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Ezreal Build Guide by TurboChargedMoustache

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TurboChargedMoustache

Pokey Pokey Ezreal

TurboChargedMoustache Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Hello there internet, my name is TCMoustache and this is my Ezreal guide. Now a fast disclaimer, this is a niche playstyle that not many will enjoy or view as good but it is how I like to build and play Ezreal so nyah.

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Runes and Masteries

I run a generic AD Carry rune and masteries page. I go flat AD on my marks and quints for easier last hitting and since I get 10% armour pen from masteries and even more with my Last whisper which bumps me up to 50% I can afford to run them, also pick flat armor for your seals since you will usually vs another AD carry and pick MR/Lvl glyphs since you wont have to deal with much magic damage till mid game. With the whole meta of the AD carry bringing heal I like to spec into it for a stronger heal for those heal baits under the tower or if the enemy team has a **** load of CC I can also run cleanse reliably since I have taken Summoner's Resolve so I cannot be chain CC'd infact, I just always run cleanse since I can remove ignites DoT effect exhausts slow and any CC in my way AND have the next chain of it reduced by 65% for the next 4 seconds. combine with Ezreal's Arcane Shift over a wall and pop ghost for a highly reliable getaway or if you don't like ghost take flash it's funny to use your shift over a wall and when the enemy flash over to get you pop your own summoner flash back over the same wall for epic lulz.

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When to pick Ezreal and who to lane with.

Now when to select Ezreal as your AD or AP carry is rather important. Only take him when your team already has a large amount of crowd control, if your team lacks heavy CC then you are alot better off picking a champion with some, like Ashe with her ultimate and slow, Kog'Maw with his slow or Caitlyn with her pesky traps (this requires some skill to use is as reliable CC in a team fight). Who to lane with is also something to consider, due to his insane early game damage ezreal can function well with a myriad of supports some even those less conventional than others but a few stand out as solid picks for me, here is my top 10 list of the partners I love to lane with as Ezreal.

1. Taric - thats right I said Taric, for me he is the perfect blend of aggresion and defense with his heal, armour granting aura, armour shred, burst damage and oh so lovely stun. This lane combo is to be feared indeed.

2. Soraka - The most supporty support in the game with her magic resist aura, magic resist shred, not one but TWO heals and the abitily to silence opponents or give me mana back to ulti that low health wuss hiding at the tower. With this goaticorn in the lane you are an immovable farming machine.

3. Kayle - This winged beauty will be your BFF for life with her ulti saving your *** when that tower dive comes. Her heal also comes with a nice speed boost and her slow is pretty strong too aswell as her armour and magic resistance shred and rather high damage output, this is a lane that will punish the ill prepared who want to be all friendly and happy. Go forth and show them what happens when you piss an angel off.

4. Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Golem will be securing you those kills all the time with his pull into knockup (and silencing ult at level six) will usually spell the end for enemies without a reliable escape mechanism, Ezreal's Arcane Shift for example. Be wary of over extending with him as your support though since he can't heal you or save your *** like the top 3 up there.

5. Leona - The CC queen, her ability to keep the enemy in place for a swift slapping is great indeed and it will make your opponent not leave their tower for the entire game, even for late game teamfights, just be wary if this lane combo ends up dominating be wary for the enemy jungler coming to make sure you have a bad time. Addendum, she can't heal you at all so be extra wary of the enemy growing some cojones.

6. Zilean - Ah the Chronokeeper, what is there to say except easy kills and no more dying when you hit level six, Zil's bombs hurt a LOT early game and synergise well with Ezreal's naturally high damage output to net some easy kills. Warning he also can't heal you so you are rather vulnerable pre level six.

7. Alistar - The CC King, his wealth of crowd control and ability to heal you make him a solid pick with any carry. Great for tower dives too with that ultimate. Not much more to say, he would be higher on the list but after experiencing him as a jungler I can say that I prefer to have him in the jungle those ganks, so stronk.

8. Nunu - Nunu as a support is rather fun with his strong slow and attack and movement speed steroid, mix with essence flux (for him) and Ezreal's innate for destroying those towers fast but due to his lack of a heal the whole 'be catious of cojones and junglers' thing still applies yada yada yada.

9. Malphite - Yep, Malphite. A good malphite player can play in bot lane and do well to get you kills with his mad ability to tower dive and just slap the enemies ****. The benefits to bringing him along as your support are a. You can now send a farm dependant bruiser top (Olaf, Darius ect...) and still have a full on tank on your team that has a great initiate. Be warned about over extending though... you know what screw it if the supoort you roll with has no way to heal or shield you watch for junglers blah blah blah so on so forth.

10. Ryze - It's dunk master ryze baby prepare to feel the pain of the massive burst about to take you from full to dead in zero seconds flat. His reliable snare and massive burst make him some one to be feared especially in a duo lane since with good co-ordination with you the enemy AD carry is as good as dead. Note, he has no heal...

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Summoner spells, Starting items, and early game items.

