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League of Legends Build Guide Author WindHero

Rammus: This Weeble Won't Fall Down

WindHero Last updated on March 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is Windhero (Ryan) and i noticed that Rammus was free-to-play this week and thought some of you might want a good Rammus guide to look through, one per say UPDATED. This is my 2nd build, but i know what i am doing despite my level of expirience with Moba, which is a great site. Now for those of you wondering, yes, i have bought Rammus and have had him for about 5 months, so i guess you could say im "experienced" with him. This guide is one of many tanking guides for Rammus. The difference you ask? Mine has a different ring to it. A ring so powerful, it makes Chuck Norris wish he was Rammus. Plaese read this whilst remembering that this build is a guide, and your items should be ones to counter your opponents which you should do fine anyway. This a tanking guide for the new player playing as Rammus, please useit to your advantage. After a while you should develope your own playstyle and be able to dominate with your bare paws maybe?

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The runes are pretty tanky, and for good reason too. Greater Mark of Fortitude is for HP which you will have a lot of, making you an exelant tank. The Greater Seal of Resilience is for armor which thanks to your epic passive gives you armor AND attack. Greater Glyph of Fortitude is once again for your HP which makes all the difference early game. Finally your Greater Quintessence of Resilence is for that nauty passive of yours. Now that that's settled we can move on.

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I chose a standard 0/21/9 tank build for this Rammus. The reason we pick up Good Hands instead of the mana regen if that since you are tanking, you will need to be alive as much as possible. The defensive are fairly simple, we grab the armor for your passive and the HP for your tanking abilities. The dogde is in there becuase minion damage isn't as big of a deal as champ damage.

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First, like most guides we get a Doran's sheild for HP, Armor, and Attack. The next item will be Boots of Speed, which allows you to speed up quite a bit. Next go on ahead and get your first tanking item Philosopher's Stone so you can regen HP and MP. Then we work on the little imp that makes Rammus so annoying to deal with, the Thornmail. This will allow even more damage and in addition will return some of the damage taken (Good when against squishy DPS like ashe). Now we get Mercury's Treads because it reduces the durations of CC's. The reason we get these instead of dodge or speed is because people will focus the Damge on the squishies, but the CC's on you. Then get Warden's Mail for some HP regen and armor. This will build into your next item, Randuin's Omen, which allows even more defense and even more attack!!! Now we get the Spirit Visage so you can stay in fights longer and do more damage. Finally we get the awesome Sunfire Cape because people will get close to you and you will taunt them.

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Skill Sequence

First we get "Q" for earlgy game mobility, slows, and if need be a flee. Now we work on your main damage output skill, your "E" which can: kill others, Save teamates, and even make even the most concentrated players lose focus and rage. Now for your defensive skill and also gives you attack, your "W" will make defense go up, use this when ganking, fleeing, pretty much anytime you engage an enemy or in your case "enemies." Ohh, of course, max "R" when available, for it has many pleasureful uses such as ganks, turret dives, and neutral buffs. Well those are your skills for this Big, Brown, Ganking Crown.

Skill sequence for a 1v1 should be something like this: Q to slow them, w to raise DEF and ATT, then E to keep them from running, and finally Q one last time and they should be dead. Early game kill are not something Rammus will superbly thrive on, so your better off going after minions.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty straight forward Teleport and Ghost.

Skills not to use:
-Clarivoyance... need i say more?
-Clarity, your a tank you don't need it.

Also, i guess you could use Heal for the HP and rally for tanking turrets with your ulti. If you find any other useful combos that fit this build please comment.

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Well that's my Rammus guide for you, please let me know how you do if you try this out. Also, only suggest items if you've tried this build. Lastly please post up your scores with this guide, it is much appreciated. PS: Rylais might be better for you depending on how your doing, it will give you lots of HP and power up your "Q" and your ulti.


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Pros / Cons

Almost forgot the Pros/Cons!


    Great HP and armor
    Great in team fights
    Awesome looking champ
    His dance is a breakdance

    CC's are heavily focused on you
    You need to take damage to give damage

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Suggested Laning Partners

Ashe- She can slow targets at Lv1 so you can take them out quickly
Sion- He has a massive stun and his ulti will heal you
Singed- He can slow the enemy and fling them behind him
Twisted Fate- He also has a stun, but his ulti may cause him to leave you for a quick kill
Viegar- Stun

Bad Lanemates:
Fiddle- He is OP and will often KS you
Vladmir- He WILL KS you in the name of late game rape train
Master Yi- Alpha Strike will KS you most of the time