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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Your Obese Child

Support Pull City, The Ultimate Blitz Guide

By Your Obese Child | Updated on May 30, 2013

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I am a Gold player and have been playing blitzcrank since the start of Season 3, often i see people building mana/sheen on him, so i am realesing this guide to correct people's errors as building for the mana shield is no longer advantageous, i hope you find it useful and leave any feedback if you have any (my first guide).
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Build notes

-Just an extra quick note about the build, normally i don't get any more items than the ones suggested in the "mid game" section, as buying wards and oracles continually is more useful for your team than building half a frozen heart and a catalyst.
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The Pros and Cons of Beep-Boop Blitz

-High burst + cc
-One of the most fun supports
-Dominates lower leagues
-He is a robot
-Spam taunt for a funny animation

-Skillshot reliant
-Countered in lane quite easily
-Better players will dodge hooks
-No heal mechanics
-Vunerable to ganks, no escapes
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When to pick Blitz

You can pretty much pick blitz whenever you like but he does have some very strong notable counters which make his laning phase quite horrible:
Although you can play blitz against these champions, quite often you will find laning quite horrible, so just try to hold out until mid/late game.

Blitz works best against champions with little to no hard CC such as:
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What to do if and when you get counter picked?

The most obvious solution would be to play passive and just farm out until later in the game but this isn't always the best idea as it means their adc also gets free farm, which is NEVER a good thing.

The best possible thing to do is to ask your jungle to come to your lane but, as we know, that never usually happens, so you can either swap lanes with your top lane/mid lane or just try and pull their adc under the tower and stay away from their support.
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Tips and Tricks

-Blitz's Q range is longer than it is shown by the indicator so i recomend turning on smartcarst.
-When you pull someone as blitz, turn and walk backwards a bit as there is a delay when they are pulled, and they will be taken to your new position, further away from where they were.
-If your jungler is coming into gank, use W then walk up and E and ult, always save your Q until after they flash so they have no escapes for a garanteed kill.
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