I run Cleanse and Ghost but that is just how I roll (my reasoning is that early on ignite can mess you up MAJOR and since Ezreal's Arcane Shift is like a flash I use ghost to run even farther after I get over the wall) but since the current meta is that the AD carry runs Heal and Flash/Ghost I put that in so you cant complain. Now what items you get to start with and in what order vary highly on who you are laning with and how much of an *** kicking you are giving (or recieving). I usually start with boots and three health potions for that lovely sustain when I don't have some one like Soraka in the lane with me but if I do get that lovely goaticorn I start with a dorans for easier last hitting and a bit of extra damage to harass my lane opponent. If you are getting your *** kicked grab the two dorans before sheen to stay somewhat competitive in lane and call in the jungler and have him babysit you. Now depending on who your support is you will either be farming like you were playing Farmville (get there reference get a cookie) or you will be slapping your opponent around and making them regret stepping into range of your spells while farming, but not as hard as farmville since your also slapping your opponent in the face. If you can slap and get farmville level CS you are godlike, good for you, why the hell are you looking at guides go make one so I can do that good.

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Mid game and how to cope.

Now you should have a few items and maybe a few towers are down so be extra cautious for those ganks but make an effort to farm, farm and more farm you are going to need it with this build seeing as it has a trinity force. In mid game team fights Ezreal shines even if he is not there since his ult deals some great damage and can hit all the enemies, of course this is not reliable but shooting your ult into the team fight while running there can seriously put your team at an advantage and then you can shift in and mop up that pentakill. and when that is done go straight back to farming like a boss. Grab a few buffs and a dragon with your team while your at it, the gold helps. Oh and before I forget by around this time you should have tier 2 boots, 2 dorans blades, your sheen and a Vamp scepter, or if you have been destroying maybe a Bloodthirster and a phage in there or hell possibly a trinity force.

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Late game and what the hell you are meant to do.

Your the AD carry, so go carry your team to victory. Ezreal may shine and do most early and mid game but late game he is pretty damn strong with items and his reliable repositioning and escape (and killstealing >:D) tool, by now you should have your full build or damn near close to it with all that farming you should have done mid game or have you been slacking like a lazy bum. Now with this build you will be throwing in a LOT of mystic shots since you have a trinity force, also since you are doing that you want to shoot your ult at the start of the fight for 5 easy passive stacks, those q's will ensure it comes off cooldown to pick of those runners. Don't forget to use your Essence Flux on the enemy AD carry to gib their attack speed and make them completely useless.

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Item build explantion.

If you are reading this you have either skipped down to here for some reason or you have read it all and been like 'what the hell is up with the items he builds'. That's you, that's what you sound like. There are a few reasons why I build these items so I will give you the run down in the form of another list in order of what it says up top.

1. Mercury Treads - These are probably the best boots to get if you play Ezreal like this since it make being CC'd less painful in conjunction with cleanse (if you run it like I do), you probably are thinking 'TC why aren't you getting Berserker's Greaves'. I'll tell you why, it's because Ezreal's innate is all you need really, mixed with the zeal part of trinity force you will have a pretty high attack speed, and since your flux will lower the enemy AD carry's AS yours will probably trump theirs (unless they build two Phantom Dancers like an *******, not letting me cripple them that much with my flux >:[ ).

2. Trinity Force - It is a perfect item for Ezreal, rarely does a champion synergise SO well with this item, the proc from the sheen and phage components are both applied by mystic shot for insane burst and (protentionally) a nice slow if you dont have red. The attack speed in conjunction with your innate will give you nice fast damage output.

3. Bloodthirster - Core on pretty much every AD carry, I see no reason to not get this seeing as you will have a strong amount of AD and AS and mystic shot gives life steal too, it just makes you so much harder to kill and fully stacked it's more AD than an Infinity Edge.

4. Last Whisper - Pretty self explanatory, 40 AD and 40% armour pen, with the mastery in the offense tree your cutting the enemies armor in half. 100 armour becomes 50 and so on so forth once again no reason not to, you need SOME armour pen anyway.

5. Guardian Angel - Your a carry, you are going to get focused, this makes it so that it is just wasted time and lets you get back up and screw them over twice. If you die last try to die near a wall and dont use your e till you are back up so that you can e over that wall pop ghost and BAM, your gone.

6. Infinity Edge - This item is core on AD carries aswell, some may choose to get it earlier and I usually get it before my Trinity, I also sometimes see this as situational like if the enemy team is getting really tanky with a large HP pool I swap it more madreds since this build is dependant on those Mystic shots going out every 2 seconds and since mystic shot can't crit and there is not a massive amount of crit in this build anyway there may be a better choice in some situations.

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That was my guide, feel free to drop a rating and a comment, hate this guide? think it sucks ***? thumb it down and tell me what you didn't like, constructive critisicm is always nice. This buld is geared to an earlier victory than a late game slug fest so try to end it ASAP, but you should be able to hold your own late game. Now that you have read my guide, go forth and conquer the bot lane with your taric duo que buddy and remember when getting that penta the words of the Prodigal Explorer himself 'it's all skill'. So remember ladies and gents to keep it classy and always keep a positive attitude.