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Katarina Build Guide by Xalarouitas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xalarouitas

Quick Guide - Katarina , the one-shot

Xalarouitas Last updated on August 29, 2016
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Threats to Katarina with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz Bait out his jump, avoid his ulty, poke hard, he is yours.
Veigar His ulty is devastating, but you only have that to fear. Overall he is dead once you catch him and you can easily Shunpo out of his cage.
Twisted Fate Watch out for his stun card, then you 're set to go, i consider him pretty easy match-up.
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SO! You wanna play Kata??

So, to begin with our guide. First things first you should keep in mind your match-ups and play accordingly. If you don't then you're dead on every possible moment. Katarina is a huge asset in TeamFights because she can ONE SHOT the ADC and APC while at the same time do some AoE damage to the others as well. Her passive makes your skills reset on Kill or Assist so you can actually go in a fight, erase the Carries and go out if you time it well. Let's get into it some more shall we??

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Katarina in laning phase is kinda strong with her full potential unlocked on level 6. The Q-E-W is a combo made to deal huuuuuuuge damage on the enemie APC. If the enemy won't give you the chance to farm, then farm as much as you can using your Q while also trying to hit the enemy with it. Q bounces 5 times so try to time it well enough. It will be your main poke skill. When enemy APC is about 60% of his life, your Q-E-W-R combo can kill him added with ignite for extra damage and kill secure. Worst comes to worst, he will waste flash and MAYBE he'll live to see another day. So, long story short, try farming and harass the enemy at the same time, ask your jungler for ganks and get ahead in the early game. Then your lane is won if all goes well. NEVER go full ham on your own if you 're not 10000% sure that you got it.

You should use your wards wisely also. Early game, keep a ward near your turret for Shunpo if you get ganked and creeps are nowhere to be found. It will save your life more times than a heal from soraka. Mid-late game it's better to always keep one for ward-jumping because you 'll never know when you 'll need it. Lastly ask for everyone to place wards all the time anywhere in the map, vision and escape routes will add on your mobility and you 'll be surprised how often you 'll use those things.

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In the previous chapter I spoke about vision-escape routes from random placed wards from your team in the entire map. The reason is that Katarina, is one of the most suited champions for this particular phase: the Roaming.

Katarina has pretty nice mobility and with a communicative team she can gank the other lanes, finish off escapies who thought their luck is on their side, even gank the enemy jungler if he is doing Red for example and he's kinda low.

Roaming is essential for Katarina because many mid-lane champions counter her and farming isn't easy. So you roam off your lane to other lanes and farm champions. Yes, you read this well. Katarina farms on champions if the gank is well placed under your control. Her kit allows you to go in, take the kill or assist and leave as quickly as you went in (Her passive OP). BUT! you mustn't roam all the time, you have to keep your turret safe and also if you wander off all the time, the enemies will start to become more aware of your missing so they'll back off, which you don't want.

When roaming leave a ward somewhere, it 'll help you in the future with vision or escape route. Remember, wards=more vision=more map awareness=more effective decisions! It's for your safety as well because Katarina is a really squishy champion. You need to know that a well-fed Nasus is comming to Q your blades in your mouth so you'll back off before you become a mummy in his home for decoration.

Lastly, never over-extend your stay in a lane unless there is a really important reason (take tower, more kills). You go in and leave. You either return to your lane or go back to base to grab something from the shop. Keep in mind that the enemy mid-laner will try to follow you almost every time, which might prove destructive for you team, so move accordingly.

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Engage Alone

Katarina is pretty OP champion on 1v1, IF played well. If you are not 1000% sure you can kill him, don't engage full ham from the very first moment. Poke him first a little until you 're confident enough to secure the kill immedietly. The skills in your arsenal are for that reason only, ONE-SHOT.

Throw that Q, follow up with an E and W, finish up with R and ignite if needed. For extra precautions, when you kill someoone always shunpo back as fast as you can. There may be an ulty comming from ashe, or Zac has locked in his landing.

The only rule for engaging alone is to never do it unless you are sure about it.

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Engage in TeamFights

Now that's where Katarina truly shines. Teamfights.

You position yourself pretty far back from the rest of the team, or somewhere in the middle or sides. If any ulty come you should be able to avoid it. Target first the ADC-APC and erase them in the blink of an eye. Her passive allows that very erase from any kill or assist you score. You shunpo and shunpo and shunpo, and Q and Q and W and W etc etc.

That's your only reason you exist in Teamfights. After you kill APC and ADC and you die, noone bats an eye, tanks are only there. End of story, good-bye! Although, take as many of them as you can with, to your grave. Well executed teamfights will mostly result in a Penta-Kill on your Katarina history.

A good Katarina Teamfight can win the game or completely lose it.


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Ward Jumping

It's mainly her mechanic for gap closing/opening situations when Shunpo is on cooldown and you chase or you are being chased. Practise it and master it, you 'll thank god for this mastery anytime in the future.

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Some Final Words

Katarina is fun to play, you can kill, escape, steal buffs, juke the enemy, make them rage-quit, all with a simple Shunpo in- Shunpo out. Overall she is OverPowered but easy to kill. Play defensive until you have your damage output ready and then go full ham but with care. Communicate with your team (especially your jungler), map awareness and focus the right enemies. It's not hard to master ( Like Shaco for ex. ) so you won't have difficulties in getting the basics down.

Hope you enjoyed my first guide. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. Happy Pentakills.