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Master Yi Build Guide by Punkk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Punkk

Punk's Consistent Attack Damage Build

Punkk Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first Mobafire guide. This guide is based on the concept of a "consistent" build. The build I am highlighting in this guide is for any form of AD carry or AD in general. The build revolves around being a "glass-cannon" so this guide may not be for you unless you like this play style. By glass cannon I mean that you are seriously going to hurt, The downside to this is that your also going to "feel the pain?". But ill get more into the pro's and cons later, for now sit back and enjoy.

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For runes I take Armor Penetration Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resistance glyphs, and health quintessences. The Armor penetration helps all game to lower the enemys defences to your rediculous damage output. The Seals, Glyphs and Quintessences help towards the survivability that you so badly need.

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The masteries I would suggest is 21/0/9 however if you feel that you would prefer to be a-bit more beefy than make a hybrid build that takes the armor penetration from Offense, and up to the Health in Defense taking armor, magic resist and dodge. This will easily help you versus any champion but will also help increase ure mobility if someone starts beating on you and you get the movement increase. With this build I would still suggest only using the 21/0/9 build.

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Okay! Time for the juicy info. Doran's Blade, It is better than a shield in most situations for a champion such as Master Yi or Xin Zhao because you benefit from attack damage more than armor.
Berserker Greaves, Were not going to have the conversation about Ninja Tabi and Mercury vs Berserker because this is a nuke build not a survival build. The Brutalizer is if anything the core part of this build, early game it enables you to shred past any champion that hasnt built armor early, This also builds into Youmuu's which is perhaps the best use effect out of all items. It gives enough attack speed in the 8 seconds to equal a phantom dancer while also giving you from the requirements, Critical Strike, Armor Penetration, Attack Damage, Movement speed 20%, Attack speed 50% (final 2 stats are on use effects.) After brutalizer you would pick up a zeal because although your gonna be hurting ure not gonna be hitting fast enough or running fast enough for you to be satisfied with it. So once your zeal is done youll move on to finishing your Youmuu's and then buying a vampiric sceptor. My reasoning behind taking some lifesteal mid game is to help stay in a fight longer without feeling the need to re-ultimate escape from the fight. if you can stay in fight as long as possible picking off the carrys and supports you will carry your team (Nor just in the League of Legend way of thinking but also literally enforcing that if it weren't for you ure team may not have won.) After some team fights you should have enough to start building your Infinity Edge which works amazing with Tryndamere, Master Yi and Xin Zhao. After this you want to finish your Phantom Dancer before going on to turning your Vampiric Scepter into a Bloodthirster. This basically just gives you another reason to farm, for your stacks that eventually the enemy team will try to wipe. Now if your game lasts this long it is time to get a Guardian Angel. At this point in the game 1,000 critical's will be accepted by both ureself and the enemy team so you will begin to become more defensive as they stop team fights waiting for your appearence.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's: youll hurt
youll hurt
youll realllllyyy hurt
Con's: squishy
super squishy O_O

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This is my all or nothing attack damage build which works on almost any AD champion. This is also my first build made, the reason I have chosen Master Yi as the summoner is because I feel he benefits the best from this build. Feel free to comment, troll or generally hate on this thread because this is how I play my AD champions and I assure you, try this once and you wont regret it. If it does go to **** then hey unlucky but I have showed friends my build and it has worked for them also. Thanks, Punk