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Pyke Build Guide by The Ivern God


🦈 Pyke Jungle Guide Season 8 Runes and Item Build 🦈

By The Ivern God | Updated on April 16, 2019
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PYKE the assassin support just got released on the LIVE servers and boy is he fun to play! I want everyone to experience the new Pyke and get a Pentakill for themselves, so I've made it my goal to provide you with regular updates on his builds and gameplay in all roles as well as tips and tricks throughout this guide. So do fave and upvote this guide so you can keep track as The Pyke God will learn with you and teach you the best ways to play him!!:)

Pyke is intended by riot to be a support champion but I certainly believe he has an amazing kit for the jungle role and can even be flexed in the top and mid lane as a pocket pick.

Also sub to my channel below by clicking on the images and turn on Notifications so that you are updated when my Pyke videos hit youtube. It's nice to have you here and welcome, to THE ULTIMATE PYKE GUIDE!!

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Primary - Domination

Secondary - Precision
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When Pyke is unseen by enemies, he rapidly regenerates some of the health recently lost to enemy champions.
Pyke also converts his bonus health into bonus attack damage instead.

Tap: Pyke stabs and greatly slows all enemies in front of him.
Hold: Pyke readies and then throws his harpoon, impaling the first enemy struck and pulling them a fixed distance towards him.

Pyke dives into spectral waters, entering camouflage and gaining a significant increase to his movement speed that decays over a few seconds.
Camouflage hides Pyke from view while enemies remain outside his immediate area. Attacking or casting spells immediately ends camouflage.

Pyke dashes, leaving behind a drowned phantom. After a delay, the phantom returns to Pyke, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through.

Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area, blinking to champions and executing those below a certain flat amount of health. Enemies in the X that are not executed take damage equal to this amount.
When a champion dies in the X, the last ally to assist also gains full kill gold and kill credit, and Pyke can instantly use Death from Below again for a short period of time.
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Item wise, you need to focus on building Pyke as AD and burst damage heavy as possible! One shots and ultimate resets are key :) I advocate rushing enchantment warrior jungle item, mobility boots, and a duskblade. From this point on, you should build a black cleaver and then you can decide whether you complete the build off with a yommus, deathdancer, guardian angel or go more tank focused route with a deadmansplate or spirit's visage when necessary.

I usually keep up-to-date on the highest win-rate items and rune builds here.
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As Pyke, you’re a cutthroat who cripples and kills all who cross you—which is everyone you come across. Start by stalking your victims with a Ghostwater Dive, lurking right at the edge of their vision. Resurface with a swift Bone Skewer to butcher multiple enemies at point-blank range. Hold the blade a little longer to harpoon just one foe instead, reeling them in to your territory before gutting them like a fish.
Get even more aggressive by rushing foes with a Phantom Undertow, leaving opponents paralyzed with fear as the rest of your crew closes in. When you smell blood in the water, finish the job with Death from Belowto clinch the kill and cross multiple names off your list.

They say death is the best crowd control, and Pyke makes a great argument. In lane he’s constantly angling for the all-in, using hooks and stuns to set up kills. While he can maim foes from any spot in a fight, he’s better suited to a flank than the frontline, so expect him to make more picks than peels. And don’t worry if he ends up doing lots of murdering himself—there’s extra gold for whoever assists in his vendetta.
Pyke likes to kill, but he needs help with his homicides. Injuring opponents by trading and poking is key before Pyke drags them under. Even when he catches an enemy alone, he’ll need to take a couple stabs at his target—enough time for their friends to intervene. His high mobility is also offset by low survivability: Pyke is easily punished if he dives deep for a kill he can’t quite finish. The Ripper didn’t get his name by playing passive, though, so be ready for violence at any moment.
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Pyke is a super fun champion and completely unique playstyle that Riot have tried to bring to the support role, I for one will still be playing him jungle as my dream of playing Darius without have to lane has finally come true! Don't forget to check out my latest champion guides and content on Youtube! SEE YOU ON THE RIFT!

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The Ivern God Pyke Guide
🦈 Pyke Jungle Guide Season 8 Runes and Item Build 🦈