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Twitch Build Guide by ImSmithecus

Jungle RAT-A-TAT-TAT On That *** | Twitch Jungle Guide [7.22]

Jungle RAT-A-TAT-TAT On That *** | Twitch Jungle Guide [7.22]

Updated on November 9, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImSmithecus Build Guide By ImSmithecus 21,832 Views 3 Comments
21,832 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ImSmithecus Twitch Build Guide By ImSmithecus Updated on November 9, 2017
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Table of Contents

Some information about me and Twitch.
What does Twitch excel at? What does he struggle with?
What runes should you choose for jungle Twitch?
What summoner spells should you take with jungle Twitch?
How do you play jungle Twitch? How do you gank with him?
Final words about the guide and the future of my guides.

Hey guys. I'm Smithecus and this is my guide on how to play jungle Twitch. Twitch is actually a pretty solid jungler and can wreak havoc onto the enemy if he's played correctly. This is my first guide and it's a work in progress, so any feedback would be awesome.

Anyways, let's get into how to play jungle Twitch.

+ Ranged champion
+ Hypercarry that snowballs super well
+ Invisibility
+ Poison can kill a fleeing enemy
+ Great chunking thanks to Spray and Pray
+ Fantastic scaling into the late game

Twitch is capable of dealing out lots of damage in not a lot of time. His Ambush allows him to go invisible, which allows for lane ganks and makes ganking in general really easy. He snowballs really hard and once he builds one or two items he becomes really powerful. His Spray and Pray offers him awesome dueling potential and with good positioning, it can be amazing in a team fight.

- Squishy
- Easy to fall behind
- Positioning is everything
- Relies on team for CC
- Pink wards or sweeper kills your ambush
- Lacks mobility

Twitch, like every champion in the game, has his weaknesses. Control wards and sweepers will make his ganks and flanks useless and good vision control by the enemy will really limit his capability to snowball. Twitch is also really squishy and if he gets focused he really can't do much (unless you get a ton of peel). He also lacks mobility, especially when he's just popped out of Ambush, which can make him vulnerable to counterganks and assassins during team fights.

Precision Tree
Lethal Tempo provides Twitch with so much utility. Spray and Pray in conjunction with the new rune will give Twitch insane attack speed and it allows him to build stacks of Deadly Venom even faster, which allows him to increase his burst and dps.
Triumph allows Twitch to snowball with the added gold, and it gives him some more survivability in the bigger teamfights with the 15% health restoration upon a takedown.
Legend: Alacrity's benifits are pretty straightforward. They allow Twitch to build up his attack speed up through takedowns which synergizes with Spray and Pray and Lethal Tempo.
Cut Down is a great rune for Twitch because of how naturally squishy he is. It allows him to cut down tanks really easily and is essentially a miniature Lord Dominik's Regards.
Domination Tree
Sudden Impact synergizes really well with Ambush and gives Twitch even more burst to help with his ganks and fighting in general.
Eyeball Collection is a snowballing tool that Twitch can utilize due to his high damage and carry potential. It allows you to get even farther ahead in the game and once you get the ball rolling it'll be hard to stop you.

Smite: Mandatory for jungle. Nuff' said.
Flash: It's a get out of jail free card. Pretty much mandatory because of Twitch's low mobility.
Ignite: Twitch has his poison and his Contaminate so it is essentially worthless compared to his other options. It's much better to take flash instead.


Jungling with Twitch takes some time to get used to, especially if you don't normally play him or other ADCs.

With Twitch you should be starting at Red and then immediately going to Blue and then finally Gromp. Save your Smite for the Gromp, because you can't kite him as much and you need to keep your health up for your early ganks. Contaminate is a fantastic ability for killing the jungle monsters when you get full stacks of Deadly Venom and activate it.

REMEMBER to kite the jungle camps to reduce the amount of damage you take. If you don't kite you won't be able to gank because Twitch is squishy and will only have a quarter of his health due to the damage he's taking from the camps. If you kite properly Twitch can leave his jungle to gank at level three with almost full health.


Ganking as Twitch is pretty easy thanks to his Ambush as he can gank from virtually anywhere, undetected. Twitch is also one of the best early game gankers. He can take his red and immediately gank mid or top thanks to his Ambush and the red buff.

To properly gank you should activate your Ambush and try to get behind the enemy laner before revealing yourself. Smite if you have upgraded your jungle item and cast your Venom Cask to apply stacks of Deadly Venom and begin to auto them as they run. Your teammate should be attacking them as well.

IMPORTANT: When the enemy laner leaves your AA range you should activate your Contaminate to expunge. Using it after they've left your range ensures you can apply the most stacks of Deadly Venom before expunging them.

Always push the lane in and farm the minions as best you can after a gank. Twitch can't stay even with all the other junglers by just farming his jungle, he needs to steal lane farm. Push the wave under tower with your laner and leave so you can deny the enemy laner experience and gold. Even if you only blow the enemy's Flash it means you can come back and gank again more successfully thanks to them no longer having a reliable escape.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this guide helps you become a better Twitch jungler.

I'm going to be constantly updating this guide and adding more sections over time so if you don't see something you were looking for check back in a few days or comment so I know to add it later on.

gangster twitch
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImSmithecus
ImSmithecus Twitch Guide
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