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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dragalevcig

Rammus premade win

dragalevcig Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my rammus build. ive seen most of the builds here and find that this one will surely help u find the true power of the armordillo :D.

pls rate and comment im open to suggestions of any kind.

BTW all runes masteries and summoner spells can be chaneged to your liking. this build just shows the most effektive (4 me) way of playing this great char

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Pros / Cons

u are very hard to kill
u have the longest cc in the game
taunt under the turret doesnt take aggro :D love that

u are vounarable without your shield (kinda :D)
your taunt fails often in team fights since its hard to click on the right target
powerball is hard to use it takes time to perfekt it

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So my runes are hp quints obvously hp marks armor seals. Ok thats pretty basic good for almost every tank. Now comes the important part my glyphs are for flat mana. OK before u close the build and rate me down let me explain. As i first started playing rammus i noticed that i have really low mana and i was always oom after 1 sequense of spells. The mana runes give u the oppertunity to double the ammount of spells cast which means ull have the ability to taunt twice in a gank whioch often results in a double kill, believe me :D.

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so for masteries i take 21 in defence pretty standart 8 in attack and 1 in utility.
the purpuse of 8 in attack is the attack speed bonus improved exhaust and crit chance. this has great synergy with rhis passive 25% of armor in dmg. late game u have more than 300 attack dmg and with the crit chance and attack speed from items and masteries u are not only a great tank but u also get a nice increase in your dmg making u even more dangerous.
1 point in utility is for ghost. duh...

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Summoner spells

ghost its a nice speed buff u need it to chace opponents and attack them early game.
or ofcourse powerball and ghost to get at the right place when ure late ot when u want to help.

exhaust is perfekt for u because this way u add onother cc to your combo and u can reduce the dmg output of the opposing team even more

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Start with dorans shield : gives u some nice stats (hp armor and hp regen) and a hp pot
then boots with dodge again armor and dodge
and now 3 times heart of gold u get again armor hp and those nice 5 gold per 5 secs summes up to 15 gold per 5 secs.
after that u take thornmail it increases your dmg output greatly not only from armor but also from reflekt. ive seen it a 100 times : ashe killing herself at low hp while trying to kill me in shield.
k now its time 4 guardian angel. obvously u need to sell one heart to have the slot. heart of gold sells for 400 gold so at 2200g u back and get full guardian angel. always w8 till u have the whole sum for the item befor selling your hearts.
after G.A. u have a choice. if ure doing well u can try out the phantom dancer. it will give u a lot more dmg output (if u want that) if not grab your warmog ant ult a minionwave to stack it. now ure OP.

BTW most of the games end arround G.A or even after THORNMAIL
and the longest game ive ever had was a 1 hour 20 mins game where i was able to get the whole build but that has happend only once.

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Lane partners

and so on

all sorts of mages who have burst dmg and dont rely on autoattacks or dont need a longer period of time to do their dmg. well ull still get the kills but ure not as effective as with other chars.

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so u picked rammus u have your masteries your runes and summoner spells.

1. Loading screen: this is actually very important sicne ure the tank and u need to be aware of the other team. lets say the other team is phisical dmg heavy. thats good because as rammus u get the most out of armor and not magic resit. (ofcourse if the team has 4 mages u need to go mr. )
k so u spawn u grab your shield and a health pot and u take the q spell.

u go to your lane try to be fast and enter the bush. but only the first one cause u need the space to chase the others down. always w8 till the others come out of the bush. at that moment u powerball but u need to stay still. w8 for him to come to u since u have a bit of a knockback from powerball. after that u and your partner start attacking him. always w8 for the slow from powerball to go away. u pop exhaust and almost surely thats the first blood. at lv 1 u do more dmg than most other champs believe me. (i personally start with 86 dmg and 0.9 attack speed) after that u start last hitting and try to push the others away from the mob. with this build u need to last hit only the first 5-7 mins. after that u get your heart and u can let your partner have all the mob he wants. the bonus is that u boost yourself passively and he gets something like a sololane (kinda). important is to not waste your mana to much since u can always save or kill someone with taunt and powerball.
if everything goes well ull have 1 or 2 kills and a couple of assists till min 15. after that you start getting stronger much faster since u can stack 3 hearts (they give u healh and armor btw. they are like little sunfirecapes). so now ure at midgame and the first important battles arround dragon or mid start. this is where u really start shining. what u need to do is powerball them, ult, tount, shield pull one back (squishy pls not the tank). now comes the important part u will be at arround half hp or more u cancel your shield since powerball cd comes before your shield times out and do the whole thing again. remember dont fail your sequence since your mana is not high enough 4 spamming. another important thing is to always fight to the end never run away accept if u are clearly overpowered. remember the power of rammus is not hes hp but hes amazing stats from shield and items. even at 300 hp u can taunt a heavy dps without dieing if u have shield up.

late game
well the gameplay doesnt change over time u only get more fed.(even if u dont get kills or assists) remmeber your ult does dmg to turrets so u can push them down like nothing. at lv 6 your ult + auto attacks leave the turret at around 1/4 hp.

now some little tipps:
when ganking aways powerball and w8 untill the spell has only half of the time left. this way u can pop out at much greater speeds. this helps in surprising the others and u never leave them a chance to escape.
try to remmember the spells and cds of the other team. it ofthen happens that u taunt someone and he just flashes away ruining your gank.