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Draven Build Guide by Qazi4k

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qazi4k

Qazi4k's Epic Draven Guide!

Qazi4k Last updated on November 25, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Draven with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir Sivir is definitely one to look out for, even if behind her ultimate is basically a free ghost for the entire team. Her q deals massive damage, her W gives an attack speed steroid after she's reached level 6 and her Spellshield can block 2 of your spells, Dont' hesitate on rushing her down early, but don't get low by catching her boomerang blades: Top supports to have against her are Alistar and Janna
Ezreal Ezreal is a tough champion overall. The lane matchup solely depends on the skill of the Ezreal player. His q hurts same as yours, but the difference is he has to hit his. Play agressive and don't let him farm , deny as much creeps as possible and don't try to run away from him. Take leona or thresh as your support!
Vayne This lane matchup solely on the skill cap of the Vayne player. It can be easy or it can be tough. Run at her with your axes and try to poker her down as soon as possible. Ask you support to take something ranged, preferably Lulu or thresh and don't stand close to walls because her stun can mean the difference between life and death for most of the times!
Urgot Easy win if you all in on him, you could zone him very hard and make his late game a living night mare!
Kalista Kalista, is like a team oriented Draven. However, she requires a team. Her kiting potential is just like draven's. But her burst is nothing like his. Draven could easily out trade her in all forms of game. Especially with my rune page I provided for you guys and armor pen builds.
Tristana You could easily out trade her, your Axe's cant nail her hard early/mid/and late.
Zilean Super Squishy, VERY easy to kill. Basically a free way to pop your passive.
Fiddlesticks Fiddle support is super easy against Draven, you could cut him into several slices with your Axes, Cancel his ultimate while its being charged with your E,Cancel his drain with your E. He's all around squishy and can't do much to you in general.
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Lemme introduce myself, I'm a Platinum Draven main. I'm not the best in the world, But I'm pretty experienced with the Champion My main is Qazi4k, if any of you have some questions feel free to add me at any point of time. (:

I put a lot of time into my guides! This guide contains almost 4,000 words of completely Draven information of what I learn/know/and carry. As a Draven player. Enjoy :)

It has been a while guy's! Last time I updated this guide it was December 2014. Here we are 11 months later with a new season ahead of us all! let's crush them! :)

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Runes for Draven that I use are definitely 19 armor pen, 9 armor, and 12 mr. Giving the 19 armor pen. It'll make you destroy any adc in your path once you get your hands on a I.E

flat ad runes will make you push lane very far, which will increase the chances of you getting ganked! and when you start losing stacks as draven the more worse you'll do as the game progresses, The slight flaw with 19 armor pen is that you'll be low on ad early. But your ult and your crits will annihilate anybody in your path!

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Masteries for Draven are the standard 21/9/0, I'll also post a picture of my Masteries that I use for Draven here.

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Starting items

Most Draven players, including myself start Dorans Blade 1 health pot. If you look at the enemies runes. and they don't have any form of defense in there tree's. You could also start Long sword 3 pots, and rush an early brutalizer or even go in for a Sword of the Occult!

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[*] Infinity Edge[*] Phantom Dancer[*] Last Whisper[*] Beserker's Greaves[*] Guardian Angel[*] Blood Thirster

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For Draven, you have a variety of Summoner spells you could take. Most people go Heal+Flash, I go Flash+Exhaust. However, against heavy forms of Crowd Control I tend to take Flash+Cleanse. Cleanse is a wonderful summoner spell on Draven, especially against heavy stuns, such as Braum. Draven is very predictable as an AD carry. Thats why buying Mercurial Scimitar is a very smart move to do.

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Ranked Play

Draven is an Awesome champion to carry with. However, there are tons of champions that could counter him in Lane. For me, it's Lucian and Caitlin. I'll post a Screenshot of the most difficult counters for Draven.
Draven counters alot of champions aswell, Here is a screenshot of the champions he counters.

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Team Work

Draven is a strong laner, Players and champions who are strong laner's can by impacted with Team strategy. Main mission for Draven is to annialate enemy when Team Fighting. Draven's Q with a crit, can damage people up!

