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Poppy Build Guide by abe95

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abe95

Poppy - Fighter Build

abe95 Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Poppy This build is one I have been playing a lot. I made this build because I was done losing and I wanted a character and build knowing no matter what my team was going to win that game. I have not lost a game yet using this build and on top of that I have been the MVP of the match. It's not because I am the best player out their it's because this build gives Poppy tons of durability and tons of damage. If you have never played Poppy or if you have played her tons either way I would still suggest this build to increase your chances of winning.

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Runes and Masteries

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Seal of Attack Damage Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
When you look at the Runes I have picked you can see what I am focusing them on. Attack... That is because the item build gives you plenty of Durability and your mastery and runes will give you a great amount of damage output.

I get the armor penetration Marks letting your damage do more realistically what your damage really is.

Ability cooldown Glyphs so that your abilities will come back faster making your "Q" Devastating Blow have about a 3.5 second cooldown at its max level.

The Strength Seals and Quintessences to really make you have that strong damage. With your Masteries and Runes in the beginning you will have an 11 extra damage with out buying an item so with this and your Paragon of Demancia you will have over 100 damage before level 6, letting you really take control over the lane.

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Difference between "Recommended" and "Alternate" Team B

You can see by looking at both the Recommended and Alternate team Poppy's that they are almost identical in final six items, the only difference is that "Recommended" team has a Frozen Mallet and the "Alternate" team has a Warmog's Armor. The reason there is that difference is because some people find that having both Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet is a waist of the passive and would rather have some more health and health regain.

I prefer getting the Frozen Mallet because Trinity Force gives you a 25% chance on slowing the target hit by 35% where as Frozen Mallet has a 100% of slowing the target by 40% making your attacks more effective. Another bonus of Frozen Malletis the extra 20 damage really rounding out Poppy as a fighter.

Warmog's Armor is nice tho because you already have the passive from Trinity Force (not as effective but its still there) and you get a lot more health and health regain.

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As you can see I start this build out with boots and three potions because of your damage you do not need to get a damage item in the beginning, and the boots allow you to get that first blood really nicely by giving you speed over your opponents if they try to run, then after the battle the potions will heal you fine so you do not have to go back to base and lose time laning and farming in the beginning of the game.

Philosopher's Stone When you have enough money I would recall and get Philosopher's Stone as fast as you can because of its passive giving you that extra gold you need to stay in-front of your enemy.

The Berserker's Greaves are really nice they give you extra attack speed which you need in the beginning/middle game for Poppy.

Finishing off Eleisa's Miracle gives you the regain of Health and Mana you will need to survive ganks and to help in ganks, the main bonus is the Tenacity so that all CC (crown control) spells will be less effective against you really making your ulti Diplomatic Immunity really effective so in case they try to slow you down so u cant finish them off it will be more likely that you still get to finish them off.

Vampiric Scepter gives you a nice amount of life steal added up with the little you already have from your Masteries letting you really be able to fight almost anyone on there team even if they have been fed some, and again it makes sure you can push for as long as you need to.

The reason you get Zeal first in Trinity Force is because Poppy needs the attack speed she is a little slow with her attacks with out it. So once you have Zeal you will most likely be hearing "UNSTOPABLE" "GOD-LIKE" "LEGENDARY" more often when you kill people.

The Phage is next because it lets you make sure those kills of your don't get away before your done with them with its passive.

Getting Sheen is very nice for Poppy letting her "Q" Devastating Blow do massive damage to who ever is foolish enough to come close.

Trinity Force is a MUST for Poppy you will not be able to be the best Poppy you can be with out having Trinity force that is really all I have to say about it.

Kindlegem is after Trinity Force for a great reason, it gives you more health (this is when you start to get beafy) and cooldown reduction letting you be able to get into and out of fights more effectively because you don't have to wait for any more to load as long anymore.

Zeke's Herald Zeke's Herald is not only great for yourself giving you life steal, attack speed, health, AND cooldown reduction... sorry let me catch my breath because that was a mouth full. Not only that though remember it also helps out you team giving near by team mates attack spreed and life steal.

Finally getting that The Bloodthirster, oh how nice it is getting it because you by now are already super beafed up and do crazy damage but now you going to add ever more damage to your build really rounding out your whole fighter build.

The Warmog's Armor and Frozen Mallet I have already told you there uses in "Difference between Recommended and Alternate Team Builds" chapter so look there for the reasons to get them.

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Skill Sequence and Spells

There is reason to why the Skill order is the way it is. Getting your "Q" Devastating Blow at level one opens up great opportunity for "First Blood." With your Exhaust and your Boots of Speed in the beginning you are sure to get that first blood if your partner and you focus on the more squishy of the two in your lane in the very beginning. Ignite will help you either finish off that first blood or help you get a double kill in the very beginning either way Ignite is your friend in the very beginning.

I pick these two because Poppy does not have a lot of crowd control in her moves she has a stun but it only is able to be done if the other character is close enough to some sort of terrain and if you can actually hit them to it. So I get Exhaust letting me land that "E" Heroic Charge stun very easily.

I like to max out my "Q" Devastating Blow because more times then not it will be the move getting you that kill.
I max out "E" Heroic Charge next because it gives you a great amount of damage when you hit terrain.
I max out "W" Paragon of Demacia last because the difference in total damage at 10 stacks is only 20 damage which is very nice later in the game but you need more burst damage from your other moves in the beginning and mid game.
I get my ulti Diplomatic Immunity when ever I can because it is very effective in team fights and when tower diving.

The reason I get Exhaust is not only for first blood it is also for your whole team if your chasing someone but can get just close enough exhaust will help you catch up.

Ignite is very effect for Poppy because she has no range moves so if you have already used up Exhaust and you cant reach with you "E" ignite will do that little bit of damage you need at the end to really make sure you get that kill.

Other Spells to Look at
* Flash
* Ghost
* Teleport
* Cleanse