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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steel Curse

Rammus | The Jungle Breakdown

Steel Curse Last updated on December 25, 2010
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Rammus | The Complete Breakdown

Jungle Rammus is a game changing champion. A tank with the ability to jungle and gank efficiently. The use of his ultimate Tremors combined with his Defensive Ball Curl on towers and other structures gives him the ability to be a pushing madman and backdoor capable. Team fights and ganking with Powerball, Puncturing Taunt, and Tremors insures team victory.

1) The Game Breakdown (Early - Mid - late)
2) Summoner Spells & Why
3) Rammus Spells & Abilities: How To (tips & tricks)
4) Rammus Item Builds

Early Game:
First thing you want to do when jungling is buy Cloth Armor and "5" Health Pots. Grab [W]Defensive Ball Curl and proceed to Ancient Golem (Blue Buff). It's always nice for your teammates to spot for anti-gank. I take summoner spells smite/ignite. you can grab other spells which you prefer (I go more in depth about this in the spell section) As soon a Golem spawns Use your [W] Defensive Ball Curl Ability. After taking a hit or two go ahead and cast your health pot. Use your smite spell to last hit the Golem to avoid wasting it if anti-jungle squad try's ruining your game or stealing the buff. Click the Golem so you can monitor his exact health and use smite properly. Target attacking strictly the Golem ignoring the smaller creeps. They will actually kill themselves by attacking you while your using your [W] Defensive Ball Curl. Keep in mind when jungling to always cast your [W] Defensive Ball Curl once off of cooldown and do the same with the health pots when the timer run out. Once Golem is dead you will have leveled up if you have 4 points in your utility mastery "awareness". Upgrade [Q] Powerball and use it right away. Head towards and run straight into the wolves. Then follow up by your [W] Defensive Ball Curl. I Jungle top to bottom (blue side) or bottom to top (purple side). This is a very simple and fast pattern to clear out the jungle. After wolves, and then wraith cleared you will become level 3. I upgraded my [W] Defensive Ball and Smite comes off of CD (cooldown) at this time. Next is Lizard (red buff). Start by Powerballing right into him followed with [W]. When Jungling spam [Q] Powerball and [W] Defensive Ball curl. Your [E] Taunt ability is useless during this time so don't waste your mana. You should be able to clear out your jungle within 4 minutes (if your time is over 4 minutes, practice until your able to do under). Once your side is cleared base. Buy boots of speed and check top, mid, or bot for a gank. Always Powerball before leaving base and gain the mana. Go through jungle to a lane for a gank. Your ignite spell may or may not be off cooldown by this time. (normally is). If none of the lanes look like they have gank potential go back to jungling. Your Golem buff is about to run out so if the opposing team doesn't have a jungler you can take there buff or you can go back to wolves, wraiths until your Golem spawns.

Early game you want to be lane ganking. Your the fastest champion in the game when in [Q]Powerball, take advantage of this. Hide in bushes, [Q]Powerball wait a second or two to get speed build up and rush in (avoiding minions). Hit a champion. auto attack once before using [E]Puncturing Taunt. If the champion doesn't try to retreat try saving [E]Puncturing Taunt until he begins to. If you have ignite do so and hopefully your teammates have enough dps (damage per second) for you or them to get the kill. IMPORTANT: After you power ball into a fight and start getting targeted or taking damage use your Ball Curl. The Armor/Magic Resist is a crucial boost and returning partial damage back almost as a mini thornmail helps a ton for the gank. Also keep in mind [E]Puncturing Taunt also reduces there armor to also insure the gank. (look at spell description and details for more information on all Rammus's abilities in depth)

Mid Game:

At this time your call of duty in the jungle has been near complete. You still go and kill some creeps for gold and buffs but your team role is changing. You are now spending more time in lanes in one of two different scenarios depending on how the game is going.

