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Urgot Build Guide by SubSonic1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SubSonic1

Power Bottom - Post Fizz patch

SubSonic1 Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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JUST MADE THE EDIT TO THE SKILLS AND ITEMS UP TOP. I haven't done the rest of the guide yet. If I see some positive feedback, I'll take the time to go on and redo the rest.

Urgot?! GARBAGE! What? Oh, wait you still think Akali is broken. Gotcha. Urgot is by far one of the best defenders of bot. I dare say the best. At end game, he's damn near indestructible. 1v1? No chance for whoever you're up against. 2v1? Totally possible. 3v1? You need a turret on your side, garrison, and a prayer but it's not impossible! You got this.

This build is made for a bot defender. You can't really effectively do much else. You're basically a tank. Just get where you have to go and blow stuff up when you get there.

Also, just my 2 cents.... If you defend the **** out of bot, and your team loses, there's nothing you could have done. Don't take it personally. If their idea of why they lost was because you didn't take the other team's bot and hold it for more than 20 seconds, you can't help your team breathe out of their noses. You're there to have fun and you know you did your job. That's all anyone can do. Just make sure to nicely tell your team while you get mushed 4v1 that they should be capping something else, not concerning themselves with why you couldn't carry the whole team by holding down 2 bot nodes.

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Pros / Cons


You can't be killed easily.
Soloing bot means you almost always get a full build.
You will almost never lose bot with you there.


You're fat. You can't move anywhere very quickly.
You're really fat. Getting anywhere in a hurry is not possible.
Did I mention you're fat?
If you push too hard, more will come. You will die. Your team won't cap anything else while they're distracted. It'll be your fault... Even if they don't take your bot.
Your team will come down instead of capping something else up top.
Did I mention it's your fault?

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I've been experimenting with boots, not for the movement speed, but the extra 15% CD reduction. Moving a little quicker is just a happy bonus. Turns out, you can escape enemies with urgot, I just didn't know how. For those that don't know, activate your shield and hit them to slow them down. It involves a little more effort than I usually expend playing this game what with the multiple clicking and mouse movements to both aim and route your escape, but hey, that's why urgot is a difficult champ, right?

- Your starting item. Why just this and no boots? I think I covered that somewhere in this guide. Basically you don't run. You don't move quickly. You just get to where you're going and destroy everything in your path. Buy this asap. Hit p to open your shop window instead of waiting to click the shop you baddie.

- Your second purchase. Get over it. You're gonna move slow. With this, you should destroy who ever is trying to lane against you.

- Yes, boots. Buy these AFTER YOUR MANAMUNE. DO NOT BUY EVEN THE STARTER BOOTS. Also this is your first CD reduction item. Makes you even deadlier when you hit someone with Noxian Corrosive Charge. I think with this item you can get off 3 Acid Hunter shots before the debuff wears off.

- Moar health!!! Your survivability in early game is ******ed now.

- And now the gravy. You should already have been farming minions to build your Manamune mana bonus, but now you gain hp with each kill too!

- Your Glacial Shroud and Spirit Visage are kind of interchangeable. It really depends on who you're laning against. I usually go Glacial Shroud first just for the slight boost in AD from the mana you gain.

- Moar health!!!! And more CD reduction. No brainer.

- Magic resist is a great way to be well rounded. Odds are when their team swaps out bot or someone helps, they won't both be AD.

- MOAR HEALTH!!!!! Actually, this item helps out late in the game with the bonus to health back. With your Warmog's Armor and Zeke's Harbinger giving you a ton of health back already, Spirit Visage just boosts that gain a little more.

- You hit hard. Now you randomly hit harder!

- More armor. Always good.

- ha HA! Now for some real damage! With your Warmog's Armor about maxed at this point and all your other health items, this baby should be giving you around 50-65 AD or something... whatever. But why not just a straight AD item? Well Billy, it's because it also provides crit, but more importantly, more armor!

- At this point, you wreck shop. Wreck harder and faster with a little more CD reduction, more armor, more mana (for bonus damage) and make your enemies not hit you as fast. Yah, that Phantom Dancer you spent half the game building? Negated. Get some.

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Spam your abilities. Because of your Manamune, you want to use everything as soon as it's up, as long as no one is around. Also, once you have your Warmog's Armor, you want that extra 450hp cap as soon as you can get it. I know it's bad, but most of the time, I just push and cap their bot and head back to base. More about that in a second.

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Playstyle a.k.a How to Play

A second later...

So why would anyone let a node go on purpose? I'll give you reasons on why and when below.

When to keep it:

When your team doesn't have the windmill. More will come down to "help" their bot. They will mush you. They'll eventually get their bot back. Your team will cap windmill and maybe their mid.

When to let it go:

When your team has the windmill. Why? You only need 3 to win. Keeping their bot will only bring more bot. You don't want this because what ends up happening is they don't stop. They all push over and cap your bot. Then for some reason, they stick around. Your team "helps you out" and comes down. You lose nodes. It's a bad time.

Now, for the overall how to section:

When you start, you want to hit p to open your shop and buy that Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible. Start spamming your abilities. Even on your way to that bottom turret, you're spamming your abilities. Don't worry about mana. If you run out of mana, you should've been back to base by now to buy your Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Getting to that 1000 cap as soon as possible is critical.

Because you didn't buy boots initially, you're already ahead of your opponent at bot. He probably bought boots to get to you and die faster. You pick up boots in a minute or so so you can mush him faster.

Having a Manamune in the opening minutes of the game will make you very dangerous. Slow, but dangerous. I won't lie. Most of your game will involve killing minions. Your team might yell at you to go cap instead of killing minions, but what their little heads don't realize is that having that wave of minions help you cap is faster than you just channeling by yourself.

In the event that your team is ******ed (happens more often than not) and they all hump bot, go defend the windmill. Chances are that if your whole team is at bot, you just lost the windmill, or never had it to begin with. Your talents are best used elsewhere. Then when the new bot realizes just how hard you have played to keep bot for so long, the game will end and you will have lost. Keep your team in check.

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I just wanted to get this out there for now while Urgot is free. Please rank this build later as it gets finished, but most importantly, go try it out! Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for your time!