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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kuniv

Rammus, Team Carry

Kuniv Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Below I have attached some videos of myself playing Rammus, if you need a visual reference on how to play Rammus check out the videos below, and please tell me what you think.

Before I say anything, and you make any judgments on this build I have put forward, understand, that this is what works for me personally, and suits my play style perfectly, if you play the way I do (very aggressively), with this build, you can be unstoppable. Some people prefer a slow tanky Rammus, I prefer a very mobile killer early game, which through early domination, turns into a tank.

I have played over 300 games with Rammus,and have learned what works with him, and what doesn't. Your score at the end of the game if played right, will be a high amount of kills, or a very high amount of assists. Play with speed and aggression, first bloods will be common in your lanes, if not expected.

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Red's, Magic penetration is quite helpful for Rammus. All of his damage mid-late game will be from magic, and some pen will definitly help.
Yellow's Pick up dodge runes, 6.8% is pretty nice, and in my opinion the best yellow's for Rammus under any spec. They will stack nicely with your ninja tabi.
Blue's Mana regen per lvl, this helps a little bit early on, and then keeps you with mana constantly at higher levels. Mana keeps you aggressive. With no mana, you have no hope so it's key early on. Just don't buy any mana items! It stacks well with the support masteries. Get it.

Quintessence's I without a doubt, always, always, always choose 1.5% movement speed quints. Movement speed is everything with Rammus. He is a chaser, escape artist, and the faster he can go the quicker you can reach a fleeing enemy, taunt and then let your team catch up and massacre him. It goes so nice with the 3% movement from masteries.

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MASTERIESGo into support 0/9/21 one of Rammus's biggest flaws is his mana, he runs out to quickly, and if not built into his masteries/runes, you will have to buy an early mana item, and that handicaps the way I play Rammus. The spec gives him 6% cool down reduction, 3% movement speed, and of course all of the other support goodies. More mana, more flash's more ghosts, and you level up faster. Then pick up some more defense and the dodge talents to help boost his speed and survivability.

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Purchase a Doran's shield, and a health pot if not laning with a healer, otherwise grab a mana pot. Work towards your Ninja Tabi right away, you're going to need it to start ganking, and if you haven't been paying attention, this is how you will win. There is an exception however, heavy CC teams, I would recommend buying the Mercury treads. Rammus is a terrible farmer early on, start working towards a sunfire cape. It gives you armor, armor gives you damage, health, and an aoe burn that obliterates groups of mobs, and it isn't half bad for team fights, sunfire capes have been known to last hit plenty of times as well. Then be sure to pick up an Aegis, it benefits your whole team, and is very efficient for it's costs. After the Aegis you can go a few ways depending on the enemy team so pay attention.
If they have lots of physical dps, Thornmail (Obliterates melee dps, I've seen godlike Twitch's die in 3 seconds from shooting me)
If their heavy on casters, Banshee's Veil ( The spell negate is awesome, you get health, mana, and magic resist as well, definitely a must.
I usually go Banshee's unless they have 2-3 pure auto attack champions, and pick up the Thornmail later. Once you have a Banshees Veil, you can also go for Omen. The stats suit Rammus very well, it's a bit spendy, and the reason I put it so far in the build is due to the fact that it's active function is much better with more armor and magic resist. It's a very nice item, and adds one more slowing function to your abilities. If the game is still going, a Force of Nature will make you even faster, and give you a good chunk of hp regen and magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

I always max Powerball first, the damage and slow scale nicely enough for me to be content with leveling it first. It also helps a great deal with farming minion waves/ neutral mobs early on, even with the increased mana cost. I am aware that every other guide puts 1 point in it and the maxes it last. Those guides also focus on being pure tank for the whole game and killing with their W. I don't. This skill can do a noticable amount of damage to opponents your magic pen runes will really make a difference. Start off as well going Powerball, Taunt, Powerball, Taunt, then pick up a point in your Shield, and grab your ultimate at 6. Max Powerball, then max Taunt, and finish off your Shield last, with your ulti picking up a point every time it is available. The idea is to have more control of the opponent early on with your taunt/ powerball slow, and then start working up your shield for late game nukers.