Here is a well known Draven player "Fabbbyyy" Scoring a well earned Pentakill with Draven

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Unique Skills

Draven is Unique, for juggling his Axe's. He has the most auto attack damage in the entire game! His Axe's give a bonus amount of AD to his Auto attacks, his W is a Movement/Attack Speed steriod, Very useful in terms of escape, and killing somebody quicker.

This is how Draven is unique compared to other ADC's. Can any other adc do this???

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Farming with Draven is kinda decent. Draven is a pure mechanical Champion. Even positioning while farming is drastic with Draven. Here is a video showing how to farm with Draven. Simple positioning etc.
Draven could also position himself when doing Baron! To catch EVERY SINGLE AXE! I'll post a Screenshot

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Pros / Cons

Pro's: If Draven is given/Provided early kills a Great Draven will snowball quite heavily amongst the enemy bot lane and crush till the end.

Cons: Sadly, if Draven doesn't get any kills and actually "Feeds" It'll be quite difficult to comeback into the game and keep up to par with Attack Damage.

More Pros
Very rewarding champion for the time you put in.
Tremendous damage throughout the game.
High skill cap means that it's very noticeable when you improve your Draven play.
Excels at killing isolated targets.
Global pressure through his ultimate.

More Cons
Not the simplest champion; if you don't play aggressively, then you need to change your play style heavily.
No built-in escapes from gap closers.
No real poking strength.

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Bottom line for this Draven guide was to let Draven mains understand the Champion better, and for Non-Draven players to know the Champ by information, With enough Textual integrity you could easily out play the enemy!

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Soloing Baron

Draven could easily Solo baron by Triple-Axing and by Massive W spam. Draven's Q provide's a double lifesteal proc. Giving double the amounts of lifesteal compared to a normal auto-attack.

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Triple Axing?

YES TRIPLE-AXING! It's possible! When you have 2 axe's on, throw 1! then Q again. Your 3rd axe will always be in the air. Perfect for getting alot more Damage onto the enemy. and provides better kiting.

Guide Top

Your ultimate

Out of all the global ultimates in the entire game for ADC's yours is possibly the best. You grind them up in fights and destroy anybody in your path. Your ultimate also retracts itself in a video show below!

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Why Draven?

Why not? Draven could out-trade almost any adc in the game. Possibly the only adc's that Draven might have some struggle with later on in the game is Lucian, and Vayne. but with the right positioning and focus on your Axe's. Any matchup is winnable.

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Easy turn arounds

Easy turn arounds appear in every bot lane of any game. 1 play, 1 mis-play brings a win or a loss to a ally or enemy bot lane. Here is a video of Draven capitalizing on a mistake!

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Early Game Scenario

If you are helping your jungler on the Blue buff you can start an axe at 1:50 and attack until it's 2:00 , walk down to the bottom bush and activate the second one, you will have 2 axes and you will be able to outtrade any damage coming at you. Push out the wave and try to hit level 2 before they do . When you hit level 2 you can always engage on them with an agressive or a passive support because your axes hurt so much with your W buff on you. If you get caught up just use your heal and run away. Leona is the hardest to kill at early levels, so if you're against her you should take into consideration that your support is either Thresh or Morgana, because those 2 deal the best with Leo. As in for trading start with your axe, hit the enemy champion once walk back a bit (YOUR AXES FOLLOW YOUR WALKING PATH). When you pick your axe up use your W and hit them again. Follow the process until the enemy laners are low enough for you to dish out the finishing blow. If you see the enemy jungler in sight . Trade yourself for a kill only to cash in your passive, if you die without a kill you lose 50% of your stacks and you lose a lot of time you put in getting them.

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Mid Game Scenario

by now your laning phase is almost complete , your jungler should come and you should proceed to take dragon , after that you should group mid and get more towers. If the enemy bot lane tower isn't destroyed you should take care of it frist before going to dragon.You should always position yourself as a middle member in your team. You do not stay back and you do not go balls deep first, every axe matters, that way you cannot lose your damage by staying back and you cannot die while staying infront. If the fight is going badly and the game is going good for your enemies, your best chance is to farm up your stacks and fight them when you get a few more kills or you get your final build. Late game Draven is very strong , but he is not stronger than Kog'Maw Lucian and sometimes Caitlyn . Vayne is also good late game, but that matchup is really easy for Draven.

