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Quinn Build Guide by Tainted_Brownjuice

AD Carry Quinns ult is good *******it!

AD Carry Quinns ult is good *******it!

Updated on April 1, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tainted_Brownjuice Build Guide By Tainted_Brownjuice 2,235 Views 0 Comments
2,235 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tainted_Brownjuice Quinn Build Guide By Tainted_Brownjuice Updated on April 1, 2013
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The issue people find with Quinn is that her ult is "useless". I disagree. I tested this for a while and late game she can dive straight for the back, through their entire front line, however, Quinn is best at fighting in the jungle. If you start a 5v5 in the jungle where you don't get initiated from, ulting in the bushes and using your e gets you straight for the back of the team (most likely onto their ADC) and you can melt them freely! the attack speed and utility from her ult will win you a 1v1 with their ADC and the blind (OMG THE BLIND!!!!) is FANTASTIC for an ADC to have.
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Choice of runes/masteries

Masteries: Tried, tested, freaking awesome! The masteries give you the early hp to trade blows in lane without dying and the damage scaling is great when it comes to late game, my ADC's are ALWAYS all the way down the damage tree and Quinn is not mana hungry so the defense tree can be used instead of mana ^_^
Runes: the runes for an AD champion should include AD and armor penetration so GET THEM! Armor is again to add defense, common for a bot laner and the attack speed runes on Quinn scale very well with her given her attack speed is made to rival twitch's godly attack speed after stealth.
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The damage and blind on her Q is one of the best features of Quinn and she has a fun bot lane because of it. MAX IT FIRST! It is obvious why but if you need further information, it's a damaging blind. There, all you need to know.
The utility of her E is why it is to be maxed second. The early slow and the gap closer on the ult make it one of the best tools on any ADC in league, the only similar one is corki (and maybe Cait or Ezreal but not as big range) who is made to jump in like Quinn does and completely rip the hell out of them!
The W should be taken lvl 4 because of the attack speed buff. Her vision is also a bonus like for Ashe but the attack speed along with the runes gives her a LOT of damage pre lvl 6.
Level Ult whenever possible like with everyone else (boring but effective)!
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Finally, items

I bet you're bored so i'll keep it short.
Lifesteal, you got it.
BotRK, you need it (everyone does)!
Attack speed, 2.5 attacks per second as valor with 33% lifesteal and 75% crits, yes please...
Damage, you cannot say you don't have enough of that, B**** please!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tainted_Brownjuice
Tainted_Brownjuice Quinn Guide
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Quinns ult is good *******it!

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