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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Bagul

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bagul

Rek'sai - The Lee Sin of the Void

Bagul Last updated on December 13, 2014
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HEY ALL! How's it going! Before we start real quick, a little bit about my self, I'm a platinum division 3 player on the NA servers, been playing league only since pre season 3. I main ADC but love to Jungle as much as I can (I personally believe that a good jungler can single handedly control the momentum of a game). Now I know Rek'sai has only been out for a couple days now, and by my personal experiences, the thing I see most not many people are grasping, is the concept on how to build her. So this is pretty much just a beginners guide on building the queen of the jungle, cause remember, I haven't mastered her yet either. Hope you guys find this helpful, and enjoy :)

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Now with runes, what I like to do is focus on two main things fro Rek'sai, Her ability to clear fast ( Attack speed runes, and CDR runes for your Q) and her survivability in the jungle (MR and armour runes) this gives you a bit of a tankiness while also being able to dish out damage at the same time ( I know, simple right?)

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So The way I see it, Rek'sai pretty much works like shyvana, you use your abilities to go in, deal a little damage, then you use your basic attacks ( Q included) to wreck your opponents. For this reason, Rek'sai without a doubt revolves around the Ravenous Hydra/ BORK combo. this gives you a really good amount of lifesteal, attack speed, and AOE damage on your auto attacks ( not to mention her Q). ALso I found it the she works best with stalkers blade with the warrior enchantment (devourer would also be viable) because smiting an enemy champ does true damage too them, sand slows them if you happen to run into some CC or just need to catch up because your tunnels or your mobi boots (yes that's what they're for) just aren't doing it. the warrior enchantment gives a decent armour penetration boost that when combined with black cleaver/last whisper, youre tearing tanks down left and right. The rest of the items are just defensive items that will prevent you from falling off mid to late game.

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Jungling just got a lot easier thanks to the high mobility that Rek'sai has with her tunnels. Youre gonna want to start off red buff, if you can get a hard leash on red, instead of smiting red buff, smite the golems (well what used to be the golems) to get the stun on your auto attacks. and same goes with blue, if you can smite gromp ( I think that's his name) to get the poison damage that will help you with clearing, AND help dish out some damage against enemy champs. so the route should go- Red, golem thigys, back, raptors, blue buff, gromp, wolves.

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In conclusion

Sooo that's about it that I have for you guys on the basics of Rek'sai, of course feel free to mess around with the options ( I mean who would've ever knew AP graves would actually KIND OF work??) let me know if something works better, or if you have any questions in general. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and hopefully will see you out on the FIELDS OF JUSTICE soon!! lol