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Rammus Build Guide by Requiem Of Chaos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Requiem Of Chaos

Rammus: Freljord Ninja Badass

Requiem Of Chaos Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Rammus as a Badass Ninja Tank (Intro)

So this is my FIRST build, I figure Rammus is good as a tank but just for fun I like to build him up as a "Ninja".

I'm gonna get a lot a "flak" for the "lack" of HP on this build but hear me out, having HP is fine but armor is equally important if not more, besides with Ninja Tabi, which makes you pretty much an official Ninja, you don't need more HP since you can avoid a lot of attacks...

I play him this way because sitting around as a tank and taking hits is kinda boring...
If you're afraid of magic damage though, that's what the quints and defense masteries are for.

So, are you tired of being a slow boring Rammus with only a few kills and and a bunch of ***its? Well keep reading my friend and you'll be an Icy Ninja Tanky Rammus in no time!

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Now considering Rammus is a tanky character, I don't forgo armor at all, I just improve it with evasion, same for magic resist, very important, which is why I put points in Resistance and Hardiness.

Then of course you have to get the evasion masteries to be able to avoid a ton of damage and Harden Skin to improve your physical defense that much more.

The rest is of course for utility purposes, Good Hands gets you back into action in a pinch, in tandem with Ghost and Powerball it makes things a lot faster.

Of course Perseverence heals you and restores your mana faster so you can stick around for laning and extended fight, coupled with your Philosipher's Stone makes that early laning a bit easier.

Next is Awareness, this is of course so you can level up faster and gain that crucial edge.

Then you got Greed, which of course with your Philosipher's Stone and Heart of Gold Bring you the gold you need to buy your amazing items!

Haste and Blink of an Eye are of course VERY USEFUL! Flashing like a pro ninja is made faster due to a nice 15 second cooldown reduction. Oh and let's not forget that nice little speed bonus from Haste which gives us an 8% move speed boost and a 1.5 seconds increase on lasting power!

Now then, on to Runes!

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So for Runes I go for Mark of Insight x9 since most of his abilities have some magic damage...

Seal of Resilience x9 for that extra armor...

Glyph of Focus x9 for that much needed cooldown on Rammus' awesome abilities..

Quintessance of Warding x3 for extra magic resistance (these are very important since you cannot "dodge" magic spells).. You might be interested in getting more magic defense since you'll only have about 43 magic res, if that's the case get Seal of Warding x9 for about 50 magic resist total..

Next is Items!

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Now for Items I wanna keep this brief, these are the items I use and I DO NOT alternate.

Regrowth pendant - Early game HP regeneration + Health Potion to keep me alive...

Philosopher's Stone - Now you have added HP Regen and Mana regen + Gold over time...

Heart of Gold - Extra HP and Gold over time, to help get items that much quicker...

Ninja Tabi - Can't be Ninja without this bad boy, extra armor, move speed + 2 and dodge chance, WORTH IT.

Frozen Heart - This one is a no brainer, extra cooldown, extra armor, more mana so you can cast your abilities without having to worry about running out of the stuff and you slow down your assailant's attack speed, which in turn helps you live... So yeah my Rammus has one made of Gold AND Ice *chuckle*...

Warden's Mail - Now I get this instead of Randuin's Omen right away because I still want that Gold my Heart of Gold is producing, however this item alone gives 50 armor, 20 HP per 5 seconds and 20% chance when you get hit to slow any attacker's movement and attack speeds by 35% for 3 seconds.. Honestly worth it until you get Rand's Omen...

Frozen Mallet - If you still haven't won by now then you better get your hands on this baby.. 20 attack damage, 700 health OMG! and a passive that reduces your target's move speed by 40% when you hit them for 2.5 seconds.. Your adversaries won't be running away from you anytime soon! (they will most certainly try, slowly...

