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This build has been archived and is for historical display only

This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

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Renekton Build Guide by EvilDice

Renekton: Croc Chop! (How to Drive a Movie Theater)

Renekton: Croc Chop! (How to Drive a Movie Theater)

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Build Guide By EvilDice 883 94 3,036,327 Views 430 Comments
883 94 3,036,327 Views 430 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Renekton Build Guide By EvilDice Updated on November 28, 2011
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Snuspausen (2) | May 2, 2012 7:49am
Really good build !:) +1 from me.
Question: Why dont you go ARP marks and AD quints instead of ad marks/quints?
I dont use this build in normals tho, using a armorpen /bt / spiritvisage /Fmallet build I made up (well...BT n visage from Wickd).
PracticallyJesus | April 19, 2012 4:44am
I just bought Renekton and tested him out in a bot game. Then using this build, my first normal game with him I went 11/2/3 solo top. Great built. +1 from me. I'm lvl 30 btw and I've got 510 Wins 447 Losses.
Meshly (2) | April 12, 2012 7:55pm
Out of all the guides on this site, this is the only one I can stick to it's exact build 100%. It's the best guide on the site to me.
Elrufi | April 9, 2012 2:42am
woooow :D now watch this... you do nearly my build... hmm but there are some mistakes. i was wondering how long it would take until someone post this build^^
Qzar13 (1) | April 3, 2012 9:12pm
Plz go over Maw of Malmortus I need to know whether it beats wit's end! (and your guide is listed as stale D:)(p.s. it still rox tho)
Vectos (1) | April 3, 2012 5:29pm
Great guide! It really helped explain how to plain this beastly Astro-Crock when I was still learning. (Yes, I haz teh skin) When I play Rene though, I used to use your guide before I discovered the wonders of lifesteal on manaless champs. I usually pop in a wriggles/bloodthrster for the extreme sustain into your build. I also grab the live steal quints and masteries for some early game extra sustain. The sustain this gives really lets you stay in lane for a while since you can wipe a creep camp or a minion wave and get back 1/4 of your hp. If you get the chance, I'd reccomend trying the itemization I usually play:

Boots n' HP pots -> Vampiric Scepter -> Phage -> Ionian Boots of Lucidity -> Wriggle's Lantern/ Bloodthirster(If fed) -> The Brutalizer -> Sunfire Aegis -> Wit's End -> Frozen Mallet -> Bloodthirster (Sell Wriggle's Lantern to buy this if not already purchased) -> Last Whisper (Sell The Brutalizer -> Trinity Force (Sell Sunfire Aegis)

Anyway, +1 rep n' guide!
Benizh | April 1, 2012 7:55am
I got 13/3/18 with this build. But instead of a Wit's End i built a Force of Nature, and instead of The Brutalizer i built a Bloodthirster. I was kind of unkillable and killed Baron Nasher by myself. In total i had 274 minions and I'd earned 19.4k gold.
Very good guide.
Benhammer | March 31, 2012 6:53am
I wondered if it would be usefull to get a black cleaver?
Really nice guide btw;)
Vaylak | March 30, 2012 7:55am
Wouldn't it be better to use MRes per level glyphs? Since you will be more likely to engage with enemies who build on AP only later on, and you will get more MRes on that point, as it is per level.
You may consider that! (Maybe someone else already suggested that, but i dont really feel like scrolling through the 43 commentpages c: )
TheHitman786 | March 27, 2012 12:12am
Love the build but when you go AD Renekton u seriously own, anyway +1
MicroMaddnessxx | March 25, 2012 4:09pm
Great build
WolfAtHeart | March 23, 2012 8:24am
With the recent update don't you think Maw of Malmortis would be better to build instead of Wits End? Just a suggestion :)
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Renekton: Croc Chop! (How to Drive a Movie Theater)

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