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Finalizing the Game

Late game teamfights are crucial at this time , Baron is a huge objective to take and fights decide the game winner. Stay with your team . Don't ward on your own , rather help your support by walking to him. Draven's Q late game hurts a lot , my favorite combination of items is BT IE LW Stattik Shiv as the crits deal over 1000 damage to the enemy champions. There is a fun fact about Draven's mid and early game. When you get your Bloodthirster. The moment you can one shot cannon minions with your axe is the point where you want to fight them . So if you have your bt stacks on full late game, you should have no problem winning, don't force fights when you died and immeadeatly came back to life as your q will deal less damage because you don't have enough stacks. Be careful of getting caught by any form of CC without having qss . If you die your team won't have enough damage to win the fight and you will end up losing. To prevent that tell your team to buy wards and you should get wards aswell . VISION WINS GAMES! If you are truly ahead you can give yourself some breathing room and go Leeroy Jenkins on everyone . Your passive is intimidating as soon as you reach 600+ gold. Stacks matter, catching every axe is the key to victory and you should not let anyone proove you otherwise. Don't overstack and die , because you will lose a lot of stack and waste potential money. Closing a game should be easy, just Q , W the enemy and run away , do that more until you bait out an engage. Ask your team to peel for you and you should be A - Okay!

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Exploit there Weaknesses!

Capitalizing on Mistakes is the best thing you could do on Draven considering Draven's passive provides immense snowballing effects and you could absolutely monger an entire enemy team especially with that build,runes, and summoners I provided for you guys. Here is a video of exploiting weaknesses against the enemies.

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Composition is very crucial with Draven! If there team contains alot of CC consider taking Clense or confronting your teammates on picking teams with lots of peel and disengage. Peeling draven is possibly the best thing you could possibly do in a game you have with him. Draven isn't necessarily a team oriented champion he requires lots of kills to bring heavy snowball tactics onto the enemy. For instance, Draven farming well and gets double kill at around level 4-5 he'll have enough for B.F sword and could easily start chunking enemies from there on out.

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Masteries Explanation

21/9/0 Masteries; Explanation

Double Edged sword : The fact that you are taking Lifesteal runes into notice, your trading will become more powerful , and when the enemy hits back you should be able to heal it up with the 4% lifesteal you have!

4 points in Fury : Provides you with 5% attack speed, synchronizes with your W ( Blood Rush ) nicely, also makes your trading potential stronger.

3 points in brute force : Scaling Attack Damage (0.66 per level): Gives 12 Attack Damage at level 18 which is significant as your axes take 85% of your total Attack Damage into notice when they're at level 5!

Martial Mastery : Gives 5 Attack Damage; explanation is the same, makes your Spinning axes hurt like crazy!

Executioner: 2 reasons why to put 3 points into this mastery. First one being that Draven is the "Glorious executioner" :^)

Jokes aside, the mastery is improving Draven's trading potential , increasing ALL damage he deals to the enemy+ potentially making your Ultimate deal damage to the enemies struck by it.

Warlord : Increases Bonus Attack Damage by 5% : So , your first item to take should be Infinity edge, it gives 80 attack damage and you get 4 attack damage from this mastery, which also contributes to adding 5% bonus attack damage, a lot of free stats for 3 mastery points, sign me up.

Dangerous game : Heals you for 5% of your maximum health and mana whenever you kill a champion : CRUCIAL MASTERY! It is a clutch mastery providing a lot of Resources, if you're low on HP killing someone would maybe help you survive ignite ticks or just let you win more brawls while in a teamfight!

Frenzy : Critical hits increase your Attack speed by 5% for 3 seconds : Hitting the enemy with 2 crits would provide you with a "Dagger" so having 3 stacks of this is worth for about 600 gold! Keep that in mind

Defense mastery tree!

Block : Reduce incoming damage from champion basic attacks by 2. This mastery provides with let's say 2 armor at early levels as it blocks 2 damage from champion basic attacks. Benefitial for surviving tough fights and trading in the lane!

Recovery : 2 health regen per 5 seconds. Free sustain. Why not?

