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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzLuke

Rammus Tank and AP

ItzLuke Last updated on October 9, 2010
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ItzLuke����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������´s build for Rammus down/top lane tank build with some ap.

Rammus is a really nice champion cause you can tank and still do awesome damage, add some AP to that and your ulti should take down most tanks and dps champs pretty fast.

I choose to max out powerball first cause it will be a great help to get the first blood bonus and quickly escaping even the fastest champions.

Then Puncturing taunt because you can make champs stay near you even when they are losing and you can make them attack you near turrets in early game to make them die fast.

I put one point in defensive ball curl cause it gives u a nice defense boost pretty early.


when the game starts i begin with buyin boots of speed (to make ninja tabis) and 2 hp pots (they are usefull to stay in the lane and gain a couple of extra levels)
then ninja tabis and then i buy a chainmail (for the thornmail) and then the thornmail cause it makes you return a lot of damage wich is very usefull as a tank and it gives a very nice armor boost. Randuins omen gives nice hp regen and nice armor i start with the Wardenmail and then the heart of gold or just striaght to the Randuins omen. Then i buy the sunfire cape wich gives a nice area damage and are great for farming minions (with ur ulti it shud take the most down in 1-2 sec) you can buy the sunfire cape b4 the Randuins omen depending on how the game goes and what you feel like.
i then buy the rod of ages wich gives a nice AP boost and hp and mana, with the AP boost your ulti and power ball shud becoma so strong that you can take down any enemy champ.
This late you should be lvl 18 and have pretty much hp wich makes me want the Atmas Impaler, it gives you a nice damage bonus due to your hp and some armor on that, could it be better?


try to not get the mid spot in games cause u are much better on down/top lanes,
stay in the grass between ur turret and the enemies and wait until the enemy champ gets past you then u simply powerball into him so he runs away (be sure to have your team m8 with you or u could be killed by DPS champs) and kill as much minions you can to lvl.
when your lvl 2 and have Puncturing Taunt try getting the enemy champ near your turret and taunt him so the turret attacks him, this is a great way of getting first blood.
in mid/late game try to get alone enemy champs and power ball and taunt them and be sure to use your ulti from the start to max out the damage. your attack should be like this "QWRE" to put on the defense skill "W" is good to reduce damage taken and put ulti on b4 u taunt to make sure they stay near when your ulti does the damage.

When you got lot of armor be sure to attack turrets cause they wont damage u very much anyway.

Im not very good at runes and such so feel free to pick any you want but be sure its armor/magic resist :)

I use heal and teleport cause heal can get you out of trouble with the hp boost and teleport enables you to get back to a lane fast so the enemy champs dont have time to push, but you can really pick anything you want :)

Thanx for checkin my build please comment if u find something wrong or criticism i can take it and im not a perfect player either :)