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Teemo Build Guide by Hitumura

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hitumura

"Reporting for duty!" guide to AP teemo.

Hitumura Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hai, I'm Hitumura :D (or Kurisu, but someone likes to steal my usernames) and welcome to my Teemo guide. Also, welcome to my first guide! Please leave feedback for the guide, and then the guide writing itself.

Teemo is a god. There is no doubt about it! Lets looks at the wonderful pros and cons list on why to play him:

-stokes your god complex
-high dps
-poison kills
-map vision
-lane security (difficult to gank)
-can shut down AD champions
-crazy high dps late game
-can set up a base/tower defense matrix

-tends to be on the squishy side
-targeted as much as karthus or any other carry
-slow to start
-requires last hit skills

You can easily see that tthe benefits easily outweigh the drawbacks. Unlike most other guides though, I don't compensate for teemo's squishiness, instead I use every opportunity to maximize his poison!

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I believe I made the runes quite simple. AP. Don't waste your time. You get enough magic penetration from and that you shouldn't worry. Don't be a genius and pick anything else that will either A give you more defensive capabilities, or B give you regeneration of any sort. Oh, and no physical damage either. . . AP build Teemo...

Getting 83.16 Ability power from runes at max level isn't just what you are getting. With you add 24.948 onto that. Another 108.18 AP on top of everything, without taking an item slot. That is a lot of damage added onto everything.

DO NOT GET FLAT ONES! Getting ones that grow with you will let you really flourish as an AP carry. Plus by level 9 you are already benefiting more than before. The AP is for your shrooms and poison, along with your one nuke. Poison isn't maxed out until 9, and darts take a bit to get after that. Your AP will be useless early game, so no flats.

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This is not AS simple as runes, but it has some simplicity in it. Basically I wanted the 15% magic penetration and the cool down for my summoner's spells. EVERYTHING ELSE is just icing on the cake. I choose utility mastery because you will be stealing buffs quite a bit while playing Teemo. The 3% extra move speed is also nice, because that gives you 29% extra move speed when out of combat, this will let you zip across the field undisturbed and unsuspected!

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My item choices may perplex some people. I believe they are quite simple, and I have been using them for a LONG time without any hassle or trouble.

Depending on where I am starting at, I will choose either and a single for solo lane (mid or top/bot solo), or Boots and a couple for a normal lane.
When I reach around 600 gold, I come back, heal up, and grab my berserker boots and some more if need be.

My next objective is , which is probably an item they made for Teemo. (After the nerf in which instead of AP it had 25% life steal [ex favorite Yi item]) While building this I always purchase the first over the . The attack speed is more imperative early game, it allows you to farm more efficiently and accurately snipe down the creeps. 20 AP is not worth .3 attack speed at this point in the game.

After completing my I move onto , which is another wonderful item for Teemo. Teemo is one of the characters where CDR really helps make him scary. gives that and some AP and attack speed! It is just as useful and core as , and shouldn't be skipped! As usual I start with building first, the attack speed is more worth it right now, plus it also gives CDR. The CDR helps with your gathering. It also helps with your AD carry killer: , which will drop down to 4.8 second CD at max level and CDR.

We complete our CDR with which also gives a whopping 75 AP and 12 mana regen! The mana regen starts to come in handy this late in the game. With the mana regen you can place even more shrooms! When building this start with if you can't build it all at once.

We finally start getting to heavy hitting, so grab your and show them who's boss! This huge boost in your AP will show once you can do 1100 damage per shroom. If your opponents are pretty much all choosing magic resist, or your team consists of too many AP carries, choose first then grab your cap.

These are our items! You will get some crazy damage from them :D

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Skill Sequence

Time to explain my skill sequence!

This build accentuates the riggedness of . At level 9, it does crazy damage per hit, over time, which is the fun part.

I want to start off with because it will help with preminion killing. It has a blind that will disable attacks from someone, plus deal 60 damage.

Then I want to prioritize my skills in this order:

is POWERFUL early game, and only gets better as you add AP to it. is a powerful nuke with short cooldown, and a blind effect! Imagine Mr. Yi chasin your *** around town, in which he stacks some crazy lifesteal and damage (as usual) pop your nuke and bam, he isn't healing or doing damage! Easy kill, and you will knock out their team's damage dealer, winning you the fight!