Enchanted armor : Increases your bonus Armor and Magic Resistance by 5%. Very benefitial if you're buying a Guardian Angel , if you're not your runes will provide extra survivability!

Veteran scars : 36 health. Gives extra toughness and makes the enemy trying to trade less threatening.

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When to trade with the enemy and when not to trade with the enemy is extremely crucial! Draven is extremely vulnerable to CC from supports and slows. He could easily be hooked by a thresh or rocket grabbed by a Blitz crank early on and lose tons of stacks. Feeding as draven is not a pretty sight for late game.

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Pushing Lane

Laning wiht Draven is kind of a gamble! This chapter I'll explain about pushing the lane and the pro's and con's about this subject for you guys!

Pro's for pushing lane
1)More stacks for your passive, the more stacks you earn the more gold you'll get when you kill an enemy target and that provides you way stronger snowball forces!
2)Enemy adc's who don't really have a whole lot of wave clear and just farm with there Auto attacks and don't really have any ability to clear wave's, then you could easily bring in a huge farm lead over the enemy as they'll be struggling to farm as you're axing your way to the lead!
3)Harder to get kills! Draven could easily fail a tower dive early on by getting CC'd by the enemy target and that will mess your entire laning up!

1)Could Easily be Ganked! Thats a common issue for aggressive Draven players, if a Draven is camped and dies to each gank he'd lose stacks and become practically useless!
2)Junglers,Mid's, and other allies can't really help you out by ganking the enemy considering they're massively pushed!

Guide Top

Freezing the Lane

Lane freezing has pro's and con's just as does Pushing the lane. A chapter I've set earlier for you guys! Here I'll type the pro's and con's for lane freezing
1)lane freezing can lead to a great cs lead, IF your support could harrass and zone well with you.
2)Lane freezing will definitely lower your Adoration ratio's with your stacks, and I mean it won't matter too much if you gain a cs lead and start destroying the enemy targets late game then you'll win!

1)Lower amount of stacks for your passive considering you won't be pushing
2)Your support is at risk of being caught out for bringing in a constant zone.
3)Expect lane ganks from the enemy jungler.

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Jungle Ganks

Getting ganked is such a garbage feeling! especially when the enemy jungler, or mid lane is camping your lane and just ruining your game! bit by bit! It's a pretty useless feeling but at times like those definitely ping for counter ganks by your jungler or mid. Start telling your support to start warding up! Wards will definitely bring you safety.

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Bush control

Always use your trinket as bush control! Rarely try to ward river bush, because having Bush vision is the meaning of life and death for bot lane. They could easily cast a spell on you and flash in the bush and you won't be able to kill them considering you won't have vision, however if you use your trinket to do so then that'll be quite beneficial.Also, consider telling your support to ward and scan for wards. Free adoration and gold for you.

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Communicate with your Support

Always stay in touch with your support! Keeping good terms between you and your support is crucial and brings a good connection to Bot lane. If both of you hate one another then you two are going to go nowhere as a bot lane. Stay confident and win the game as a team.

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Timing your W

Timing your W is good. Considering it gives a vast amount of speed. Both movement and attack. You could use it as a cheesy escape in Teamfights. Draven's Kiting potential is phenomenal! He could kill anything with the proper combo's

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Timing your E

Your stand aside is a great utility to do multiple amounts of things as an ADC.
1) Slow the enemies to enhance more damage onto them
2) To slow the enemies to get away from them quicker
3)Easier positioning

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Globally Ulting

When still in laning phase, Ulting to other lanes to receive kills is VERY risky considering you're losing a high damage ability to "possibly" get a kill from an enemy still in lane. Unless you're 100% sure they're where you ulted definitely go in for it. Draven's ultimate could also steal baron, dragon, and other objectives quite easily. Even kills ;)

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How to make your Ultimate hit a target 3 times

Sounds impossible? WRONG! It isn't! Easily could be done in a 1v1 scenario when you catch out there adc. However it requires a fair amount of skill.

R+(Hits them)+Rewinds(DO NOT LET IT REWIND ALL THE WAY BACK, if that happens it can't be done)+Flash OVER them=there you go your ultimate has hit them 3 times.

