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Skarner Build Guide by Skarner Main

Top Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate

Top Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate

Updated on January 3, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skarner Main Build Guide By Skarner Main 44 4 49,890 Views 1 Comments
44 4 49,890 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skarner Main Skarner Build Guide By Skarner Main Updated on January 3, 2020
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Runes: This is the runes i have found most succes with Grasp is really good because skarner struggles in the early game and this rune makes him able to trade better in the early game so your opponent cant just run you over in lane

Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


What Spells to use
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



if you get these 4 items means you will get 40% cdr and thats a good early power spike Try to always buy sheen if you can efford it. If not buy parts of the other items Buy Stinger last
These 3 items Trinity,Glory and warmog are core items in this build
Full build. This is what my full build normaly looks like i might switch sterak's Gage to a magic resi item if i do so i normaly run Zz'rot Portal
This is the build i went to rank 1 with 88% winrate. What you start with people ask me why i dont go corrupt potion its because i cant kill the caster minions under turret with 1 auto q then im forcing to hit them x2 times insteed and gets alot harder+ im good with my mana
What items you need for the 45% cdr skarner power spike
If you can efford it buy Ardent Cener you guys might think this is a troll item but it Works with your W and when you got 45% cdr you can almost always have the Ardent censor passive up on you all the time =attack speed+its a cheap item and gives you speed
This is what my late game build looks like And you can even change your rune Shield Bash to Font of life so every opponent you hit with a slow and if your team hits the guy they will all get the ardent censor passive normaly i go for font of life if i got like kayle/azir mid something that autos alot
You can choose between Titanic Hydra or Liandry's Torment if you face tanks go Liandry's Torment if you face non tanks go Titanic Hydra

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Champion Build Guide

Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate

By Skarner Main
Who am i
Hello my last name is Milloch. My in game name is Skarner Top i only play skarner Toplane because I think its more fun and stronger

im currently rank 1 on a smurf account with a 88% winrate only playing skarner Top
i have gotten to master with around a 70-74% winrate only playing skarner Top
I got it on my own i dident duo because in my mind thats like cheating

Feel free to add me in game if you got any questions about skarner top

My accounts are TTV SkarnerTop
Dont Take mybeer EUW
Lost in thewoods EUNE
Im going to stream on Twitch in the future
I Might have not started yet when you read this guide
My Youtube Channel
How to play Skarner Top
Early game You want to cs the best you can. Try go for small trades if your opponent is last hitting minions when you can get a free auto with your grasp. DO NOT I say again DO NOT Spam W in lane early game you will get oom and then you're litterly a sitting duck for your opponent if they try to fight you just e them auto them x2 times Q and walk away. the less you fight them the better deepends on matchup aswell at level 6 you can be cheesy normaly you want to freeze the minions close to your turret and if your opponent try to stop you from freezing you can just E him and ult under your turret for a free kill

Mid game: in the mid game you want to roam alot try make stuff happend get drake, TP gank bot skarner have alot of cc in his kit and you can set up kills for your team really easy

Late game: Late game you are still strong but the carries on enemy team might have QSS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check what items your enemy team got before going in for a ult if they got qss or not always ult the guy without qss who is the biggest threat for your team.
Its good skarner can force people to buy QSS or they will get punished

YOU Have to be the one starting fights AND ALWAYS look on minimap where your team is so you dont flash in to 5 players and your adc is bot and always run to your team when you ult someone unless its a amumu/ kennen you dont want him to get a 5 man ult
Just use your brain like is it ok to ult a Darius to my adc?
There is so much more to say how to play skarner Top but then i have to write like a book about it
The best thing you can do is just survive in lane and dont cry for ganks

And another Tip is lets say the infernal is like about to spawn in 30 sec be there before it spawn get your crystal and get some wards and a pink dont be late! you will become a lambo skarner with your crystal and the poor enemy who walk up to check the drake ult him in to your team.

The hard part is that you have to have good macro. You have to know what to do and spam ping your team like guys i got flash ult im going in. Dont just flash ult without pinging so your team dosen't just stand there looking at the bot wave.

Another tip ALWAYS ALWAYS USE YOUR FLASH offensivley dont use it as deffence.
Lets say the drake it about to spawn in 1 min ''infernal'' is it worth to flash ult for someone now or should i wait for it when drag is up. To secure a kill then and we might get infernal aswell sometimes i just choose death over wasting my flash because flash r is such a good tool to have i flash if i got a huge bounty on my head ofc but if im not worth alot i rather save flash. A good flash ult can litterly win you the game in a heartbeat if you flash ult the fed adc/midlaner you put yourself and your team in such a good advantage.

This is a good tip ALWAYS Position yourself so you can hit multiple opponents with your e and just go around punch them for a stun and lower e cd.

In lane Lets say you are last hitting minions and e the minions and it hits your opponent hit a minion first it gives you the crystal passive for a short duration= makes you faster and lowers the cd on your next e then you just rush at your opponent with W and try proc your e on him.
Pros and cons of playing skarner Top
*You mind fck your opponents in champ select since they will always think you are the jungler
*People cant just look up how to counter skarner Top because its kinda unique
*People dont know how to play against skarner
*You force enemy team to buy QSS to not get ulted
*You are tanky and have a GAME changing ult. Deals good dmg for a tank. You are fast and you have Crystal Spires that boost your movment speed and attack speed + giving you mana req and you can control a zone alot easier when you are on your Crystal spires
You got insane cc to set up a good gank for your jungler
* Skarner is really good in most team comps
*You can build kinda versatile if you are behind or your team lacks survive ability you can build support items. You can choose from alot of builds without becoming useless

Cons: You got a weak early game and will get abused by good players.
Hard to get used to playing skarner Top without passive if you are a Skarner
jungler Main

You will litterly get abused alot so if you got weak mental this is not a
champ for you, but in the end you will litterly punch your enemy team in the
Nutts when you become a raidboss.
Another con is that you cant really split push well your biggest
strengh is to be with your team lf plays
You need your teammates to back you up you cant do everything by yourself
My Skarner Top Montage

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