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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhaseZero

Rammus ( AIO guide Jungler+Laning)

PhaseZero Last updated on November 30, 2010
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Rammus (Complete AIO guide)

Well I made this guide cause some peoples has to know Rammus can be used with a various strategies, like defending and ganking, laning and jungling, can be a hard dps against autoatackers , and can tank ap champions with good results. It's a good champion and it's not very hard to master with him.

I'll make 2 Rammus masteries, skill sequence for laning Rammus and Jungler.
First Rammus masterys, skill sequence is for lanings, I just change runes set upt between agresive and pasive, and the other is for junglers.

I'm going to start writing about pros and cons I think he has.

+ Probably best tank against autoatackers team. (Tryndamere, Yi, Olaf, Xin... all ad autoatackers).
+ Very nice provocation skill (Puncturing Taunt).
+ Nice skill to enter in ganks, return to lane if you die, nice scape of ganks... in general good speed gives you powerball.
+ Easy to master him.
+ Its a good farmer, not the best but he can get money from minions very good.
+ Can jungle, it's important sometimes if you are playing ranked games and need 1 jungler in your team.
+ Probably the best tank at early game (Defensive Curl Ball).
+ Very nice Aoe damage with sunfires + your ulti + your return damage.

- Low mana pool, and is very mana dependant. No mana = no defense, no provocation, just no combo of skills and Rammus is almost useless.
- Sometimes only good players can use powerball correctly.

And I dont see more CONS if you play him correctly.


I dont have to say a lot about this, Rammus need more defense = more damage. And the hp reg it's always good and more mana more skills.

Just I use this cause I feel that masteries are nice for jungle.

Well, I start lvl 1 with powerball cause is the best you can take at lvl 1, if you want to make first blood its good to follow the hero is trying to scape, and slow him. And its good too to enter in combat, but remember you dont have defense without your Defenseive Curl Ball, hit and run.

Just you need that squence to survive the jungle style.


Well at this point we have to talk about what is your play style, some peoples like to be agresive (Don't letting the enemies champions get last hit on minions, pushing them to their tower and dont letting him get experience by minions...), some peoples like to stay farming all the time at early game and forget about gankings and be pasives, defensives at start and get sure you going to gank when you feel safe (last hitting the minions, letting the enemies pushing your lane to stay near of your defense tower), and some peoples like to jungle....well I'll make 2 runes tables for each peoples.


X9 Mark of Resilence
X9 Greater Mark of warding
X9 Greater Mark of Resilence
X3 Quittaesence of Fortitude


X9 Mark of Resilence
X9 Greater Mark of Warding
X9 Greater Mark of Resilence
X3 Greater Quittaesence of Vigor

Masteries the first 1 is for agresives players and pasives players/junglers the other.



Well this is cause you have to stay sure what items are correct for the game you are going to play. It's easy. Well I use to put the heros in this clasification. Phisical Dps, Magic/Ap Dps, Hibryds, Support/Disablers and Tanks

Phisical Dps : Ashe, Garen, Kog'Maw, Pantheon, Poppy, Warwick(disablers), Irelia, Jax, Master Yi, Miss Fortune, Olaf, Sivir, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twitch, Udyr, Xin Zhao.

Magic/Ap Dps: Anivia, Annie, Fiddlesticks, Heimerdinger, Karthus, Kassading, LeBlanc, Lux, Malzahar, Ryze, Veigar (disablers), Akali, Ezreal, Kennen, Vladimir..

Hibryds: Evelynn, Gangplank, Shaco, Sion, Twisted Fate (disablers), Corki, Katarina, Kayle, Nidalee, Teemo, Urgot.

Supporter/Disablers/ Tanks: Blitzcrank, Janna, Morgana, Sona, Soraka(not disabler), Swain, Taric, Zilean, Alistar, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Galio, Gragas, Malphite, Mordekaiser(not disabler), Nasus, Nunu, Rammus, Shen, Singed.

What is a disabler? Is a hero who makes you useless for a few seconds, like Sion Stun, Ryze Prison, fear of Fiddlestick, Zilean Slow, Garen Silence... the heros who makes blind are not disablers against Rammus like Temo, you make almost all damage cause your damage return and sunfire cape, and I don't feel disablers enemys champions who makes stun with atack stacks like Xin, Jax, Kennen...