Randuin's Omen - Now you can get this amazing item which let's you hinder the movement speed AND attack speed of an enemy champion of YOUR CHOICE, with added bonuses to armor, health and health regen and cooldown reduction by 5%.. It also transfers the Warden's Mail perks, keep in mind that the Active on this armor (when used) also has a nice bonus of 0.5 seconds for EVERY armor and magic res point you have, which means they'll be slowed down for much longer thanks to your defense... Just fantastic...

Eleisa's Miracle - Hm.. This item was long overdue eh? again, that gold Phil's Stone was giving was a nice help getting here so it was worth the wait, now you have 25 HP regen and 20 Mana regen per 5 seconds and you also passively gain 25 points of Tenacity which allows you to defend against slows, stuns and all that nasty stuff...

Last but definitely not least...

Phantom Dancer - Not only does your attack speed go up, but so does your move speed and Critical Attack chance as well, the move speed makes you go super fast with Ghost and Powerball, allowing you to get in and out of fights FAST... So if you haven't won by now with this you surely will!

I guess that wasn't so brief huh...

Onto Skill Sequence!

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Skill Sequence

Okay so for my skills I go..

Powerball (PB) first so you can bump enemies into early kills with your laning partner, then keep up the pressure with Defensive Ball Curl (DBC) and once you get that Puncturing Taunt PT they won't know what's going on until they're down for the count...

I prefer to keep pumping points into DBC for that much needed early defense, since you won't be pushing that early, you're gonna want defense if you plan of holding your ground, am I right?

Once your champ reaches level 6 you can get Tremors, let me tell you how to PROPERLY use Tremors...

Tremors is a skill that makes (as the name suggests) tremors around Rammus, what this means for you is all surrounding enemies will get pummeled for a limited time, you can use this on minions since enemy champs will just be running away from you, if that's the case however, try walking with them.. What I mean by that is, as they are running away try to anticipate where they will go and try to stay close to them without attacking them directly, only following them.. Tremors will make them "Shake in their boots" quite literally as they will have no choice but to run with their tail between their legs.. Great for pushing! Just be careful around turrets.. Also with our nice cooldown reduction we don't need to worry about wasting it...

I leave the rest to you, that skill sequence up there is just a how I like to put point into Rammus' abilities...

Next up is Summoner spells!

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Summoner Spells

Ahhh Summoner Spells, what would we ever do without you?

Flash - you need this, trust me, if you've bitten off more than you can chew, this is your way out.. You could say it gets you out of sticky situations in a... "Flash"? OMG! It's the "Pun"isher!!!

Ghost - This will get you in or out of a fight fast, even faster with PB, you can also use that combo to escape if you have no other options but to retreat, it saved my butt plenty of time... *Note that with Ghost, PB, Phantom Dancer and Ninja Tabi, my speed goes from a respectable 430(ish) to almost a thousand move speed! We're still tanking here!

So if Flash didn't save you then Ghost just might!

All other summoner spells for this build are pretty much useless, so don't even think about it...

And now for the Pros/Cons of my build :S

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Pros / Cons

We'll start with the Pros

Pros: Good defense with armor, magic res and dodge chance.. Good for pushing, good for getting in and out of fights REALLY fast and if you're having trouble against your opponents you can easily jungle with DBC and PB for experience and gold..

Cons: Lower defense than normal tanks, however dodge chance helps with that, evasion also makes DBC a bit less effective but DBC can keep you safe none the less, people will hate you for Kill Stealing so much xD

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Team Tactics and Solo Tactics

Comming soon!

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Time to wrap this up.

With this build I'm able to get at least 20 assists in any given game, while also having many kills (for a tank) and few deaths.. One game with Rammus had me at 15/6/25, something I had never seen before! I won't say I was on fire since I was using Rammus' Freljord skin and Frozen "items", needless to say that game was pretty "Cool" by the end.. (all puns are intentional)...

What this build offers is something different, something unique, if you give this a shot, you might just end up liking Rammus that much more!

Anyway, hope you guys like the build, If you like it don't forget to Comment, Vote & Like!

And guys, play it before you bash it, trust me, it works.