Scenario 1: The game is still in its laning phase for the most part. Teams are still trying to take or protect there first tower. Your job now is in lane to tank, taunt, kill the champions / push and take towers. Your Ultimate is a tower destroyer paired up with your [W] Defensive ball curl. When the moment is right the tower is yours for the taking. With your power ball ability [Q] you're able to move around the map from lane to lane rather quickly (take advantage of this). If you're helping a lane and nothing is going on go else where. If the other team is tower hugging, not allowing you to get in and taunt someone out, you're tower doesn't need protected go elsewhere (either to lane or jungle) This Scenario will turn into Scenario 2 if this one wasn't skipped.

Scenario 2: The games laning phase has begun to end and your team or enemy team is starting to push for that second tower or a massive team fight has taken place in a lane. You're new role is to tank, kill, taunt, protect. If it's a big close group of cluster blast your ult off. A lot of people I've noticed just stand there and fight in it not even realizing what's going on. If there's a lot of range targeting you and you don't have Defensive Ball Curl [W] available hang back and choose your moments correctly. Be on the same page with your team so when you taunt someone that they get taken out. Rammus can be at times very squishy to high burst casters especially when not in Defensive Ball Curl [W] mid and early game. You're also on call to protect your main carry's. Use your taunt to draw attention to you for them to do there thing or give them time to escape. Always keep in mind you're the tank so a lot of times if someone is going to die it should be you. (not a all encouraging feeding for no reason) but sometimes its a fate you must take for the team to be successful. Your Q is great for escaping so get out when you can.

Late Game:

Its late game and if played well the enemy team (if ranked) at this time are raging at each other cursing "Why the hell didn't you ban Rammus you noob!" Most things apply from Scenario 2 mid game still at this point. You want to be tanking, killing and helping take down tower after tower. Targeting and harassing the other teams carry's and squishes. I will provide some nice tricks in the spells/abilities portion on how to do so. Some wise late game strategy is to backdoor. You should have some armor and hp at this time to tank some towers solo with your ball curl and ult. If there is a team fight going on or the other team is distracted else where. power ball to a unguarded tower, take it down [W]&[R] and power ball back over to the battle. Last step of the game should be a nice gesture of "GG" (better luck next time)

Summoner Spells:

These Spells I feel or the most productive and useful for Rammus.
Smite: It's a given. If your going to Jungle Rammus it's a must
Ignite: I personally use ignite, Works great to ignite and then taunt someone with major health regeneration or lifesteal ww, mundo, oalf....] to ensure them a certain death.
Ghost: Ghost turns Rammus into a rocket ship paired with [Q] Power Ball, Great for chasing down those one hit getaways, rocketing across the map to gank or save a tower.
Revive: Yes I said revive. For more experienced heavy tanking Rammus's. No one's goal is to die but when your called upon to be a heavy tank with Rammus it ensures you are always out there doing your job. Revive's movement speed increase used with Power ball has the other team saying "my god he's back. I just killed him 5 seconds ago sigh...
Flash: Flash combo's with Rammus's Poweball to make a nice mini malph ult
Fortify I don't use this spell personally but it is used on Rammus. Your skill points are already down the mastery tree, This spell adds to the team support a bunch by being able to protect your towers and also a nice bonus to use if you taunt a foe into your tower.

Rammus's Spells/Abilities

Powerball [Q]: Rammus accelerates in a ball towards his enemies, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and causing 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60% reduced movement speed to nearby enemies on impact.
Defemsive Ball Curl [W]: Rammus goes into a defensive formation for 6 seconds, increasing his armor and magic resistance by 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 and returning 26 / 32 / 38 / 44 / 50 (+25% of ability power) magic damage to attackers.
Puncturing Taunt [E]: Rammus taunts the unit into a reckless assault, reducing their armor by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 and forcing them to attack Rammus for 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 second(s).
Tremors [R]: Rammus creates tremors beneath him, dealing 65 / 130 / 195 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second to nearby units and structures. Lasts 8 seconds.

