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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author beaker

Rammus The Armored *****

beaker Last updated on August 5, 2010
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Hello there! This is my Rammus guide.

    1. How to play Rammus
    2. Who to lane with
    3. Spells
    4. Items
    5. Tips

1. How to play Rammus

Rammus is more of a nuke than a tank. Let's start off with his abilities. Powerball is what you'll be using most of the time. Use it catch up to fleeing enemies, or escape. Be careful not to run out of mana, Powerball is your only escape mechanism, aside from Flash. Defensive Ball Curl is incredibly useless most of the time, because if it's still active when Powerball finishes it's cool down, you might get killed before you can use Powerball. Now that is frustrating, because essentially, activating Defensive Ball Curl is what got you killed, if you did die. Nevertheless, Defensive Curl Ball is useful for helping you back-door towers. Puncturing Taunt is a fun ability, because of how much it annoys the people you use it on. You can use Puncturing Taunt to save team mates. Tremors is a handy ultimate. You can use it to back-door towers. It's also very good CC. Whenever you see enemies trying to push lanes by themselves, gank them! You are a nuke, remember?
How To Gank
Step 1. Go up/down the lane behind them and Taunt them
Step 2. Activate Tremors
Step 3. Slow them with Powerball
Early Game Powerball into the bushes, flash out if necessary. You should be able to push the lane against your opponents. It's OK to tower dive enemies that have low health. However, it's best to avoid tower diving unless your laning partner is going to tower dive too. Don't eat your mana, you may have to take a couple mana runs.
Mid Game It's mid game, and about time to start supporting your team. Wherever your team goes, you go! Unless you're under-leveled, and need to farm a bit. If anyone is stupid enough to try and solo you, they're either acting as bait, or are just plain stupid.
Late Game Whether your team is winning or not, encourage them to get the Baron Buff. It can REALLY turn things around. If you can find time, you might want to back-door towers, too.

2. Who to lane with

It's best to lane with another tank, preferably Blitzcrank. Blitz and Rammus dominate lanes easily. I don't think that there are any champions Rammus wouldn't be able to lane with. Unless, of course, the person using that champion was a complete nub.

3. Spells

-Exhaust: This spell doesn't really fit with Rammus since he already has a slow.
-Flash: My absolute favorite spell! Flash has saved me countless times. Countless.
-Ignite: I think that this is a good spell for Rammus since he sucks at last hitting.
-Smite: Smite is mainly for jungling and Rammus doesn't jungle.
-Ghost: Good for escaping or catching up to an enemy, but Powerball is pretty much the same thing.
-Heal: Can really turn a team fight around.
-Teleport: Powerball makes Teleport not necessary.
-Clairvoyance: Completely useless. Next.
-Fortify: You can literally save a tower with this one. Fortify is also great for when an enemy tower dives.
-Rally: Keeps your minions alive. Not worth getting.
-Clarity: This can save you from having to do a mana run.
-Revive: I really seriously should NOT have to explain why you should NOT get this.
-Cleanse: I think of Cleanse as Flash's Rival. They battle every day. Flash wins every time. Why? I'll tell you why. Cleanse is great for a number of things. It is an AWESOME counter against Exhaust. However, it doesn't do **** against Ignite. Sure it removes Nunu's ice blast's slow. But guess what, he's going to do it again, right after you've used Cleanse. If you flash out, how is Nunu going to catch up to you to do it again? I think I would rather use something that has a longer CD but guarantees my safety, rather than using something that has a short CD, but is risky, and doesn't guarantee my safety.

4. Items

Warden's Mail: Think of it as an improved version of Doran's Shield. 1350 Gold for 60 armor and 25 HP Regen PLUS A PASSIVE is JUST TOO GOOD.
Ninja Tabi: Armor. Dodge. Rammus. Fits.
Sunfire Cape: Rammus needs health items no matter what or he'll be squishy to casters.
Thornmail: This item works very well with Defensive Curl Ball.
Sunfire Cape: Getting your second Sunfire Cape is important because it adds to the damage of your ultimate.
Guardian Angel: Awesome item. It has some magic resist, making you not as squishy to casters.
Randuin's Omen: At long last, it is time to complete the build, upgrading Warden's Mail to Randuin's Omen. And yes, I have gotten all the way through this build, in long games.

5. Tips

Try to avoid fighting casters.
Use Powerball to tower dive.
You are the initiator!
Rammus can pack a great punch, but it's better to play him defensively most of the time.

I guess that's the end of this guide. My first real guide.
You're probably wondering why I chose the title. It's because when you Powerball into an enemy champion while they're running away, Rammus's spikes go up their ***. LOOOOOL.

I'm also working on the following builds/guides.
Tank Ryze - That's right.
Support DPS WW - I promise it will be MUCH better than my previous WW builds/guides.
AP Chogey - NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM... NOM...... nom... . ... ... . ... NOM!

I appreciate comments, good or bad.