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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

post innervating locket sona

muggy8 Last updated on December 18, 2010
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so with Innervating Locket gone, most builds for sona is just about dead :( however it took me 14 losing streak to come across a build that may work. so as some may have noticed archangel is not on the list of build items and no there isn't a mistake. the reason is it takes too much money to get it and the money is much better suited to go elsewhere.

so here's an break down of the items:
soul shroud: hay it gives you mana. 15 of it per 5 seconds too. just a wimpier version of archangel for mana regen but alot cheaper and gives a much needed 15% cooldown reduction in addition to the overkill you get from your runes and masteries. and not just you it also helps the person you lane with. its true it doesn't have enough mana regen like archangel but it will keep you going for alot longer than nothing. and besides whats the point of clarity if you'll always have mana anyways. next....

boots... well most of the time go for mercury treads but sometimes you want that ninja tabbi or boots of mobility or boots of speed. its flexible so get the boots the situation calls for.

will of the ancients. well AP is always good and spell vamp in aura form. no complaints there. 70 AP to you and 30 to friends awesome and only 2100 to build its got broken written all over it. and not to mention that the total cost for the build as of this item is only 5045 and if the situation calls for ninja tabbies then its even cheaper

deahtfire grasp: hay look free damage. and lots of it too. well this will be your late game item or if your really good get it about to enter late game. late game is the time when your mana is gonna drain like crazy and you need to spam your spell like your life depends on it and your life does. so here's another 15% cooldown reduction totaling to 30% from items roughly 20% from runes if your at lv 18 and 9% from masteries. if ulting them every roughly minute and a half wont kill them then i really dont know what will and your darkfire grasp does damage on activation too dont forget. (hot keys to items are 1-6, a number for each item slot)

2 slots for situational items:
so the core is actually just soul shroud boots and will of the ancients. sometimes you can skip the deathfire grasp. anyhow as you may have noticed i left 2 slots open. these are for situational items. you wont need them all the time and most likely the game will end when you get the will of the ancients but if it goes beyond the deathfire grasp there's 2 thing that's happening, possibly 1 and most of the time this is the case, your team sucks they fed too much/you fed too much and the carry isn't carrying because they are starved of kills or money what ever may the case be. in this case your best option is to rage quit, just sit and watch them burn or surrender. possibility number 2 is both teams are good, tough opponents, both good team and what not. under these circumstances you proceed to building what ever the situation demands.

enemy team full of casters: banshee's vale and force of nature will just shut them down or if you want maybe a guardian angel just so you dont end up dead in the middle of a team fight.

enemy team full of attack damage champs? get thornmail and guardian angel or sunfire cape, what ever will get the job done.

balanced team? use banshee's vale and guardian angel. reason should be clear.

enemy full of tanks? um..... probably wont get here if its really the case but some tanks are beasts. so in that case get more aura items that suits your team. attack speed and attack damage aura for that jax and more ability power and cooldown reduction aura for that ryze. or some defense aura so your team can tank better.

i'll explain the runes now, yes its overkill, but when your hugging your tank early game no need for additional health, AP, armer runes, so why not just get the good cooldown and spam your spells, mainly your ult. your gonna need it when your running away or pushing, mana drain is a problem so you have to be careful of when to and when not to spam.

in game:
finally what you've been waiting for, or if you just skimmed the build then i guess this is what interests you the most.

early game: hug tank dont steal last hits from your lane partner, they need gold just as much as you do and beside your build is cheep you can afford not to farm as much. most of the time you want to lane with a tank. stay behind your tank, but make sure your tank lives too. once in a while use your q move and last hit a bit but your mana regen is a bit small early game so i suggest only do it once every 30 sec. when done properly the first time you port back should be about lv 8-10 depending on the situation. if your really good you got about enough money to get soul shroud and mercury's treads and it should be mid game by now. go to mid if there's a team fight, start spamming, if not fix everyone up with your heal and push, if you the only one there, hug tower and wait for rest of team or something.

mid game: now you have your soul shroud and your boots. do a little harassing team gets there open with your ult, focus on one guy, and just win. or open with your ult, your team jumps in, no focued target your stun is over and they fight back and you get focused and die. just make sure you coordinated with your team well so the second doesn't happen. another option is your team is in a team fight you jump in with an ult and hope to stun as many enemies as you can i guess. it does takes some skills to use the ult well (probably the only reason why her difficulty is hard). sometimes just your ult is enough to save anivia's egg. and then make a comeback with her or just flee.

late game: fire your lazer i mean deathfire grasp. then ult, then q then w then your passive hits and boom massive damage if your solo. or deathfire, ult, q and have your team do the rest. get the item appropriate for the enemies your fighting. and remember your ult's cooldown is about 1 min and a half if your lv 18. takes some practice to do a good ult. if spaming it wont win it for your team nothing will. the only thing that comes to mind is karthus' ult with 1000+ ap.