Spells and Abilities Tips and Tricks:

Powerball: Can be used in many ways. Hiding in a bush starting to power ball for a brief second leaving the bush allows for a fast surprised on an opponent.
Powerball + Flash: You can combo Powerball with Flash. Hit Q then flash to an opponent for a mini Malphhite Ult. You can do this while laning or right out of the cover of a bush.
Defensive Ball Curl: Can be used to return amazing damage to a high ad auto attack champion
Defensive Ball Curl: Use in the Middle of team fights not only for returning armor but to protect yourself. When not in Ball curl especially early game burst damage can be bad news.
Puncturing Taunt: Taunt an enemy into your tower range cause the tower to attack the opponent.
Puncturing Taunt + Powerball: I find myself taunting and enemy at his own tower then quickly Powerballing away from the champion for a brief second then once out of range Powerball right into them to apply the powerball effect. Works great when pushing tower huggers for your team to finish someone off. You can also do the same thing by pulling someone into your tower and knocking into them.
Puncturing Taunt + Defensive Ball Curl: Its a given while using taunt if your not doing the little powerball combo you want to be in Ball Curl while taunting to return damage to them.
Tremors: It damages towers, take advantage of this when pushing and watch them cruble before your eyes. Also use Defensive ball curl while doing this for devastating damage output to them.
Tremors: Use it big cluster team fights and while taunting and Ball Curl for maximum damage output.

Item Builds and Why:

The Item build listed above is a good overall build playing against a team with a even flow of AD & AP champions. I always recommend no matter what you never stick to one build and not change it up. Adapting your build, counter building is one of the most successful steps to being a good player. Below I'm going to go over some of my tricks for building against a AP heavy team and a AD heavy team. NOTE: If your playing against a team with a lot of CC (crowd control "slows, taunt, fear, stuns..")I recommend getting Mercury Threads over the Boots of Swiftness. I personally don't like Ninja Tabi on Rammus because it takes from his "W" spell and Thornmail if acquired with the dodge.

Building Against a AD Heavy Team: My thoughts it's much easier to shine against an Attack Damage based team. Thornmail is a given with it's 99 Armor and if you're Jungling with the cloth armor you're already on your way for this item. Aegis of the legion works well also being a rounded item giving you a little bit of everything and also help's with buff your team some from the aura. Doran's Shield is a nice buy first if not jungling or even an item work to pick up early for the Armor, Health Regeneration, and Health, just to be sold late game for a better item. Frozen heart is not the worst choice "late" game and it also plays the support roll helping your team in team fights with the reduced attack speed given out to foes. Sunfire of course is key adding the HP, Armor and damage out put from it. Randuin's Omen is also a key item especially late game for everything it does. Also once again helps fill the support roll as well. Warmog's Armor if you want a lot and lot of Health is a nice touch at times. I tend not to buy this item personally stacking armor and magic resist but it does a lot. Keep in mind even against a high AD your still going to want to get some magic resist. Late game someone is going to have a Madred's and you want to be prepared to not get thorn apart from this. Force of nature, Banshee Veil, as mentioned Aegis and also Guardian Angel add some of both if you prefer that route.

Building Against a AP Heavy Team: Playing against a AP high caster burst damage team can be tricky for a non experienced Rammus at times. Early and went out of "W" you can be at risk to high nuke burst damage. Stacking MR and HP help your survivability. One key item is Force of nature, Nice high number magic resist paired with the health regeneration is a great item. In most cases a lot of casters have some form of CC so getting Mercury Threads is key in the boot department, the magic resist and the reduction of CC helps make life a little more easier. Aegis of the Legion and Guardian angel add a little bit of everything and a nice fit it most cases. Another item I get laid game is Abyssal Scepter. Not getting a thornmail/sunfire deprives you of putting damage out. Your spells scale off of AP so get the 70 AP, 57 and supporting your team while lowing the foes MR is a nice late game item. You can still throw a sunfire on yourself for the damage output and HP. Make sure to you a little more care when around high burst damage and work with your team to take them out.
(please ignore the fact I'm 125-135 trying to work my way out of elo hell