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Poppy Build Guide by Puffylift

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puffylift

Poppy - Hits harder than my dad

Puffylift Last updated on February 19, 2014
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My name Fiddlesticks and i making guide for Poopy just for you guys. This build for Poopy is real good. Support poop is strong becuase i liek to play him mid lane. Jungling as a support is also so strong it breaks game.

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where to play and dont hert me dad

top: peple play the p9py in the top lane becuz they think playing support breaks game. they wrong they dont play the jungle right

jungle: ya poop es great mid es muy buneo prty good against the wolves but watch out for the ghost guys dey hurt lots, no solo blue buff es impossibru

mid: ok pop is 889 mid ya go shield summoner then the smite to get the caster m1ni0n get executioner call first es good against xerath cuz that all you play against anyway he hits harder than my dad

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how to play and op

Early game poop: I like to afk until late game becuase they will think that you have Dced but when we get into a team fight I teleport in full hp lvl 1 and do so much dammage i break game.

Mid game p0pi: feed as much as possible to let enemies catch up cuz winning before the 1:30:00 mark is just boring.

Late game pomp1: by this time u has executioner so u win erry fight so u have to go kill the big monster in the pit so it dont hit team harder than my dad