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Tahm Kench Build Guide by HellFoxTV

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HellFoxTV

"The Double Devourer" Jungle Kench

HellFoxTV Last updated on July 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Everyone,
Im HellFoxTV -EU(West) and im here to provide you with my Tahm Kench Guide.

There are notes everywhere if you want to see them individually on the overview of the guide under small boxes saying [notes] or you can find them all piled up below on the other sections.

Let me know of your thoughts and whether its negative or positive please remember to rate the guide.

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+Strong Mid-Lategame
+Good Peeling and Saving Teamates Capabilities
+Good Sustain in Jungle and Teamfights.

-If you fall behind its hard to come back.
-Can get bullied easily depending on enemy jungler.
-If caught , has bad escaping Capabilities.

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Item Build Orders

--Because this is a lot when piled up , these have also been made as notes when viewing this guide (little box saying [notes] on the overview of the guide)--

First Back1*:

As mentioned in "General Playstyle/Tips/Thoughts" under "Early Jungle Route:" This is what I always do with this Jungler. After finishing Golems/Frog and First Buff **WITHOUT USING ANY POTIONS. I instantly recall buy boots (More explanation in the other Chapter)

Early Game - Devourer

This is the recall after your first ganks/farming and you want to start building your devourer asap.

Depending on your needs/comforts and enemy team composition. I advise you to go either Stalkers or Rangers.

Stalkers for harder to catch enemies and dealing damage.

Rangers for even more sustain in the jungle mana and health wised.

Skirmisher I do not advise but you can still roll with it , its use is best on teamcomps that dont have easy/many/any escapes.

Mid Game - Getting Tanky

After Devourer we get into our Tanky building Process and depending on the situation you will want to choose of the following:

*Randuins: Self-Explanatory*(If heavy AD team. Adviced to build first)

*Banshee: Since Spirit Visage doesnt grant us all that much , its better to go banshee and block spells once and there. Also provides more magic defense. *(If heavy AP team. Adviced to build first)

*Merc Treads: Self Explanatory , you will want to go with these 95% of the time.

**Sunfire: Grants you even better clear speed in the jungle , decent extra damage in teamfights and ofcourse more armor against physical damage dealers. I would advice always building Randuins first for its Passive and Active, I personally build Sunfire cape first unless theres a heavy auto-attack physical team.

Late Game/Full Build

For our final item we want to build Trinity Force.

Trinity force allows us to do a little bit more damage with sheen , have higher health for our abilities and defense , proc champion's core offensive capabilities faster(his auto attacks) and able to catch up with the speed buff that it provides you with.

This is what you will want your lategame build to look like.

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Abilities Order + Explanation

Going Thick Skin(E)on level 2 is better in terms of Sustain. You can get damaged till you are low and just pop your shield. Your Tongue Lash(Q) doesnt deal all that much damage and since its not AOE theres no point going Q second.

Now Devour(W) is excellent for your jungle clearspeed and deals alot of damage to champions if you manage to get your 3 stacks on them instead of eating a minion to throw it on them , you always wanna max this first.

If you want to max Tongue Lash(Q) , your slowing capabilities will not be a joke , so depending on the enemy team's composition and if you are comfortable trading some of your clear speed for stronger slows then you can go with Q although I would advise against it.

Now for your Thick Skin(E). You will want to treat this like a Tryndamere Ultimate. You will have to wait and suck up alot of damage

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Mastery Page

Masteries 1/26/3 : This might seem a little bit wacky in terms of numbers but its the most optimal mastery page for my playstyle. Changing this into a more offensive tree is up to you but the way this Guide is meant to showcase Tahm Kench is as a Tanky Auto-Attack Damage Dealer.

Offense : The one point on offense is less of a necessity but more of a , you don't really need anything else from the defense or utility tree. Butcher is always welcome for faster clears. Double-Edged Sword not worth it because you dont want to take additional damage, 1 Level of Fury/Sorcery doesnt really do much.

Defenese: This is the most optimal defense stats you can have. You don't benefit that much from Perseverance or Second Wind.

Utility: Self Explanatory.

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Rune Page

This is my recommended runepage of Tahm Kench although I advise you to go with what you believe is best. The thoughts behind this Page is procing your auto attacks while having moderate defense stats and magic penetration for your abilities.

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General Playstyle/Tips/Thoughts.

Champion: Tahm Kench is a unique champion that has alot of capabilities yet unknown and unseen since its a newly released champion.

Build and its name: This build is based around getting Devoured fast allowing you to proc your autos fast to benefit the most out of your passive and your ultimate's passive. Basically at level 6 , your ultimate boosts your auto attacks (scaled of your maximum hp) and it basically be like having two devourers at once. (Thus the name of the title : Double Devourer)

Early Jungle Route: The buff I always go for is bottom lane's depending on which side my team is , I always do Golems/Frog and head for Red/Blue. **I DO NOT USE MY TWO POTIONS. Instead I recall , buy boots and head for the second buff. The thought behind this move is you will be saving two pots while heading to the next buff with full hp and have an upper hand (movement speed based) in comparison to the enemy jungler. And then I either keep farming or gank around if an easy opportunity is given. -This is the only champion I do this for and you can feel free to work this any other way around if you want.

Extra about Abilities: Understanding the abilities of this champion is the key of mastering him. I can't really give much explanation about this. Its about deciding whether you want to wait of your abilities to proc them after your passive is active or starting with them and just kiting on. His ultimate demands communication when used with teamates so no confussions are made , when used alone its prety much like a slower Twisted Fate ultimate , minus the Global Vision.

Ending: Thats all I have to say, I think I covered things needed , if theres anything else you would like me to cover , feel free to let me know , im sure there are a bunch of other things i could've added or talked about so helping me find those would be great. Don't forget to rate and thank you for reading!