EVEN THOUGH you should level , you need to level at level 8 to solve your slow move speed problem. It will act as an escape, and a passive move speed jump.

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Summoner Spells

I chose and for good reasons. Flash is excellent for many heroes, and Teemo is no exception. This will set you up for shots that you are JUST out of range for, and also let you jump out of harms way!

is EXTREMELY important though. Teemo's shrooms are rigged. Period. With good placement you have open map teleportation. Your shrooms act as an anchor for teleportation, just like any other ward. This will allow you to back door with ease, and also jump and gank enemies when they are least expecting it, and arrive at places they wouldn't expect at all.

If you are level 12+ YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE THESE, other summoner spells just don't cut it q.q.

If you must though, choose because it stacks with your poison, or choose because you are under 12 and do not have flash yet.

You can't replace your though.

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Trap Placement

I will be adding a map soon for better visual detail, but for now I will explain it.

When laning mid you need to make sure the bushes to the right and left of you are covered TWICE. Don't put a shroom right in the middle, put 2 of them evenly in each one. That will give you better vision and coverage. Another important area are the openings beside your tower that lead to the water. Cover them so that you can see somebody ganking you from there as well.

When using top or bottom, regardless of solo or not, make sure your FIRST shroom is the brush in the river. That is the gank brush of doom, which will kill you if you don't watch it. Also, if you get the chance, place shrooms by mid in the bush that is closest to you. The two there will make mid feel more secure, and give you more vision of mid moving up/down to your lane.
Also, make sure to place on the brush in your lane area. 2 per bush, one at each edge, and if you have enough, a third in the middle is nice too.

When the game gets going, place shrooms in EVERY brush/bush. Place them in smaller areas that are passage ways for gankers, or common passage ways for your team mates. Remember, shrooms have a slow, which will let you get away, or catch up to an enemy that is moving. Plus, the damage will change the tide of battle quickly.

Place shrooms by your tower if you are going ganking! This will give you a bit more cushion if that lane starts to push. Don't place them directly infront of the minions' path, place it nearby it, so that when the bulk of the minions come through, the shroom will hit most of them.

Late game you should have shrooms EVERYWHERE, with a 16.6 second cool down, and your mana regen from you shouldn't have a problem doing so either. You should have 30 shrooms on the field at all times, covering all the key points and choking your enemies up. Random bursts of 1100 damage aren't nice and offset the enemy team. The vision of the map is also a plus, you can watch their movements even if they don't hit the wards :D

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Style of play/dps

Your will do a lot of damage if you let it. At max AP (582.608) you will do 127 on hit and 112 dps for 4 seconds per hit. That isn't including your damage already occuring from a normal attack and then the malady add on. If you hit an opponent once, you will do 98 damage for the normal attack, add in another 20 for and then 127 for 's on hit and then 448 for its 4 seconds of damage afterwards. That is 693 damage PER HIT! Just tap the squishies whenever you can and you will keep them out of fighting a lot!

The Damage of Time of will kill a lot of escaping heroes, if they have less than three bars, attack em once and you are guaranteed a kill! It is that easy! ABUSE YOUR POISON :D

At max your does crazy damage for a 4.8 second CD nuke. 210 for it's base effect plus 80% of your AP (582.608 at end game) That is 676 instant damage, along with a blind that will disable their attacks. This can quickly change the tide of a fight. Target AD carries first, you will neutralize the opposing side's damage, and allow you for an easy kill on them.

While farming target all of the ranged creeps once as they approach and let the poison do it's job, watch the free kills rack up as you get your kills on the melee minions.

Your loses a lot of efficiency if you stay on the same target for a while. Hit everyone in a fight, at least once, unless you can stay one a clear safe shot at a damage dealer. Stay out of harms way at all times, you can be two hit due to your fragility. That is the disadvantage of being a glass cannon. . .

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I hope you enjoyed my guide. I will be adding more to it, please comment and vote :D

-Map with placement for mid/lane/lategame
-Make everything perty
-add moar pictures
-q.q at katarina
-q.q at trynd
-write a section on strong champions to lane against
-post videos of examples
-post pictures showing shroom placement
-show an updates area for updates on teemo
-get all teemo skins
-get more comments