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Rammus Build Guide by godsher0

Rammus the Pentadillo

Rammus the Pentadillo

Updated on September 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author godsher0 Build Guide By godsher0 4,744 Views 0 Comments
4,744 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author godsher0 Rammus Build Guide By godsher0 Updated on September 20, 2011
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Welcome to my second build i'm going to be showing you guys "How to Rammus" Let us begin, Rammus is, obviously, a tank. People usually think of tanks as people of just rushing in first not getting a lot of kills, but I've been experimenting... it turns out the skill sequence means EVERYTHING. If you follow this build you get almost guaranteed good-ok results. So here we go.
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I pretty much don't what rune you get but, I prefer strait up health, magic resist, and armour to add to the tankiness. Armour pen and cd reduction are also a good idea. But, I don't really buy a lot of runes just putting what runes I would like ;D.
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I do basic 9-21-0 take exhaust because he's a tank and you do a lot of offensive things he can also be 21-9-0 0-21-9 but, I prefer the first one for the extra armour + defensive boosts. He is a tank right?
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Skill Sequence

This is the part that took me a while to figure out, The... (Please don't get a seizure) *Epic Music* *Strobe Lights* *Silence*.... SKILL SEQUENCE. I have seen a lot of people leave the taunt for last and this just angers me, you can also do his W first but, not as epic as the almighty taunt of opness + gf turret diverness....
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Summoner Spells

I haven't experimented with a lot of summoner spells but, exhaust and flash would most likely have to be my favorites because they are just a good combo to go in and get away. You might want to try ignite or ghost if, exhaust and flash are too cool for you. But, I seriously suggest getting exhaust and flash a good escape after your guardian angle and a way to take less damage who doesn't want that I mean come on.
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Pros / Cons

I have way too many pros so I'm just going to list some of them keep in mind there's more and I'm just listing the top ones.
Pros- not easy to kill, with full build can pull a jax, the next jax, GA is scary with him, great chaser, and might improve your match historyThis build has been life changing for me. *dramitized*
Cons- sometimes rough start, if you do not have GA by ~25:00 your falling behind (I can't think of any other cons so I'm putting that :S)
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Getting blue after you know you can without a problem is highly suggested it provides a nice bonus and so does red buff but, you don't red as much. Try to gank other teams jungler early game for some buff rewards get it? :S And who doesn't want to rain on WW's or any other junglers parade making someone solo so they don't die a lot... what jerks. :P. But, buffs are important to rammus, try to get them when you feel confident
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Team Work

Rammus is a great edition to the team he can go in and just annihilate anihilate.. yeah annihilate in team matches. He can also take on 2v5 1v4 easy with his massive damage output and making it hard to kill him.
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Alternative items

If the other team is all ad or ap you can go with different builds. For all ad I suggest Dorans Shield>Boots of Swiftness>Thornmail>GA>Frozen Heart>Aegis of Legion>Sunfire Cape(For the hp and armour not the small damage output)/Warmogs(If you think you have enough armour. I don't have one for all ap but its still pretty much the same as normal but get banshees veil and FoN and thos kind of items.
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Rammus vs Rammus

Rammus vs Rammus is intense something you should rush in if they don't have a good build unlike you who is lucky to find this build. But, if they have a good build like this one or are more fed than you and got the right skill sequence avoid them they will be tricky but you'll get the hang of it eventually and be able to take him on.
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Try to put rammus with a op character such as xin zhao, trynd, jax, etc. it can help him have a better beginning. In the beginning only rush if another ad rushes with you solo rushing early game will wreck you. If you don't have GA by 30 mins your falling behind and need to be more offensive.
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Ranked Play

Rammus could be great in ranked play but, I have not tried it. But, with how well he performs i think that he would work great. Great tower diver, great for your team, kills, he can actually carry fairly well, and he gets hard to kill in the middle, one thing about rammus is he has a hard start until level six so play protective until you can dash out and totally own them with your ultimate and everything.
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Tips and Tricks

    Rammus can be a bit tricky in the beginning so be careful and play defensive.
    Late game rammus can be a pretty mean character play offensive as you can rush in and own them.
    Try doing the combo of Q E W R Slows them, Taunts them, Extra damage, Extra damage
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Rammus is a nice edition to the team and a nice champion overall and he's a nice champion for a small price of 3150 so start working and get rammus today (It's worth the rp to get chrome rammus he's a boss). He is a nice damage dealer and he is a great part of the team so dont forget to get him. Comment, rate and subscribe, wait wrong website comment rate and look at my other builds.
Peace homieeeeeeezzzzzz
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