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Master Yi Build Guide by Twilestia

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twilestia

pro as heck guide to master yi - s5

Twilestia Last updated on October 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Hecarim hores goes fast too but you are faster he is the only threat to your superiority consider him yellow
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Read this with your eyes

Because some people seem to be confused.

This is a genuine "guide" ("") and not a random troll/humour guide, but it carries over the semi literate idiot motif of the original YouTube video because why not, I mean we are building pure Movespeed Yi with no LS here. It also contains about 54 million obscure references that only about 5 people in the entire world would ever notice and indeed it also contains vaguely plagiarising similarities to completely relevant and also irrelevant videos that I have seen over the years. Infact this block of text itself contains 2.

So just to drill in - this is a moderately viable and completely stupid way of playing Yi which occasionally works if the enemy you are facing has the intelligence of a lemming (which incidentally is exactly how you have to play Yi with this build). Also this guide is probably the least detailed thing in the universe but really if you can't figure you how to press the right mouse button then you don't deserve the air you are stealing.

Anyway enough of this rambling, I'm going now ta.

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master yi profreshonal

greetings young nooblord recruit. you have entered the yi zone.
i will teach you how to be pro as heck as master yi simply by going fast. this will make you a dunkmaster.

so you ask, why go fast? by going fast master yi can exit the fixed orbit to avoid the meteorolite in outer space, to fight with extra-terrainnit.

what does this mean to you you ask? well by not wasting money on useless items such as wards, attack damage and lifesteal you can increase your fastness by over 20% compared with standard yi builds (which are only built by nooblords).

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ggggground rrrrules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are to follow me always. don't lose hope in me, the dunkmaster. if you carry out this wonderful strategy you won't regret it and will ascend into the anti nooblord heaven.

firstly, this music must be playing at all times during gameplay
don't be afraid to go fast and click the speed button on the video below and see to see how fast master yi is. you don't even need lifesteal. this is me playing in gold dunking nooblords with the exact same setup of cool skills, spells and items that i have in the guide. i have a 100% win ratio with this professional build excluding the games which i lost.

penta kill in one hit like a true dunkmaster

now you, the reader, has decided to shut the **** up with your internal debate questioning the validity of this incredible dunkmaster build and you are going to pay close attention aren't you so you can dunk some nooblords like the master.

i repeat. you do not need lifesteal. your lifesteal is your speed. you saw me steal 5 of their lives didn't you. good. lifesteal scales with movement speed, so you >gotta go fast<

final rule is to never even dunk cats.

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pros and cons for the dunkmaster

pros cons

- sword boots and many more swords
- top speed faster than rainbow dash and sonac combined
- teaches dog and rude dudes some lessons
- yi is really fast
- makes getting sick frags a breeze 4 u
- real fresh build

- ha ha
- you gotta look confident in your success by running directly towards them at full speed like every other yi so they forget that they could turn around and 1 shot you due to lack of any lifesteal at all

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cool skills - masteries

pay close attention to the highlighted name, without that you are 100% nooblord. i take 21/5/4 to remain going fast in the heat of battle so i can 360 dunk the nooblords while going fast.

you are winner ha ha ha

Guide Top

cool skills - runes

this is a perfect amount of going fast, the rude dudes, stone brothers and dog are all heavy damage dealers early game. don't forgot to correctly name your rune page or else you shall loose and will be required to tighten up your game. yi specialises in going really fast so you need those quints or else you shall die.

you are winner ha ha ha

Guide Top

uncle sanic's cool items

uncle sanic recommends

uncle sanic says - "doublesword is the only cool item - buy 1 get one free sword? and it makes you go fast in two different ways? and you can buy more than one? what could be more appealing to a dunkmaster i ask you?"

