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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

Theory Crafting - Orianna

muggy8 Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Hello all. welcome to my Orianna theory crafting build. orianna is one of those champs that is really tough to pickup but once you do pick her up god knows what you can do with her much like . in my heart she will always be a caster-support hybrid. that means that if you want, you can play her on a solo lane (mid or top) and carry your team to victory or you can duo bot and play supportive and support your team to victory much like prenurf sona and something that karma wish she was. i will appoligize for my bad spelling right now so please sont get angry about it :o

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change log:

June - 8 - 2011: fist publishing

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summoner spells:

these two are my preferred summoner spells. i am well aware that clarity loses all potential use late game however i believe that the trade off for a strong early game is worth it. that being said i do not run any mana regen in my runes as a result i have to run with clarity. however here are some other possiable spells that go well with orianna

this is a great spell on a support and if that's what your doing then take this. it works wonders on a taem
another great spell that can totally save you when you need it
watch them burn. especially vlad
a very strong hard counter to most AD carries and a great ganking tool
another early game spell but you can also use this to back door late game as well
we all know when we get CC locked. well no more being CC locked for 8seconds and just die because of it
good for baiting. that's about it
these are spells that you shouldn't be using

for simplicity's sake lets assume that you did take clarity and flash

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runes and masteries:

any caster standard / nonstandard runes setup is fine. i personally uses this setup as it does the most for me mid to late game.

however any combination of the runes will work as long as you have at least 36ap by lv 18 (2 ap per level) in runes. for simplicity's sake i'll assume that you have followed my recommended runes and the build will work accordingly. if you didn't then your build may have to differ from my listed build by a small bit

as far as masteries anything with 21points in utility is good

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skill sequence:

very felxiable. if you like your Q over W then max if first if your a W person max that first if your going support get E first. really not much to say here. i'm more of a hybrid Q-W person so i roll with simultaneous Q and W maxing.

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core build:

the goal of this core build is to allow you to cast carefree later on in the game. the sheen is there to improve your autoattacks and with how fast you cast your spells it'd be a waist not to have this early. the boots and tear is for purposes that we all know much too well.

because this is theory crafting i dont have much to say in terms of actual testing however the idea is you auto attack like a boss and you spam your spells so much why is there any reason not to get per cast proc items namely sheen and tear. which goes into and later on.

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post core build recomendations:

there is no absolute build after the core build. this is because to me following the same build repetitively is a dumb way to go as you dont always need to get such and such item or another item is much better than said item for the situation. that said there are some general builds for items to get after you have completed your core build. the images reads from top to down most important to least important.

build 1:

this is probably the most preferred way to build after the core item as it is the ap caster build.

build 2:

this is a second build it focuses on more of a support roll than a caster carry roll


any 2-3 combination of any of the following

Shurelya's reverie
then finish off

build 3:

this last one is more of a hybrid between support and caster.


shurelya's reverie

none of these are to be followed exactly especially the one for pure support. however this is more or less a rough guide line as to what to buy when playing. in practice nothing ever goes according to plan therefore it is very important to buy according.

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recomended not working?

there are always alternate items for almost every situation so dont be supprised that if something stupid happens and the recomended items dont work. here is a list of alternate items that may or may not help in said situations. it takes time to get to know each of them and when to and when not to buy them. however if you can get this down you can pertty much play well with most champs. this is more or less a copy of the item build explantion found in one of my other builds.

this item doesn't need explaining
this is for when your team is doing great and you can earn some easy AP with this.
i know we all hate , and so why not just shut them down?
if you have on your team then this is like a no brainer. additionally you get 80 AP and 25% spell vamp its totally worth more than 2100g.
shurelya's reverie most of the time you get this for its active so dont forget to use the active ever. as well its one of stronger mana regen items in the game and for good reasons too. dont underestimate its other stats.
yes it stacks twice. the only down side to this item is that you get nothing out of it. however if your team is highly focused on lifesteal survivability and the only person who has this item is then just get this to give your team 40% lifesteal on top of what they already have. although you wont normally get this, it is still an aura item none the less and will remain on this list
if your losing this might just be enough to save a life
opposing team full of tanks with 3K+ health each? no prob, we can melt all of them make sure your not the only one getting this and your carries are getting as well
if their yi is not stupid and comes to take you out first, then this will make sure he dies if he's going for you first. generally you want to get over this item
actually doesn't add to your survivability as directly as you may think. it is for when you go into a team fight, people are less inclined to attack you because they think you'll revive afterwards. its more of a psychological thing than what it actually does for you. but none the less it not a bad idea to have around. (note: unless your the carry, if you have a GA, you fall drastically in the kill priority list)
this is for when you need the extra mana regen and helpful late game when you need to put out more hurt as this item gives you the most ap other than deathcap
this is very much of a tank item however, if your tank doesn't have room to get this or cant get this for other reasons, then getting this is not a bad idea. any item that shuts down an important team member on the other team is an effective item on a support. additionally it works really nicely with
same idea as banshee but a slight bit harder to use.
this is the one of the tenacity item. it gives you great amounts of mana regen at a rather cheep cost and giving you a solid counter to CC heavy teams.
aura item for if your team is caster heavy or if the opposing team is hurting too much with their caster(s) and if your getting it as a defensive thing then make sure this isn't your only source of magic resist have at least 50 magic resist from other sources such boots and that sona's W over there
if your being focused to the point where you cant even flash, then this is the item to get
i think this item is much too overrated. the CDR on it is nurfed to a point that its not really worth getting, the hp is nice but it just doesn't shine like it used to anymore
this is for those games that are tight and you know that you'll need the extra HP later. it is hard to predict that you'll need this item later but if your able to predict it, this is definitely a better investment than
if you need the MR this will give you alot of it. the move speed is also a nice bones. the health regen is a bones though its not the main reason your buying it
offers an understandable amount of hp as well as good armor and an active that stacks with frozen heart to instantly screw over your opponent's carries. (50% attack speed reduction)
this is the best way to reach 200AP (roughly) in a single item, nuff said.
if you are someone who likes activated items and need some survivability then this is the way to go.

by no means is this the complete list of items that will get you out of every situation but i'd like tho think its pretty close (but probably not D:). hopefully this helps.

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Thank you!

for taking your time to read through my theory crafting, or, for the peopel whith better english than me, my hypothesis. this is my third theory crafted build i hope it works nicely however there are many times that a build will have alot of room for improvement and i will accept criticism on my build unless its something to do with my spelling. :P