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Udyr General Guide by prismstorm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author prismstorm

Prismstorm high elo jungle udder guide

prismstorm Last updated on September 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Sup scrubs. Today I'll teach you how to be a 2g jungler, with the power to boot you out of whatever ****ty elo you are in. After my highly critically acclaimed badimir guide, i have decided to once again, share my expert wisdom in the field of jungling. After deciding to play jungle after watching my two comrade (xQueenz, DaveyBJ) fail miserably in jungle, Ive thrown down my expert knowledge of the game with a keen grip of map mechanics, and jungle experience to create a simple yet efficent jungle guide for all you who aspire to jungle on the level that I currently am on, bronze division II
update: now silver 5 pm me for lessons

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Pros / Cons

Why pick manbearturtletigerphoenix?
-op mobility, lots of gap closers in his op kit
-op 1350ip, cheap, 4 skins in one
-op clearing time, scholars argue that it is the best (season 2)
-op elephant stance, lets you tank for days
-op ultie
-no gapcloser
-most banned champion as of now
-Nickiedesu (2k elo) thinks that udyr is trash, As does daveydj
-He has too much metasheepu on his D

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Pregame setup aka runse mastries

Seeing that you will be maxing bear stance, you will wanting to invest in magic penetration reds for maximum damage from your turtle stance. For seals, i take armour because we are jungling, iirc. For blues, mana regen is a fine choice as zyra has a lot of problems with mana early in the game. Quintessence wise, i prefer scaling gold per 10 quinces as this gives me more gold as the game drags on. However this guide will let you finish the game in 20 no worries.
Like my vladimir guide, i wil put masteries in order of preference.
0-0-30 numero uno setup. Gives us high amountsof gold, lifesteal and spellvamp. I find e pickpocket to be useful as it procs on monsters, and 50 g per hit is pretty darn good. The movement speed at the bottom is trash. Although udyr is all melee, i find the cookie And explorer ward to be extremely helpful when roaming the map.
30-0-0 yolo
0-30-0 only ******* go this setup, 0-0-30 is for maximum swaglords

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Skill Sequence

Like every jungle udyr player, i prioritize the bear stance. The increased mobility is invaluable and very cost efficient, as well as bolstering your invading power.if you didnt know, mobility is the #1 stat in the game, which is why i max W as vladimir (prismstorm, 2012) . Harvard refereencing op as **** yo. Next, you want to begin distributing points into turtle. Te sustain is so good that you dont even need to recall. You might as well end the game with your dorans ring (starting item choice explained below). The last points shall be put it elephant stance, which grants increased tankiness and durability while ganking.

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Smite-**** smite. You might as well get ignite to ignite creeps like that warwick guide on Smite is highly overratwd, and due to udyr's incredibily high base damage on his spells, he can go through the initial jungle with ease, using our standard path which we will go into next chapter.
Revive- if your invasion fails and you gets killed, you can revive and you'll be back in their jungle in no time.
-other recommended spells
Clarity- mana problems as said before
Rally- Hack the game to bring back the greatest jungling spell in the entire game. Pop it like its hot, pop it like its hot

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Like all trademark allan builds, this is set in stone and shouldn't be changed in anyway way, shape or form. The jungle at the beginning is a cold desolate area, so you need to buy a woolen fleece and 5 cranberry drinks, because you'll get thirsty. After you initial clear, the sun will come up so you can sell your woolen fleece. You want to stay cool and hydrated in the jungle so continue to buy beverages. After the 40 minute mark, with your banked up gold, you can invest in some mage items due to udyr's incredibly good AP ratios. Start with a haunting guise before upgrading it to a haunting guise, due to proc more damage on udyr's slow. Buy two air jordans because you want to go fast, disregard teamates because they are too poor to afford another shoe. By this time in the game your head will start to feel cold again so you want to have something warm and stylish on your noggin. Get a wizard hat so you hang with dumbledore and the boiz. If you want to chill with jesus upon your death, buy a GA so you can blend in with theangels in heaven. For the last item slot you must build an icarus cape, +10 jump is good as it lets you jump over cliffs.
When you have no slots, bring on theblue and red protein supplments
"Gg build sur@20" nooblord on other team

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Passive-Drunk as F
Udyr is the drunkest **** in league of legends. Before the game he ODs on the blood of ten virgins and a couple of roofies, before decapitating a couple of animals, donning them as headgear to keep him warm and procedes to **** **** up. The more hats you throws in in succession gives him increased hallucinations, along with a meager 100 to all stats.

Tiger stance-Q
Donning the tiger head, Udyr turns into a spastic, rabid tigerguy giving him increased asthetics as he procedes to rip your teamates face off. I suggest you run the **** away from him and never turn back, even though it means ditching your AD carry, because the AD is trash and gets caught.
In the tiger stance, he has increased ***** slapping speed growing in power from (20%/40%/60%/80%/1000%). I recommend you max this last because its a one point wonder.

Turtle dance-W
Udyr reaches his critical mass point of swag and creates a shield made from pure titanium swag, so strong that anything that damages it actually eats away at the sheild. Amazingly, wildlife expertes claim that this skill is what makes udyr udyr. Upon activation, udyr jumps inside his shell and rolls around like rammus. Gotta go fast

Bear stance-E
Udyr's intense training in the vast mountain ranges of tibet allows him to throw on a insulative coat made of dead bears, to punch with the force of jackie chan and bruce lee combined, because they were both raised in tibet right? After getting hit by udyr, you are drained what swag you have a minor concussion. In this mode, he goes kenyan mode and procedes to be as fast as Usain Bolt.

Yolo stance-YOLO
He has so much swag that he has the power to steal gold that chills at the end of the rainbow and his teamate's ultimate to empower him to be the perfect warrior known to man. At this point in the game, udyr has finally reached his 80th birthday and must retire and collecy superannuation. He has carried hard enough and at this point lets his team finish the job. He has finally "yolo'd".

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I dont own a farm but i used to live on one so i can help
You want to put your seeds out and water them accordingly.
Dont forget to plow and clear the land of foreigners
Collect crops when done and selll it to Doran and buy doran items
Ad rememeber:
Old mcdonald had a farm e i e i o
And on that farm he had a duck e i e i o

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I would like to thank the gym for sculpting my deltoids, pectorals, abs and biceps and triceps. **** working legs (yolo).

I would also like to thank my crew (FluX Gaming Aus) in supporting me through my tough times were I thought I was not big enough, but by getting dirty gains of eating fried chicken, guzzling down protein laden Up and Go's. I have finally reached my goal in benching 200 tonnes on each side (pwoah iam huge)

Oh yeah my featured udyr guide...Forgot about that! Peace out broes! See you in the divine division 1 of bronze.


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