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Renekton Build Guide by Termlol

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Termlol

Renekton..The hiden Assassin

Termlol Last updated on February 25, 2013
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Before trolling me let me tell you something...
Its my first guide so i chosed Renekton cuz he's my main and its an excellent champion who doesnt need to escape for battles and after all you can kill easily and you can 2v1 with no complication so... Vote if you liked it and have fun killing
Enjoy :D

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This is my first guide so I wanted to do it with my main...This amazing champ can hit alot and tank at the same his brother nasus..
With this guide you will not need to play so defensibly,just the opposite depending on the other team
I said this guide works in 3v3 Too?
So..Lets get Started

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Summoner Spells

Why im suggesting Exhaust? If you want to dominate you will need it to Focus one when the other hits you like 10 or 20 dmg per second
But if your soloing you might neet Ignite to secure the kill and dominate in Top and have a clean farm without annoying players

Spells you Dont need
Cleanse : Why you would need it anyway...I mean you can use it for escape a teamfight you will use this? I dont think so
Clarity : Really? NO
Clairvoyance : Leave this to a support
Surge : You dont need AS and AP to kill...
Smite : You cant jungle with this leave this spell to another time

Spells you Would need
Heal : Hmm... Interesting spell if you want to help the team
Teleport : If your soloing how the hell you will defend the turret if your in the base? Use this
Ignite : Cool spell to be soloing but in late game this is useless...

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Pros / Cons

-Easy Killing
-Early,Mid and Late game Dominate
-You can Easily score a Doble/Triple kill
-In top you can be feeded with no problem
-Squishy at level 1-5
-Obviously You cant Jungle with this build
-If you get ganked you cant do a easy escape

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When you are in top lane obviously you need to farm alot
Last hitting minions helps and regenerates rage
When you have 100 rage use your E,Q and E back

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Team Work

If your in bot lane with a AD carry be sure to harras the enemies
If you dont...They can easily charge and kill you and your carry
Before diving someone with your jungler ping him and tell him that you have ult...Pop ult and start tanking the turret.
In teamfights search for the AD carry/Squishies ones and exhaust the main DPS to secure the Ace and Uberpush if your in trouble

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Skill Sequence

Harrasing : E W Q E back
The E back is for not recieving too much damage when you harras
Diving : Exhaust R W E Q E
If you dont pop ult when diving you can die easily so thats why im using the R first
Then the W to keep the enemy quiet so he can't do some CC to kill you
The Q for the high damage input and the heal