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Rammus Build Guide by Stevesorc

Rammus the Indestructable

Rammus the Indestructable

Updated on August 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc Build Guide By Stevesorc 4,247 Views 2 Comments
4,247 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc Rammus Build Guide By Stevesorc Updated on August 3, 2011
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This is my Rammus build. The items are pretty much generic tank items, but its how you use your skills that makes this build work best with Rammus.
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As for runes, I personally use AP, because 1) i cant afford more and 2) the extra AP in your ult could be a deciding factor in getting a last hit, living, or taking a tower.

You can use any Runes you like, probably the best would be standard tank runes. Armour, Magic Resist, etc...
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For Masteries I use 27/0/3. I know that i show 0/21/9 here, and that is because that is ideal to have. I take 27/0/3 because the attack damage and everything really helps with the 1v1's mid game. That being said, 0/21/9 is best if you are a team player and stick with someone the entire time.
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The Items are an important part of this build. Every item you get depends on the people you are playing, how well you are doing, and what your income is.

To start, get a Doran's Shield. That is pretty straightforward, 10 armour, 120 HP, and 8hp per 5 seconds! It's a dominating starting item.

Next to get, if you have the cash, is Chain Vest. You want this item second because of the bonus damage you get, and of course the armour. This item is really important to most items you build later, so it's always a good choice.

If your cash is insufficient, you die early, or you got chain vest already, the next item is Boots of Speed. Needless to say, speed = good.

Right after boots of speed, the next item is Mercury Treads. Regardless of who is on the other team, get mercury treads. Less CC and more magic resist (and seeing how this build is mainly armour it really helps).

Here is where it gets tricky and you need to observe quite a bit. First off, if you are doing well, or even moderately well, you will want to get Sunfire Cape, or Giant's Belt if that is too expensive. If you are just getting wrecked and have no income, grab Thornmail. Now, if the other team comprises of mainly AP it would be wise to get Giant's Belt first. You may be thinking that you need magic resist, well just wait, it will come. If the opposing team is mainly auto attackers, or physical damage based, get Thornmail right away. The HP will come later.

Now, if you chose Sunfire Cape the opposing team is most likely half AP half AD. Right away, unless they have an extremely high AP burst and he's fed, you will want Thornmail. Otherwise, just skip this step.

Next take the Force of Nature, the rapid HP regen and magic defense should keep you safe from most casters pretty much for the rest of the game. Along with the Mercury Treads the magic resist should be enough for sure. Also, this amount of HP regen combined with Thornmail will make you, if early enough in the game, unstoppable.

This item is sort of optional, I normally take it only if I feel very comfortable with my HP, or as a last item on my build. Generally only take this item when the other team has one or two casters and you already have FoN. Armour and HP regen will allow you to tank against auto attackers for a bit longer, but the lack of HP makes it arguable.

The item i generally like to get more often the Randuin`s Omen is Warmogs. Warmogs will give much more HP regen, as well as numerous amounts of HP. Getting it this late is not a bad idea because of the amount of armour you have currently and you will most defiantly need the HP.

The last item, or second last depending on how the game has gone, is Guardian Angel. Needless to say revive is the most annoying thing for any opponent to face against. And unless its a 4or5 VS 1, you will generally not lose the angel, assuming you are playing smart.

None of the items are set in stone for the order you get them in, it all depends on who your opponents are, and how you are doing. Be the judge for yourself and decide weather or not what items to get. Use common sense, don`t get a thornmail when they are 4/5 casters.
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The items are what make the build, how you play the game and use the skills is what makes the build good. Same as the items, it all changes on who your opponents are, and how you are doing. I will explain how to play the game my way, making this build work.

Early Game:

Taking the skill Power Ball first, and Doran's Shield as an item, head to any lane except mid. If your team has a jungler present, try to take the solo lane if at all possible. Taking the solo lane will allow your teammates to gank numerous times, and most with success because of your taunt.

Taunting is the most important thing Rammus can do, and its all about how you use it. When there is an AD carry on the opposing team, (be it ranged or melee) taunt them when they are close enough. Taunt then Defense Curl is a powerful combo on AD carries especially when taunt is maxed and you are ganking. Another good skill combo to do is, sit in the bush and charge powerball to about 70% then rush in and smack them, effectively knocking them up, then taunting.

Last hitting minions is very important, at any level of game play. In a solo lane last hitting shouldn't be a problem, although duo lane is slightly more difficult. Just time it right, and if there is a group of low minions, pop power ball and ram them.

Mid Game:

Continue to Last hit like crazy, and this is around when ganks start from your jungle and other lanes. Try to always be aware of the minimap, for opposing ganks and your teams ganks. If you see someone coming up the river to help you, get in the bushes as fast as you can, and once they are close enough charge up powerball to get ready to go. It is vital that you taunt either the carry, or the support. Ignore tanks if at all possible, unless of course they are below 200 HP.

Later in Mid Game you can start to go on ganks of your own. Using the before mentioned Q->E->w combo, there should be very little ganks you cannot pull off.

Late Game:

Late game is when Rammus shines most. It's all about team fights and pushing, two things that Rammus specializes in. The most important thing in a team fight is who you taunt and when. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS taunt the AD carry first, as soon as possible. The reason is obvious, your W + Thornmail = AD carry hell. Rammus should be first to initiate, seeing as how he is the tank and all. Powerballing in to the fight is a good idea if your team has already initiated, otherwise i wouldn't. Mostly use your powerball to either disrupt enemy ulti's (Karth, Nunu, Shen... etc.) or to lengthen your taunt. Thats right, lengthen. When you get to know the timing of Rammus' taunt fairly well, you can time it so that when you power ball right at the end of your taunt, you will hit them up in the air, disabling them further.

The combo you should use in most cases is E->W->R->Q. When you have your target taunted, turn and run back to your team if they are behind you, other wise start to attack them or run around to find another target. Chances are that the one you taunted is dead, and with blue buff by the time you kill the first one, taunt should be ready to go again. Rinse and repeat.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stevesorc
Stevesorc Rammus Guide
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Rammus the Indestructable

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