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Rammus Build Guide by USAmaverick

Rammus pro dominion

Rammus pro dominion

Updated on September 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author USAmaverick Build Guide By USAmaverick 2 4 8,337 Views 5 Comments
2 4 8,337 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author USAmaverick Rammus Build Guide By USAmaverick Updated on September 24, 2011
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fixed masteies I had several of them very wrong as i was told
and put priscillas blessing in build: NOTE you do not have to wait till the end to get priscialls blessing if you need it earlier in your build go ahead personally i think you need sunfire cape and boots of mobility before it though.
Summoner spell update
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I found rammus to be one of the best dominion tanks in the game because personally u can get anywhere in a very short amount of time with powerball. Every part of this build is different every game I never do it the same order everytime because I am vs different champs every game, so if i'm vs a tyrnd and a xin then i will make it a priority to get thornmail etc. But this is a basic guide to my build i couldn't find the last item that i usually incorporate in my build it's one of his recommended but I like to get it for the capture speed because i can run around so fast and capture different points quickly without getting interrupted half a second before i capture it. so basically i found rammus like many others to have amazing map control and amazing defensive qualities on dominion he has been my favorite champ so far out of the 2 days of the beta i have played lol but anyways i found him alot of fun at the end of the build if you manage to get to the end of it you should be pretty much unkillable in a 1 or 2v1 unless you get cc aton. Yes his weakness is heavy ap but just target the dps and you should be fine.
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runes i'm not real knowledgable on exactly which is best but hp runes have helped me alot so that's what i usually go for since i will be having alot of armour in my build. not a whole lot to say on runes as I said I dont' know a whole lot about particulars with runes i'll let you decide for that
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as i said earlier just play around with your build depending on who you are versing and who on their team is actually doing really good no point in getting aton of MR if they don't have any good AP but with rammus i feel like thornmail is almost a must have item for him because of his Defensive ball curl. but the last item I put on my build I have really never finished it I just started it because the games are short so I never got a chance to totally finish my build. but if you wish you could get guardian angel or another tank item. and as i said before there's an item in his recommended that's a dominion item specifically that i almost always get for capturing speed. and as always there aren't aton of defintes on what your build it's for the most part always going to have alot of play depending on who you are versing and who is doing good on their team.
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Summoner Spells

not a whole lot to say here i usually go with flash because no one can catch you when you flash powerball and exhaust because it let's you get in that second taunt if the first one doesn't quite get them usually i use it on Ap because the dps usually kill themselves on me when i have thornmail but, if you really want the top point first early game ghost is a very good spell adding on to his astronormical speed he already has. not a lot of use with clarity or claryvoyance on this map or with rammus, ignite is pretty good but for the most part you can always get your targets because you are way faster than them usually. Once again keep your build loose get what you need you don't always have to have a set build 100% of the time pick a spell that is very useful for what you think you will be needing to do as your defendsive/capture points roll.
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Pros / Cons

good at capturing points they don't expect you to
also i think one of the best defenders in this mode.
mobility is unmatched except by maybe yi or mf using ghost
he is the best counter AD tank in the game
you can save your teamates lives with taunt and powerball
etc. lol

not many cons only that he has a hard time with heavy ap
not that good at getting kills usually gets ksed alot
(all of these cons can be fixed so basically in dominion you are unbeatable in speed and hardiness if you are good at improvising then you will be undefeatable. also not a very good farmer he's ok but not that good lol unless you decide to use your ult which isn't best save it for teamfights. but once you get sunfire cape and if you have all the minions target you pop you curl and u will kill many all at the same time this works better on summoners rift because you shouldn't really be messing around with minions to much unless you are defending.
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Team Work

Make sure that you have 2 sturdy people on your team if you can I always go top as rammus personally because I'm the fastest on our team and I usually hold them off as long as i can until my teamates get there you don't have to attack them just make sure they dont' take it if someone like mf or yi ghosts there to get there fast just harrass them and initiate a fight when your team gets there if you aren't too low on health tartet their AD champ with your taunt and make sure you are in your curl before they start hitting you. spinning into the group I have found is the best way to anitiate a good fight you slow them and knock them around thereby confusing them sorta in a way and by them your allies usually would have done alot of damage. Another method i have found useful is to anitiate a fight(sometimes i get giants belt before i get boots of mobility) with one other player behind me hitting and harrasing them while i take the hits and one player is attacking their champs at that same time 1 of the 2 that came top with me is capturing the point therefore giving us a good start. Try to keep atleast 2 in each side of the lane if you can there are exceptions like if their whole team is pushing like mad or if you have all the points taken if you get an ace luckily but for the most part you and 1 other person can easily defend 2 points if you are able to leave your teamate behind and they will survive. If you see 2 people coming for top and 1 person going for your home capture point make sure you are 2v1 you are much better than most others at 2v1 unless there is just no time and you are already half way there.(which usually is the case lol)
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all the other stuff i can't really explain very well since there is no junling really and masteries and runes aren't a huge huge deal they're are important but i dont' worry about them as much as some people do atleast on a tank like rammus. well thank you for reading my guide give me a positive vote if you liked it and comment please and please if you have anything you see wrong with my build please feel free to point it out I am perfectly fine with others fine tuning or fixing large areas of my guide but this is just a basic one I can't give you every detail of what to do you will have to improvise that is the key in this game of league of legends. The best Improvisor wins !!!! ty for reading this guide. ~USA
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League of Legends Build Guide Author USAmaverick
USAmaverick Rammus Guide
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Rammus pro dominion

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