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Urgot Build Guide by PatTheNoob

AD Carry Raping face with the fatty

By PatTheNoob | Updated on January 8, 2013

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Why do I wanna play a fat crab guy?

Why? Why would you wanna play one of the least played champions in the league? Why would you wanna play urgot when you can play a Vayne or graves? Because you ain't met urgot. Urgot is not only one of the strongest ad carries around, but he counters most of the others. Urgot is barely played and that means people don't know how to counter him. Now there is gonna be some people who are very skilled and can stand up to you, but other than that, you should be able to rape face every time. By the way, this is my first guide. Go easy on the criticizing and if you down vote, at least say why.
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Pros and cons

- amazing adc
- not many people know how to counter him
- he has amazing poke
- easy to farm on

- can get destroyed by a really good player
- needs his farm
- he is ugly as ****
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Build choice

Because of the season 3 update, you no longer have to start boots 3. I go long sword 2, because I can then get the brutalizer a lot faster. I always get tear of the goddess and build it into manamune, because urgot does have some mana issues. Get Ionian boots of lucidity because you can spam your spells and combined with manamune, you will not have to worry about losing mana too much. I get the black cleaver because in season 3, it is the BOSS. It makes you tanky and have a lot of damage along with it. Bloodthirster is natural on any adc. The hex drinker is a preference. Usually you will be banging the enemy team and if they are smart, they will focus you. Hex drinker keeps you alive long enough to get that penta you always wanted. And while they also focus you, they will build defenses against you. This is why I get last whisper. People have built wardens mail against me multiple times and it was a waste on their part because combined with urgot's passive, it negates the armor.
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Early game

Urgot's early game is epic, but before you play him, learn to know who counters him. His adc counters are: Sivir. Other than that, you should be ok. Now let's talk about supports. I prefer Taric, alistar, or Leona. If you have a support with a stun, then you can achieve lock on with your e very easily. You will almost ALWAYS out poke your enemy, as long as your support isn't making bad decisions. Make sure, however, that you get ganks from your jungler when needed, because the enemy jungler will prove problematic. Make sure your support is warding so you can poke and farm without worrying. Obviously, you need to get your farm, and urgot is fairly easy to farm with.
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Mid to late game

Now that you have some nice items and your probably fed, you can enter the roaming phase. This is where the fun starts. Always remember that you are not a tank, and may be focused. Your ult and passive should balls up the teamfight and you will get some sweet kills.
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Using the ultimate

Okay so urgot's ultimate is not that tough, but it does need a little discussing. It doesn't have a monster range, and you need to know when it is okay to use it. If the whole team is there, don't do it. That is sudden death. If your team engages and the enemy adc is doing a lot of damage, ult him/her out of the fight and put yourself in their shoes...literally. Catch them off guard. There are so many ways to use his ultimate, I won't explain them all.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my urgot guide. I hope you pick up urgot, considering he is fairly cheap, and give him a try with this build. Thanks!
League of Legends Build Guide Author PatTheNoob
PatTheNoob Urgot Guide

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Raping face with the fatty