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League of Legends Build Guide Author ajt3893

Rammus: Unstoppable

ajt3893 Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Hey there! Welcome to my guide! Now, please don't judge me TOO hard for not having any fancy stuff down in the description, I'm just not that savvy with this sort of thing. This guide is for people who want to tank with Rammus in the way that I find most effective. Rammus can be a very strong champion if he is used correctly. Anywho, on with the show!


1. Excellent tank or jungler
2. Can get around quick with his powerball
3. Attack damage goes up with his armor
4. Enemies can kill themselves by attacking him
5. Can damage towers with his ult
6. Can taunt players to protect allies, etc.

1. Has no ranged ability whatsoever
2. Squishy against strong casters early game
3. Mana hungry, even with masteries and runes

Q - Powerball: A very handy ability, it allows Rammus to very quickly travel places, and is good for slowing people down so your allies can kill them.

W - Defensive Ball Curl: This is the ability I end up using most often, except for maybe his taunt. This beefs up your defense and magic resistance by a huge amount, and deals damage back to anyone who attacks you. A very crucial tanking ability.

E - Puncturing Taunt: Another crucial ability. This provokes the target to attack Rammus, incapacitating them for a short while. It also decreases their armor so you can do more damage to them.

R - Tremors: Rammuses ultimate. Tremors deal damage in a small radius around Rammus, and it can also damage towers. This move will do a lot of damage in team fights if used correctly.


Ghost: Ghost is extremely handy for me. It lets me get away quickly if I'm in trouble, or rush to aid my allies, or in chasing enemies. It's extremely versatile, and combined with Powerball, you will be flying and noone will be able to stop you. :D

Ignite: Yes, Rammus is supposed to be a tank, and yes, I'm sure there are other spells that would be just as useful for him, but the point is, Rammus needs some kills too. Most of his gold will come from assists, but having some kills under his belt will only help him in the long run. Plus, it adds that little bit of damage that could save your teammate's life.

A tanking Rammus should use the standard 0/21/9 mastery build, except I don't put any points into Evasion because I want my enemies to hit me. The more they hit me, the more damage they take from Defensive Ball Curl and Thornmail if I have it. Naturally, you can do whatever you see fit when you play Rammus, but these are just the masteries I prefer.

Some may question my use of runes, but again, this is what I find useful. You can do whatever you want.

Greater Marks of Desolation: I find these handy only because Rammus can do so much damage with his attacks after he stacks lots of armor.

Greater Seal of Fortitude: What good is a tank with no health? Rammus can get enough armor and magic resist to reduce most of the damage, but you can't avoid the fact that he tends to be weak on health.

Greater Glyph of Clarity: As I've mentioned, Rammus is very mana hungry. These will help sate his ravenous hunger for mana.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: Same reason as before.
Alternatives would of course be runes for armor and magic resist, but I've also used cooldown reduction runes with him before and had very good results.

The beautiful thing about Rammus is, almost all of his items are situational. If you're fighting a heavy AD team, waste no gold on magic resist items. If you're fighting a heavy caster team, drop armor items like they're hot and get some magic resist. It completely depends on the other team. If the team has a balanced mix, stick with what I put out there. If you feel that getting a certain item sooner rather than later will help you, by all means, get it sooner! Rammus is not at all restricted to a straight-line build order. Get what you need for the fight at hand.

Early Game: If you intend to tank with Rammus, you should lane. Lane with a partner who has a high damage output. You want someone who can harass the enemy and kill them with your support. Your basic attacking strategy is to hit them with Q, then use W->E. If your partner is smart, they'll be hitting your target the whole time. Try to save your mana for protecting your laning partner and trying to get kills.

Mid Game: Mid game usually begins around 8 or 9 for me. Continue going into your lane for farming and kills if you can, but also try to be aware of the rest of the map. Chances are some champs will start to move to the middle lane. You can get there super quickly to help your allies with ghost and Powerball. One thing I like to do is to Ghost, use Powerball, then roll around to the other side of an enemy champion by going through the jungle, then ramming him to prevent him from running away. Also, if noone else needs it, try to get the Blue Golem buff when you can, it'll help with your mana. Team fights will start in this phase, so try to be in positions to initiate them with your team close behind you.

Late Game: If you and your team have been playing right, you should have racked up lots of assists/kills by now, and you should hopefully have most of your items. Make sure you are at the head of team fights, since you are the tank. Slow and taunt those who would try to run away, but don't sacrifice the safety of your team to do so. You will die for your team if you have to, but hopefully, your team will be good enough to kill those who would kill you. You are Rammus. You do not fear death.

Well, that's all I've got, you guys. Rate and comment! I want your feedback! Let me know if I've missed anything that's extremely important. :) Also, let me know if I made any mistakes or typos or whatever. I can be a perfectionist at times.... :P