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Summoner Spells

Always, Ghost/Flash. Unless it's a ranked match and you see they have a lot of stuns, which you should trade flash for cleanse. Ghost turns Rammus into a torpedo, and it is incredible. I have had so much success going 1000+ movement speed out of a bush to Gank an enemy/Save an ally. You are the fastest Champion in the game while powerballing, and if Rammus were a street racing car, ghost would be his nitrous! Pick it up. Flash is simply the most fun spell for Rammus. It is so annoying to be chasing down a fleeing Champion as you move to the outskirts of the lane to avoid the minions, and one of them catches your side and the Target gets away. With flash you simply charge right at the champ, and many times they will run to the opposite side of the creeps thinking you will hit them. Instead you flash right into their face, and surprise the hell out of them. Roll into a turret and finish someone off. In team fights you can powerball flash past their tanks and engage the fight right on top of their ranged carries. I've had matches where we are chasing a team through the jungle, while I Powerball, and flash over a wall behind them and totally catching them off guard, my team catches up to save me/kill them and The other team is half dead from my shield/earthquake/sunfire cape. The element of surprise can be devastating to your opponents. It can also be used as an effective escape. Do the unexpected.

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Tips on how to play Rammus

Play aggressive, early, go for kills, try to lane with healers, or somebody with a stun/snare. This guide builds him towards having an early dominance, which you need to capitalize on. You start out as a fast, damage dealing dps/tank, Go for kills, assist allies on ganks,INITIATE, he is in my opinion the best initiator in game. Spend a good amount of time charging up Powerball's in the bush and flying out at top speed. Slowing half an enemy team, and then turning into a Walking fortress that aoe kills everything, while taking significantly reduced damage. Allies coming right after to mop up the flustered opponents. With ghost flash, you can tower dive weakened champions in the first few levels, and you should, given the right opportunity. You have to learn how Rammus works with practice to perfect this style. Learn when to call off attacks, and let them push your lane. Always last hit, don't melee creeps down, and blow abilities on them early. Save it for champions, and finish off minions for gold. This adds up much more quickly than people realize. 300 gold from a kill is nice, but you can get that much from a few creep waves on a solo lane.
You are built to be a speed demon, break off from team stand off's, kill golem, kill dragon, kill a creep wave, roll through the jungle twice as fast as anybody in the game. If they initiate while your gone, ghost powerball back into the action. Most of you have seen a Master Yi come out of the jungle mid fight only to get a triple kill on half dead champions. Rammus is similar to this. I don't reccomend letting your team duke it out without you, but if that is the situation, you can still make it in time to surprise **** the other team.

Taunt is great for dragging champs back, taunt and run them to your tower, Taunt and run them to your Allies. If forced to tower hump(which isn't uncommon),let them come in, taunt them as far as possible, and Powerball slow them on top of the tower. It can be ridiculously effective, and you usually get one chance on any player to do so. Your Ultimate combined with a sunfire cape, and your shield provides you with an impressive amount of damage.

Buy wards,they are so important. Your carries should be getting all of the most expensive items. Say you have 400 gold and are looking to buy the next piece of gear so you save it instead of dropping a small amount on a ward, and then an enemy flanks your team from river. well, one ward could have avoided it, and created 5 kills, 5 kills = tower's down which in turn = victory. Buy wards anytime you play a Tank.

The downside of playing Rammus. Sometimes you will be a sacrifice, you will die, and your team will get an ace and come out unscathed, and that is success. Don't be afraid to die as Rammus for the greater profit of your team, "follow your heart". Mid late game, don't be afraid to tower dive either, with high armor, the turret is a non factor, and your tremors will obliterate it regardless.

Work with your team, you are their tank mid/late game, take the hits, return the damage, taunt carries off your team and retreat counter attack like a mad man.
Rammus is a great tower defender as well.
I've had my team slowly aced as they push towards our bases inhibitor tower, and so many times have I spawned, ghost Powerballed into the middle of 3-5 weakened champions, and with the help of the turret/their panic, it has resulted in me killing/ slowing them down one at a time for my team mates to catch up. If they turn and attack, shield, they will kill themselves. If your team is chasing the enemies back, and a champion is caught by your team, roll past the one sure to be dead, and slow the rest of their team, 1 kill could easily be an ace. Teams constantly retreat together, stopping to try and save stragglers, when they should cut their losses. Take advantage of this.

I consider Rammus an underplayed champion, and if played correctly he is a Rolling Team Carry.

~ Kuniv, US server