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League of Legends Build Guide Author AssasinaSean

Rammus VS the world

AssasinaSean Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rammus the tanKING destroyer
Welcome to my very first MOBAFIRE League of Legends guide build.
I will explain here how you should use Rammus The Armordillo. I will show you what runes, masteries, summoner spells and items you should pick inorder to tank for your team and slay your enemies.

The BEST tank in League of Legends
Not to hard to use
Once you finish your build, you simply can't die
Someone wrote a awesome guide for him
Crashing into stuff with Powerball is fun

Early-mid game can be hard if you are vs ranged enemies in your lane
You need your items badly
He doesn't talk (/taunt /joke /laugh) nothing...he just won't talk

Summoner Spells
Exhaust, I think its the best Summoner Spell there is, it saves you and kills your enemies
Ignite, I got so many kills thanks to Ignite, it's totally worth it.
You shouldn't need Ghost, Flash or Teleport because of Powerball, I dont like Cleanse and Heal is cheap, Forfity won't help, only a moron would take Clarity Revive or Smite. The other Summoner spells i wont even bother mentioning.

Iteam build
Your main item for Rammus is a Sunfire Cape, you should get it ASAP!

Forces of Nature, it is the best magic resistance item you can get and it adds a some health regainaration.
Sometimes you should get more then 1 Forces of Nature if there are 3-5 enemy champions that use AP. And sometimes you shouldn't get it at all, if there is 1 AP enemy champion or less.

Ninja Tabi
You could take Mercury's Treads if you'r enemies use many stunns, slows, snares, taunts etc.. but in most cases i would choose Ninja Tabi because they add attack (Rammus's passive) and a nice chance to get dodge and extra speed (my masteries).

There isn't much to say about it, Thornmail is a very simple item, it rapes champions who try to use AD on you.
What I do want to say is that you could get this before Forces of Nature, it all depends on the enemy champions. for the ******s:
Attack damage enemy champions = Thornmail.
Ability power enemy champions = Forces of Nature.

After we understood our item build, I would like to talk about early, mid and late game strategies.

Early game Lv.1-10
The game started. Just by looking at your enemies you should already know if you are getting a Thornmail or Forces of Nature first (sometimes one is unnecessary).
Lane with a ranged champion, someone that can easly mid, and let them do the harassing.
Try getting as many minion kills as you can, but most of the time just play defensive.

Mid game Lv.11-16
by know you should have Ninja Tabi and a Sunfire Cape and somewhere between 100-130 base damage on enemy minions + a Sunfire Cape that will do 37 dmg each second so pushing is a easy chore.

Killing at mid game.
Killing someone like annie, ashe, anivia, yi, or any champion with 0 defense and -5 hp should be very easy for a Rammus. You should just go to them, use Defensive Ball Curl and base attack them. Sometimes they stay and sometimes they run and come back because you did 0 dmg to them. Keep on with the basic atacks and after a few seconds when you are down to half hp you should use Tremors and Taunt them as the run, slow them with Powerball and then just walk next to them as they are Exhausted. If you didnt get a kill then Ignite should finish them off. NEVER try to Powerball with Defensice Ball Curl on, it just wont work (=

Mid-Late game turret dive
With Rammus you can easly tower dive since he's a awesome tank But don't go 1v1 some1 who has full hp if he is turret huging, you can only do that at late game (=
Also important, if you got a Sunfire Cape then the tower will attack you (only if it hits a enemy champion ofc). I just felt I had to say that.

Late game Lv.17-18
Game over.
If you have finished your build, you can now kill your enemies 3v1 and easly 3v5 them.
There just isn't much to talk about when it comes to late game with a rammusbecause simply NOBODY can kill you.

Saveing you'r team at late game
We all know that late game = ganks ganks and more ganks.
if you and you'r team are pushing a lane and get ganked, walking into a trap and get ganked, or getting ganked in any other way, you should jump into your enemy team, use your ult taunt some1 powerball and defensive ball curl. While doing that very simple spell combo you wanna talk in team chat and say "RUN!!!!!".
Of course you only do that if you are going to lose that fight and you can;t save yourself or you will save 2 people or more by dieing

Some tips you could use
When you are on your Summoner Platform you shoul use Powerball by the time you leave it your MP will be full and it will get you out of your camp very fast.

Don't die

Be careful of the minions if you are useing Powerball

Tremors can be used to take down a tower

Defensive Ball Curl is your MAIN and most important ability

Don't fear champions fear groups of champions.

I really hoped you guys liked this guide build and you enjoyed reading it. I will read every comment so please leave on. Or two

One last thing, some people will say, "too much armour" but remember armour = damage! + with that amout of armour you can easly tank the summoner platform turret (=