First of all, if you have 3 or more disablers/tanks on their team like 3 stuners you should buy Banshees Veil and Mercurys Thread independent if they are full phisical or magics. So when you read the builds down, you have to replace one item for Banshees Veil if you are against 5, 4, o 3 phisicals heros.
The first item in both builds will be boots, tabi ninja or mercurys thread. Now we have to see their team:

BUILD A; 5 Phisicals enemys champions

(This is the most important. We will use this for defect, remember Rammus with more armor= more dps)

BUILD B; 4Phisicals, 1 Magic:


BUILD C; 3 Phisicals, 2 Magics:


BUILD D; 2 Phisicals, 3 Magics:


BUILD E; 1 Phisical, 4 Magics:


BUILD F; 5 Magics enemys champions:


Try to take your build in that order, remember the first of all check how many disablers on their team to know which boots you should take.

So use your brain now if they are 3 phisical dps and 2 magics take 60% of the phisical build and 40% of magic
Example: AD Sion, Xin, Pantheon, Vladimir and Ryze. Ok you come to guide and see you need build C, and you see too they have 3 disablers Sion Stun, Pantheon Stun and Ryze Prison, what tell you about 3 disablers or more, yes, you will need Mercurys Thread and Banshees Veil.


The first one you have to see it's whats your playstyle at early game.

Like you can see the only diference between both runes set up is the hp regeneration, well this is cause when you want to be agresive you need that extra hp to get afraid your enemies about thinking if is good or not try fight against you cause you will be more harder to be killed, remember you have the best defense in early game with your Defensive Curl Ball skill. If you like this playstyle get boots to start and 2 hp potions 1 mana potion. Anyway I dont rec you try gank before lvl 3 basically cause you need your combo of skills to be effective.

I use hp regeneration for pasives players and junglers cause you want to make the last hit on minions, sometimes if you are against ranged heros you will be hitted all the time you go to make the last hit, for that get hp regeneration. The nice of this playstyle is waiting your enemies get near of your tower and use Puncturing Taunt to provocate him and use powerball to slow him, while the tower hit him.
So get Doran shield and 1 health potion you will have enough mana to gank if a friend jungler is coming and you need to atrap him with Powerball + Puncturing Taunt + Defensive Curl Ball (If they dont run and start hitting you).

I usually use this playstyle on ranked games only, so if you are on ranked game for sure you will be ganked at golem mana buff when in loadscreen the enemys see you have smite. So if you don't have early competitive team like 3 disablers (at lvl 1 is very very important) forget about fight that war.
Buy cloth armor and 5 potions and go to the pair of golems (use smite and one health potion), the witches(use health potion), then wolfs (use health potion if you dont have more than 4/5 hp) well at mana golem you have to take care, sometimes enemys heros miss and go to check if you are killing the mana golem to catch you and kill you. My tip about killing mana golem, is first kill the litle ones and lure the big one to bushes, it's easy run to bushes and he will follow you. When the golem and you are hidden on bushes kill him there with more safe. Sometimes the champions when just dont see mana golem think you killed him and don't check the bushes, but if the go to check and you dont have help from you laning allie, you should run. Once you get buff its just very easy use powerball all the time to kill minions when you get money to get Tabi Ninja complete it and go to kill lizard.
I dont have to say it but if you feel you can gank one lane come on do it, you are very nice disabler and they dont have time to scape with your powerball + flash is it necesary.

LATE GAME ( from lvl 6)

The game will be always the same you have to be the first entering in game, prepare you to focus on the weakest hero, command your team, use powerball, if you are near of the hero is going to be focused wait 3 seconds to get speed, and then go to him and you know the combo skill Puncturing Taunt + Defensive Curl Ball + Tremors. Remember if some minions are on your way use flash to teleport and hit the champion with your powerball. The rest will be your team entering in combat and you checking your health, if you feel your going to be killed just start runing, if you didnt used flash its a good time to try get very low low hp and try teleport across a mountain or trees. Use powerball and teleport to base in a safe place. If you feel you can stay tanking just help your team trying using Puncturing Taunt + Defensive Curl Ball against autoatackers or weak heros.
Another tip is if your team is pushing and only to 2 heros are defending one tower you should put in Defensive Curl Ball mode and tank the tower, and all the team help you destroy it. Remember if you are not ganking or your team dont need you, stay farming all the time at jungle, or at enemys minions if they are pushing and they are a lot.

Well that's all I told it's very easy to master Rammus I hope you enjoy my guide and help you to get fun.

PS: I'll edit while I watch fails in words (I'm spanish I hope you help me with this xD) and to upload videos and scores