Creativity could easily be discovered by playing Draven. You could kill anything with this champion.

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I have a bad Support! WHAT DO I DO?

Farm, if you could gain tons of stacks with your passive then pop it in one lucky kill you could get more items in your build plan. And a bad support is a useless vessel especially in Solo Que.

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Dragon is a very important objective to siege. If your jungler wants to pursue on taking dragon definitely help him out considering your Axe's scale off your flat ad and you could get it done very quickly

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I'm feeding..What do I do?

RELAX, we all have our bad games, but every game out there is winnable you just need to think and keep calm. Play your favorite song. loosen up a bit and keep your cool to your team.

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How to always be Ahead in Farm

Always use Q to farm. Double axe your way through creep waves. ult Diagonally from Bot>River>Mid>River>Top. to clear minions throughout its path. Draven should always have more gold then the enemy adc. Considering Draven's passive cashes in a jack ton of gold and also provides easy ways to farm with Q damage and ultimate.

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Great Draven plays from Great Draven players

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Draven's Lifesteal is immense! he could out trade quite harshly in terms of just being a flat out bully. His Q double's his lifesteal compared to his auto so if I double axe you'll be at full health in no time.

Guide Top

Critical Strike Chance

Crit's are one of the core powerhouse technique's on Draven. His Q already scales his AD MUCH HARDER, especially when maxed first on. Crits will do even more damage especially with Infinity Edge I'll create a separate chapter about I.E explaining why the item is such a powerful item on Draven especially as a first item.

Guide Top

Infinity Edge

This is a definite first item for you! You'd be able to out trade anybody! you'd basically be unkillable! With your Crits, I.E's passive, 19 armor pen runes, and Exhaust you could basically 1v2 bot lane and let your support roam and win the game even harder for the team. This item provides a insane passive! Increasing your crit damage.

Guide Top

Take notes!

Always keep a word document, or a Notepad nearby. Have a pre game analysis (in loading screen or champion select) Describe your predictions in game! After that, Make a Post-Game analysis this'll make you keep record of your games and not let you forget that you could fix your mistakes alot easier. What I do is I keep a folder with all my game recordings in that folder are more folders with the recordings and a word document describing my in game pre/post discussion and mistakes I made that could be improved with correction.

Guide Top

Flat AD vs Flat Armor pen?

I'd definitely have to say Flat Armor pen in Runes absolutely crush once you get Infinity edge and Ghostblade. You'll be absolutely unkillable.

Guide Top


Always ping the enemy to alert your support to engage onto them. But beware of creep wave's. Creep wave's can mess up your axe rhythm and mess you up

Guide Top

Picks and Bans

Picks & Bans
Team Purple

Guide Top

Internet Issue's

If you're that one league player that has a bad day of Internet "Ping" issue's. Then DO NOT play Draven. Catching axe's with Lag is a true pain! Lag isn't for Draven. Only play him if you really really could with the ping.

Guide Top

Max Q!

Maxing Q is possibly the greatest thing you could do for draven considering your Q multiplies your Attack damage based off your Flat Attack damage scale.

Guide Top

When should I go to other lanes and help them?

When your Q is fully maxed that is the best time to go roam with your support and help your team out, you could also stay bot and kill there adc a couple times if you like as well.

Guide Top

When should I start trying him out in Ranked play?

I definitely recommend playing atleast 5 normal games as Draven before trying him out in ranked. Definitely try to find a support that'll fit your needs and game style. Thats quite crucial considering Draven is a very aggressive adc and you could definitely stomp any elo with the right draven skills and the right support.

