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Nidalee Build Guide by HavocInfinity

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HavocInfinity

Pub Stomping Nidalee Support

HavocInfinity Last updated on August 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quick Guide on Support Nidalee. This is not a competitive build, but its effective in low elo if you can hit your spears. Everyone hates support Nidalee because she has no form of peel but her poke potential is very high early-mid game, allowing you to either kill, send to base, or pressure the enemy.

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Skill Sequence

Take w at level 1, as it is your "wards". They are not very reliable because they don't give sight until they are stepped on, but make sure you use them in important spots the jungler can gank you from. However, you will rely less on this skill once you back, as you should buy wards and eventually build a sightstone. Still spam w as often, as it reduces magic resistance, gives vision, and procs lich bane.

Max your q first, but don't start using it until level 3 unless you have a clear shot of your enemy because it is not mana efficient. Throw your spears when they go for last hits and don't waste your mana throwing them when they are expecting.

Late game your spears won't have much of an impact because people will be buying boots and tanks will be out in front. Use e on your attack speed-reliant champions while pushing turrets or on allies low on HP.

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Everybody gets angry at you for not starting with wards, but your spears will chunk HP if you start amplifying tome. As long as you protect your buff and use your traps, you should be fine at the beginning of the laning phase, but don't play too aggressively until you hit level 3, when your spears do decent damage. Don't use your e unless you absolutely have to - use your rely on health potions instead to save mana.

Void Staff is your core item - you should have it by midgame to do decent damage. If your team is in need of support items, start building those instead of further going AP, because you still hit hard with just the Void Staff. I prioritize Void Staff > Sightstone > Boots, then from there I buy according to the situation. Chalice is a viable pick as well, but honestly using your mana effectively is more important.

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During the laning phase, your job is to ward, trap, and poke. You should be harassing with auto attacks, moving in and out of brush if you have brush control. Make the most of your passive! To gain bush control, simply place a trap in the bush and if the enemy steps on in, throw a spear. With no minions in the way, enemies will less likely stand around in the bush, so make sure your spears hit and that you are intimidating.

Nidalee excels at split pushing and joining for team fights because pounce allows her to move around the map quickly. Other detailed guides explain the walls Nidalee is capable of jumping and I highly recommend learning those to escape your enemies. Combined with Exhaust, even squishy Nidalee doesn't have a problem running, and occasionally throwing back a spear or trap to deter enemies from chasing. However, the more time they waste chasing you, the more time your team has to push. This is basically your mid-late game. Be aware that if your team does not excel at teamfights, but rather split pushing, let your adc farm the waves and focus more on harassing and warding/counterwarding.