Guide Top

super summoner spells

without a doubt smite is essential for yi, according to the guide i have stolen. it means you can get some sick frags every 40 seconds and smite the nooblord's minions

riot game removed revive so i guess its back to drugs for me

other spells

if you take any spell such as Flash or Ignite or you really are an even bigger nooblord than somebody who uses lifesteal. why would you take a 5 minute cooldown spell that moves you about 4 inches when you can resurect yourself while running really fast. and why take Ghost when Revive already lets you run really fast oh because riot removed revive because they are nooblords who think you need steroids to run fast they are a true nooblord company who think you will collect sick frags while dead.

you are winner ha ha ha

Guide Top

extra and how 2 tackle the evil forest and sick vibes

doubleswords are the best item in the game make no mistake, but you have to think about variety so take 2 triple sword, a single electric sword for extra energy and a red doublesword as your build.

start blue boss then go to dogs then go to red boss and then kills the rude dudes and gank or kill the stone brothers really fast. and then back because you run really fast and follow the build order.

Through the ancient martial art of going fast, Master Yi tempered his body and sharpened his speed until thought and going fast became one. Though he chooses to go fast, the grace and speed with which he wields his blade ensures resolution is always swift. As the last living practitioner of going fast, Master Yi has devoted his life to going fast.

Even before Yi mastered going fast, he was considered one of the most skilled practitioners of the mystical martial art going fast. He would soon prove his speed when word of a massive Noxian invasion reached his remote village. Yi swept across the battlefields of Ionia because he can run really fast, turning back the tide of Noxus's vast infantry with swift and deadly strikes, much to the embarrassment of the Noxian High Command. Recognizing the threat the Wuju disciples posed to their invasion, the Noxians chose to unleash a nightmarish chemical attack on the home of the deadly art. Those who somehow survived the poisonous concoction had their minds twisted beyond repair. Yi's home was left in ruin.

At the war's conclusion, Yi quickly returned to the grotesque remains of his village. There he became the attack's final casualty because he was going so fast. Slain in spirit, if not in body, Yi clung to the only feeling left within his heart: speed. Driven only by his desire to go fast, Yi spent years training, going fast in seclusion. He became a deadlier swordsman than he had ever been, and he could outrun himself, but true mastery of going fast still eluded him.

At the height of Yi's frustration, a Wukong of unusually noble bearing interrupted his going fast. Standing as straight and tall as a man, the monkey watched and mimicked Yi's movements. Yi shooed the monkey away, but the agile creature took great amusement in turning Yi's own techniques against him. Gradually, Yi felt his anger subside as he sparred with the playful animal, and when the burden of his hatred had fully lifted, he found he had caught the monkey by his tail. Yi then understood that he would never go really fast so long as he pursued it for vengeance, and as he let go of the monkey, he also released his desire to shed his enemy's blood.

Yi thanked the monkey for showing him what he'd been blind to, and was surprised when the creature actually replied. He wished to learn Yi's art of going fast. It was an odd request, but through it Yi saw his new path: the way of going fast in honor of his lost people was to pass their teachings on to a new generation, the teaching of going fast.

"Gotta go fast."
― Master Yi

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super ranked play

due to this build being designed to crush nooblords it is recommended you queue with it in ranked as many times as you possibly can. don't forgot to ignore the nooblords you are teamed with as they don't know jack **** or they would have picked the dunklord themselves.

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master yi is the greatest champion in the game, the fastest champion in the game and the greatest champion of all time. combine this with the greatest build of all time and you my friend are on to a winner if you know what i mean (i mean you will dunk the nooblords).

go dunk some nooblords and run really fast like rainbow dash and uncle sanic

gotta go fast

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"By god u no need movements speed rather go for more ToD™" ~ emoriam

"Wellnowwhoknewwhadyyaknow?" ~ sirell

"funnnnn" ~ VexedM8

"yo i got like 27 pentakills w/this amazing build" ~ RandomMoped

"Love this build and setup! Works great" ~ Raikiko

"I voted this down cause Yi just rolled some major face" ~ SgtSprinklz

"Seriously? THIS BUILD IS ****IN OP!

I played a ****load of games with this and wrecked them nooblords!
Pentas. Pentas all the way!

no ****ting" ~ Montaxx

"the build ahaha made my day. +1" ~ oomniels

"Like this build" ~ Licantus

"Wasn't sure about this build but after trying it I love it!" ~ XDC Ichigo

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wall of dunklords

Guide Top

uncle sanic says

go real fast

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things for me

published guide stardate question mark ?
added sections to describe the launch and blast of rocket feichuan vi

06/10/2015 updated for season 5 and removed revive rip revive

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riot games noobs removed revive

rest in the peace