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Supports I'll definitely want to lane with in game, is a heavy engage support. Such as?
1)Leona- Her Engage,ultimate, and passive. Could give you multi-kills when you're really low in hp. Plus, she's really strong and tanky.
2)Braum- Man oh man, when you proc Braums Passive with a Q they'll be really low, SIMPLE first blood kills with this champion.
3)Thresh-Depends on the thresh player really, if he could get you really fed early that'll be terrific
4)Janna- Her shield protects you from trades, and gives you more flat ad that means your Q would do a jackton more of damage.
5)Sona- If she could line up a godlike ult your ult would be easier to land, she gives free sustain to you, more damage to the enemy.
6)Zyra-Very squishy! But! her Damage is insane! She does secure kills often with her plants so I wouldn't say she's definitely recommended. but you could definitely win lane with this champion by your side (She's my strongest support).
7)Vel'koz- this guy could provide MASSIVE harrass, and still burst the hell out of people with his ultimate.
8)Nunu-This guy is actually very very strong! Nobody supports with him that much. But his blood boil+ snowball on the enemy is BROKEN. Draven with more attack speed+W+the enemy is slowed? What more could an adc ask for! haha.
9)Nami-Her heal, and 3 bubbles can make you do alot of damage.
10.Taric-His stun can make or break a bot lane. He's very tanky but no so much of crowd control is provided from his kit.

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Telling your support to take Ignite, when you take Exhaust is REALLY REALLY POWERFUL! 19 armor pen+Exhaust, will make the enemy basically have no real form of strength in lane. For instance, if you go my tank killer build.You'll have 49 Armor pen+39%+Black cleavers passive(25%) armor pen. which is 64%+49 armor pen+10 armor removed from exhaust=59+64% armor pen. THAT'S ALMOST TRUE DAMAGE! A true damage Draven is a nightmare! When you have a leona support and she takes ignite and you guys go in hard for level 1, you guys are definitely going to win. Plus, heal isn't that great on draven considering his Q already double's lifesteal. Exhaust can protect you from front liners,make the enemies slower,squishier, and you'll do a whole lot more damage to the enemy

Guide Top

Black Cleaver

If you have Black cleaver with ghostblade,and Whisper. You're most likely going to win the game. Those 3 items with an IE,greaves,and Blood thirster! Will make you melt anybody like butter on a Skillet!

Guide Top

Ghost Blade

20 Armor pen+Critical Strike chance+Attack/Movement speed Active?! What more could a Draven player ask for!? You could chase down the targets and acquire kills alot faster

Guide Top

Last Whisper

Definitely must have item on Draven, Percentage based armor penetration is absolutely broken with the runes I provide you, and build. You'll chunk with each Axe intensely.

Guide Top

Beserker's Greaves

Beserker's Greave's provide a fair amount of movement speed, and great Attack speed. Really good on virtually any ADC. Other than those boots I'd say get Mercury treads to reduce the enemies Crowd control effects onto you.

Guide Top

Phantom Dancer

Great item, considering the passive could let you walk through units with ease. This makes team fighting, and axe catching a whole lot easier for not only positioning yourself a better result in team fighting but is great DPS for you.

Guide Top

Statikk Shiv

This item with enough crit and damage, could let you 1 shot anybody. The magic damage this item provides to you is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! But Ghost blade is alot better then P.D or S.S

Guide Top


considering you're taking exhaust for easier kills and better self-peel. QSS is a great choice to handle the CC you'll be facing against the enemy front liners and tanks you'll be facing. Unless your support gets Crucible!

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Your passive provides crazy snowballing skills, once you get a kill you get a whole lot more gold then what a kill gives you, you also scale your Attack damage higher making your Q's do alot more considering your Q multiply's your flat Attack damage to scale with its ability damage to wreck the enemies.

Guide Top

Lane Swap

I don't know if people still do this anymore but sometimes in solo que, people try to lane swap to have a solo bot, and support adc top. This is a very important topic. Considering that it's your job to consistently keep that lane shoved to destroy and put behind there top laner. If you could do that then things will be a whole lot easier for both of you.

Guide Top

Blue Side

Blue side is my favorite but keep in mind it's also a whole lot easier to get ganked especially if you're pushed because your tri-bush is alot more into the lane then the tri-bush on purple side's bot lane. But other than that you have lot more lane vision and you could provide easy pressure to the enemy.

Guide Top

Purple Side

Purple side you don't really get a whole lot of lane vision when you're getting pushed up so be sure to always remind your support to ward or trinket the bushes. As I said in the chapters earlier that bush control is very important for not only yourself but for your entire team as well!

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In conclusion this guide should definitely benefit you all! and I really do hope it does! I put alot of work onto this as a Draven main. And I hope that we all climb in the Elo Ladder ! :)