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Rammus Build Guide by DeadCow9497

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeadCow9497


DeadCow9497 Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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PLEASE comment and vote, if you comment tell me what could be better or just feedback, thank you very much enjoy this guide, I will be working on coding it soon, when i learn how to! Yes this is my first build, I hope you enjoy it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feedback on it, i would love to improve it. I will also be making a Twisted Fate Guide soon, thank you for reading this, now move on and learn how to make people tremble with fear when they see you coming.

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Rammus is a tank that can do serious damage if you build high enough armor, he can also make the greedy pay by taunting underneath a tower and getting the kill, and with his ultimate being an AoE, he becomes a great team fighter too.

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Pros / Cons

Great Team fighter
Great Early Game
Can Punish the Greedah!
Makes You Feel Awesome When a Yi is Cussing you out in all because of thornmail

Powerball can sometimes be a jerk
Casters Can be a Pain early game
Needs a good dps to be great

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I use these runes because they are normal tank runes, armor just gives you more damage so i stack it for early game domination. I guess you could change everything to all armor if you really wanted to, but I find that the health quints make it much more useful early game so you can absorb more damage. Also you should not spend all your money on runes for Rammus if you do not think he is going to be your main! For the longest time I did not have enough money to buy them and i did just fine.

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Standard mastery for tank again, I like the xp boost from utility so I go from defense to utility instead of defense to offense. I guess you could play around with offense if you wanted to, I just prefer to go down the utility for the extra regen, experiecnce, etc.

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After getting destroyed by one AP builder when they were the only one doing damage to me, and seeing a few comments, I tried some other things to see if they would work better, now this new item selection isn't set in stone, and you should buy items according to what you're enemies are building, but since most of the time I have found it to be 3 AD Champs and two AP I think that you should stack some armor, and then go right to MR. With this new build you should be able to survive much longer and not get shredded apart by the one AP champ on their team. Though I would say that you should change the boots if you really need the MR right from the start, but I like the dodge chance and armor most of the time over early MR.

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Skill Sequence

I just like the thought of taking reduced damage and holding people in place for a few seconds better then a little extra damage from power ball, though i have found that if people are running away a lot power ball can save you a kill and keep you alive, but i have found the other two a lot more effective to level first.

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Summoner Spells

My spells are flash and ignite though i could see a few others.

Great spells to use-

Flash-Must have for flashing in and taunting people to get an easy kill.
Ignite-Gives your enemy no chance for an easy escape
Teleport-If you think that your teammates are going to rely on you roaming a lot in the game your in, go for it, can be very useful.
Heal-I don't personally like it, but I'm sure that it could be useful early game for that security of having it as a backup so you won't die.

All the other summoner spells i would not recommend..Though I'm sure you could use them if you really needed them, but I have found these four more useful then a one time thing where PB is on cd and if you had ghost you would of had the kill, just doesn't happen enough for me to like it.
Here is the explanation of why-
Exhaust-You really don't need to slow anybody, and you want them to do damage because it will go right back at them. If you feel you need this one, be my guest, but with ignite you would be much more effective.
Ghost- Powerball. You will move fast enough with this that you really don't need to move any faster.
Revive- When I see this I want to throw up, maybe you can use it at the end of the game, but usually a well placed ignite can save your team better then 1 person being alive.
Smite- This guide isn't for jungling as Rammus, so don't take this.
Cleanse- I guess this one could be good, truthfully I've never tried it, but I'm sure you could find a use for it. But i think getting 4 kills through the game with ignite is better then saving one death with cleanse.
Fortify- You could get this, but I find with powerball that i am at the turret fast enough to save it most of the time, sometimes it could save your like to, and could get you a kill with taunt, but i don't personally like it, most kills aren't found near the turret, maybe one or two, but again, I'd rather have ignite.
Clarity- no..
Rally- Maybe..never tried this one, i don't find a use for it ever..if you want to buff your teammates every time you fight just use Taric.
Clairvoyence- please no..maybe you could help counter jungle, but personally i like wards a lot more then this spell.

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Team Work

YOU are the initiator,powerball into a fight, then taunt the one that you think can do some serious AP damage, put on your shield,and use your ult, then your team should follow, if they don't, they need to L2P. Also make sure early game that you do not try to solo a lane, that can be suicidal, you are good dps, but not that good.

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Good Champs to lane with.

Master Yi, Brand, Veigar, Vayne, Xin, Anivia. These are my personal preferences,but any dps can really do some great things when working with a rammus, Brand especially, with his stun and combo out, he can obliterate people while they are still taunted. I also would recommend going in the grass as rammus for easy kill, the other champs will think they got you at first, until they hit you a few times,then they start to run as fast as they can.

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Unique Skills

Rammus, once he gets his thornmail, cannot be killed by melee practically, when they are hitting you and 50% of it is coming back to them, they will run. Also remember that you can easily get out of a gank by powerballing out of there. When they come out of the grass, just power ball and try to stay as far away as you possibly can, also try to use your shell if you are still in trouble when you get out of powerball, Cannot tell you how many times that has saved my life.

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This build credit goes to Wynn466, he is a great Rammus, I changed a few things but other then that he is the genius that created it. Rammus is a monster if you play him right, so go out there and make your enemies tremble in fear of the Armidillo that makes them suffer from their own damage..