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Rammus Build Guide by Ainslie6

Rammus, Lane rammus guide

Rammus, Lane rammus guide

Updated on October 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ainslie6 Build Guide By Ainslie6 4,998 Views 2 Comments
4,998 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ainslie6 Rammus Build Guide By Ainslie6 Updated on October 28, 2011
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This build is great for early game it effectively allows Rammus to at the right moment strike for massive damage,allowing plenty of early game kills.

This build is not finished and is still being worked on. Any suggestions you do have would be much appreciated.

I will be adding pictures and hopefully some videos soon.
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For marks I get magic penetration so that tremors and powerball do that much more.

For seals I get flat armor so that early game I can survive using taunt if its short range gets me attacked too much.

For glyphs I get flat magic defence so that peoples early abilities do minimal damage. (Moves like nocturne's duskbringer or annie's fireball of doom.

Finally for quintessences I get magic defence just to add on to my glyphs effect and to mean im less squishy before I can get my force of nature.
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My masteries are built obviously for defence and I get the health reduce cooldown because early game your going to be eating a lot of damage and also its a nice supporting spell to help sustain your laning partner if they're taking too many hits.

The reasons I get the masteries in utility is as follows. You want to be using tremors as much as possible and as it has such a short cooldown you want to be using as much as possible so every little helps to get you back on the field quickly if you do actually die. Your mana regen is nothing if not amazing. And its not amazing quite frankly its abysmal. So the perseverance mastery helps you get a few more powerballs before going back to the fountain. The added health regen is also nice.The bonus XP is is for the reasons that follow. This build is focused around early ganking so your'e going to be out of lane for quite some time as you powerball around the map. This means your farming might start to make you fall behind which is why i get XP buff. However buffing the XP increase to full means that at the end game (lvl 18) you have 4 wasted masteries instead of just 2.
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Early game powerball is your big damager so max that ASAP. Taunt is good to extend the time of but not that much that you should improve it early. And defensive ball curl is only gotten because its better than taunt. Tremors is obviously got at 6 11 and 16.
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The thornmail is the cheapest and most armor beneficial item to get so get that first. Fit in health potions as and when required (usually 3 after chain vest). The boots of movement might not give buffs other than speed but the amount of pace they give powerball is truly outrageous. You also need speed to get taunt in with its puny little range.

Frozen heart gets you to taking about 20 percent damage from people and giving back about 50 from defensive ball curl and thornmail so nows a good time to focus on magic defence.

Get the force of nature as it gives the most protection and also the little speed boost.

The randuins omen gives you some long needed health regen and as at this point you can basically beat anyone in a one on one, hands (or claws) down, it gives you some nice extra gank potential. The cooldown reuction on it combined with frozen hearts means tremors is available nearly every 30 seconds which (it goes without saying) is brilliant.

Thornmail again gives you even more damage however at this stage armor starts to do very little to actually reducing damage taken. Which is why if the fight is even take warmogs armor which makes you more tanky but gives you less damage.

While this might not give you the most tanky setup you can have the emphasis on armor means Rammuse's damage is buffed through the roof. The

Please not 2 thornmails is what you should have endgame unless you have a warmogs to go for more health. (just to make that clear).
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Summunor Spells

Use heal to support your laning partner and keep yourself alive early.

Flash is great to use if you are using powerball and it is about to run out to catch someone. The flash on top will stun them and allow the taunt. It also provides some escape ability if you have no mana for powerball.
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Early Game

Early game play Rammus boldly. The armor and magic resist early game mean virtually no damage is taken. You want to be stunning for your laning partner with taunt and powerball hits. Meaning your enemies have to recall ALOT. Hopefully this will give you your ultimate before they do and give you a chance to get some damage on the tower.
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Mid Game

Rammus should be able to tank most damage by now and comfortably kill any enemy and possibly even two with tremors depending on how the game is going. Try to be mobile helping your team mates push people out of lanes to secure kills and towers to put pressure on. in team fights Rammus should be going in first and using powerball tremors and defensive ball curl to reduce the entire enemy team to about half health. Run out of the fight before you die stick back use heal to help you and your allies and then use powerball to secure any kills that your allies don't get due to everyone being half dead before the main fight begins.
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Late Game

Late game Rammus is a terrifying shell of doom that speeds around the map with tremors on constantly. Use the same general team fight strategy as mid but change depending on which is more prevelant AP or AD characters. If AP characters are more of a threat tank less ad share the damage then when there abilities are used up go and run in there destroying everything with tremors your mobile earthquake.
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Works with

This laning strategy works particualarly good with a ranged support. When you push people out of lane early your ranged ally can get hits in on the tower even if there is still a second champion defending it. Also when you go in early with powerball a melee champion may not be able to get in range to help you fast enough unlike a ranged.

I suggest Nidalee as her heals can keep a Rammus who's taunts didnt work in lane. A heal to keep tremors up can turn the tide of a battle.

If your playing with freinds and want to try this combo out then i would suggest using this nidalee build. Good luck :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ainslie6
Ainslie6 Rammus Guide
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Rammus, Lane rammus guide

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