! Considering I've played Master Yi in like 50 games I can say that this build is OP and needs to be nerfed. As soon as possible. But as long as you can set up this build you will win everyone fo sho! If you didn't notice yet, this is a DPS build meaning you will deal great damage every second. Main facts about this build 1. The faster you attack early game the more you kill late game(don't hesitate to attack early game, you will end up losing if you don't get phantom etc fast) 2. Kill Minion's with alpha strike for faster gp gain. 3. Lead your team to victory with passive - agressive strategy!

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The rune's i selected are obviously the best choice for Master Yi. Attackspeed combined with armor penetration are excellent. Combining that with great amount of armor/magic resist you will do great early game. As I stated before, the faster you swing the more you kill. That's just how it is! Yi's passive combined with wuju style's passive are great early game. You don't have to buy Attack damage first, you get it from Wuju's passive and active. Okay here's some fact's about rune's and other ****.

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These masteries will grant you ****load of attack and some armor. Not much to explain here, unless you're stupid. Get armor penetration attack damage lifesteal and the usual ****. WIN! Don't argue with this, I've sorted and tested it out many many times ;)

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Okay my favorite section, ITEMS! I told you a few facts of this build earlier but ill explain more nao. You start with Boots Of Speed>Berserker Greaves>Phantomdancer>B.F sword>Inf Edge> Blood Thirster> Madred's> Last whisper. Yahoo. Phantom+B.F sword will grant you GREAT damage early game, you are approx level ~10 dealing about 400 damage+with wuju activated etc. Swing is way over 1/1s now more like 1,5swing/sec. Youre dealing ~400dmg each second WIN! When you manage to get inf edge you are dealing like 650 DPS. Bloodthirst will grant your immortality 25 lifesteal hittin 800-1k's heal's you 300hp/sec while swingin. Opponent 0 Bossy Yi 10. Bad>Better>The Best> BOSS YI!

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Skill Sequence

Don't be a *****, play like a boss!a passive - agressive Master Yi for bosses. That's why I'm not building a meditate blaa blaa build. Meditate is useless skill late game unless you're building A tanky build which this certainly Isn't. Your DPS versus some squishy thornmail+atmog's Is OP. Okay now back to masterie's. Simply, max alpha strike first and straight after wuju. You will notice you deal great damage early game and later on. Meditate is for ******* who like to hide in a bush during the heat of a battle! Play like a boss! Play YI!!

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Pros / Cons


+ Fast farming
+ Great DPS
+ Good survivability(unless you waste your ult wrong time)
+ Strong early,mid and late game DPS


- You will get bored of the crying enemies
- Whining "prebuild" Ap nublets whom you kill 1v1
- Sometimes hard to escape(tho fast movementspeed and ult grant you an advantage here)
- Could'nt fit any AP here:D

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Team Work

Alpha Striking early game deal's great damage to 5 opponent! Be aware of you'r low health, don't get ambushed don't solo midlane(if you do, be sure to ward the bushes nearby). Bossy Yi is excellent ganker, not a tanker. Don't end up in a position where you are taking the damage, don't Attack For example Rammus or other tankers early game.

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Creeping / Jungling

DO NOT jungle with this build, Go top or bottom line. No jungling BECAUSE you have no healing skills early game, play passive at first, when you get item's be agressive!!

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Dealing great damage with alpha strikes passive to minions will grant you an advantage here. You don't need madred's since you already have a 20% chance of dealing extra 500 damage to minions(great especially early-mid game but works later aswell). Ranged damage dealing opponents on line's can be hard especially early game, you just have to play smart and avoid beaing trapped or ambushed. Be sure to keep your health over 75% early game and don't waste your ulti. Unless you have to escape/destroy tower fast etc.

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DPS Master Yi does everything like a boss! Kill your opponent LIKE A BOSS. Kill 5 enemie's with one strike LIKE A BOSS. Deal you killing blow LIKE A BOSS. Buy your quip LIKE A BOSS. Okay, enough, enough.

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Edited the runes to be more useful early game, +25 armor pen is uber early game against tanks etc.