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Poppy Build Guide by Drunknchaos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drunknchaos

Poppy Build- Jungle

Drunknchaos Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Overview- Poppy Jungle

Highly Aggressive Poppy Jungle Guide. This is the Best Build for total domination, and setup for Penta kills/ Aces on the enemy team.

If you have any additions and/or other Suggestions, comments are appreciated and will be tested for results. Thanks for reading


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As all Junglers know, you have to take the opponent by Surprise, in doing so you usually get rewarded with a kill or two. I'm going to explain the best ways to corner and get the proper angling to knock your opponent back into a wall generating a stun. First you should avoid the bushes right in the river, these are highly likely to be warded and will give your positioning away very quickly. When assaulting top or bottom lane, you should take the most round about wide route to the enemy champions. This creates good angles to either
1. Knock the enemy back to your allies or 2. Knock them into a wall forcing a stun and allowing your teammates to engage. It is very important when you are going in for either the stun or knock back to your allies that you pop your "W" ability which gives you 10 stacks and increases your speed. Follow the "W" with your knock back "E", then finish them off with a "Q" ability and they should be close to finished off. If you have any other questions about proper ganking, and how you should do it, the angle you should take, or anything else revolving around such. Please Post a Comment Below:

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Team Work

It is always important when working together as a team for you to go in first (If you do not have a tank), Pop your ult on the least damage outputting champion and your teammates will follow. When you go in and use your ult on the supporting character, you usually switch all of your damage output to the opposing teams ADC. Seeing as you will take no damage you should be able to drop the ADC within a few seconds. Then, You will be able to call switches for your teammates and take out the rest of the team for the ace.

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Pros / Cons

-Poppy has lots of speed.
-Poppy has a knock back.
-Poppy has a stun.
-Poppy has a Ult with the ability to dive turrets and not take damage, resulting in easier kills.

-Poppy will have a low health pool (Need to stock up on health pots).
-You will turn into primary target with this build, So if you do not have your ult up you can be struck down very easily.

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Jungle Farming

When you are starting off in the jungle, start at Blue buff, seeing as poppy is very mana deprived and uses it like it's going out of style. When the monster is at 50% call for your teammates to fall back off him and Smite then use whatever abilities you have left to take out the small monsters. Then you can head straight on over to Red buff, and usually pop a health pot along the way (depending on how many people you had leashing and how much health you lost). When you get to the red buff engage right away, or wait a few seconds if you are not confident taking him down without Smite. If you do engage right away your Smite should come up approximately half way through the kill which allows you to quickly finish him off and start heading to wolves. When you get to wolves you should have used all of your health pots and you will be killing them without smite (pretty quick kill). This gives you level 3 and you are ready to start ganking lanes. This is the point when I back grab a dagger couple health pots then head to whichever lane needs the most help or provides the potential for the most kills.