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Renekton Build Guide by Toxic Skittle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toxic Skittle

Renekton: Toxic Skittle Guide.

Toxic Skittle Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi im Toxic SKittle
This is my First guide and glad its for Renekton
Renekton is my Main Character I play as in League of Legends.
This is the way I play Renekton flawlessly. So I hope this Guide can help you,give you a idea, and pwn!:P.
NOTE: To both New/ Experianced Renekton players this isnt a "SUB TANK" spec, its straight Attack Damage.
any questions post a comment and Ill be sure to answer it.
I suggest you try the guide before posting Negative/positive feedback.
if this Guide helped you, im Glad to help :], if not,if your new give it sometime to get use to the changes. if you are experianced an just are bad. get good...or actually..go play a different Character :P im kidding tho.

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Greater Mark of Desolation: 1.67% Armor Penetration. I choose these Marks because. you are a Physical Champion,this is always good to have, to bypass enemy armor.
: 0.76% Attack Speed. I choose these seals Because. Renekton can be pretty devastating with a good amount of Attack Speed. Such as Faster Attacks=More Rage=Pwn=WIN!=Bagels for everyone. This also goes well with the Talent "Alacrity" ".
: 0.65% Cooldown.I choose these Glyphs Because. Faster Abilitys are very good, Faster abilitys also GO extremely well with Faster Attacks more Rage quicker more damage quicker. also alot of your Items will reduce Cooldowns which makes this glyph worth having. so Blue Buff and Red Buff for Renekton are a "+".
Greater Quintessence of Desolation 3.32% Armor Penetration. goes same with the Mark.

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I went 22/7/1 Improved Ghost /Exhaust

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this is a very good starter for Renekton for the extra 9 Damage. which is really good for extra damage = extra Health.

I choose these boots because of the 15% Ability Cooldown. As I explained in the "runes" section.

for Renekton this is a Really Good Item it has Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction and Armor Penetration. Perfect Stats for Renekton.

this is where you upgrade your What people don't think about or other Renektons I see that dont even use it(which is holarious an terrible of them) is that Renekton Late game with this Item can be truely GG with RED/BLUE buff its not even Fair. this Item its very Important for Renekton. VERY!

I get this not just as a defensive item but good from chasing down enemys it's part of a reason why I get a it is a great combo.

I love, LOVE Phantom Dancer with Renekton because the movement speed help's so much with the extra Attack Speed for quicker rage. with most champions anyway I build most AD like this. IDGAF what anyone says. it works for me, try it before you rate or have any other useless comment. Check my recent games I always go positive.

Lifestealing goes well with Cull The Meek you can heal for alot good for survivability. but Remember with this build Renekton can be pretty squishy, so for lifestealing this can be very useful.

This is if you get fed or long games you can get this. its extremely good for Renekton the Attack Damage the crt. the Passive is absolutely amazing when Renekton crts The best crt I've got was about 1500+ with a White Hit.

NOTE: if you get enough gold Id suggest "SELLING" Doran's Blade and getting "Last Whisper"


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Summoner Spells

Renektons 3 Spells and 1 Ultimate are.

Q - Cull The Meek - Renekton swings his blade dealing physical damage + (40, 70, 100, 130, 160 ) to nearby enemies and gains 10% of damage dealt in health, up to (50, 75, 100, 125, 150). Each hit grants 5 fury, up to a max of 25. Enemy champions grant 200% additional health recovery.

50 bonus fury - Damage increased to (60, 105, 150, 195, 245 ). Heal percent increased to 15%, up to (150, 255, 300, 375, 450 )

You''re bread and butter skill in the laning phase. Basically a 360 degree melee swing that deals damage and heals you. Max this first to avoid getting harassed out of your lane. Allows for massive heals and damage when used in conjunction with his bonus fury. This ability works when surrounded by multiple enemy champs.
W - Ruthless Predator - Renekton's next attack strikes twice, dealing physical damage [ (10, 30, 50, 70, 90) + 150% of his attack damage] and stuns for 0.75 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects.

50 bonus fury - Renekton attacks 3 times, dealing physical damage [ (15, 45, 75, 105, 135) + 225% of his attack damage] and stuns for 1.5 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects.

Renekton's stun plus a double / triple attack. This is in my opinion best used in conjunction with the 50 bonus fury as it doubles the targets stun time. This skill is only usable in melee range and counts as Renekton's next attack when activated.

E - Slice and Dice - Renekton dashes, dealing (45, ?, ?, ?, ? ) physical damage. If he hits an enemy target, he gains the use of this ability again.

50 bonus fury - damage increased to (67.5, ?, ?, ?, ? ) Enemies hit have (10........) reduced armor for 4 seconds.

This is a skill shot ability that allows Renekton to dash to a target area. Any enemy unit he passes through will be hit for damage. Also if he hits an enemy unit, (champion or minion) he gains the use of this ability again, effectively allowing him to dash twice. This ability deals physical damage and does not apply on-hit effects. This is also an excellent ability to use in combination with the 50 bonus fury is it will make all your skill and your team strike the target for more physical damage. You can also use this skill to jump through this walls and off ledges. Take the time to learn which walls you can jump through and which walls you cant. It will save your life.
R - Renekton surrounds himself with dark energies for 15 seconds, gaining (300, 450, 500) health. While active he deals (50, 75, 100) magic damage to nearby enemies and gains 5 fury per second
This ult is almost an exact copy of Nasus's ult such that it gives him a massive hp burst and deals damage to all enemies around him, making his team fighting presence quite powerful.

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Pros / Cons

*Renekton is Awesome <3
*Great Pusher
*his Ultimate can change alot of things.
*Better than Nasus. :P

*if not played correctly(common sense) can be horrible.
*has fury which for some may need to adjust.
*soft as hell early game so don't do anything ******ed.
*I want Renekton a summer/beach related Renekton skin holding a Folding chair as his weapon XP

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as Renekton it is MAJOR that you constantly keep farming minions and Neutral Minions! more golds/experiance = awesomesauce!

Update: about farming read the "Playing as Renekton":Level 4-5(optional)

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Playing as Renekton

While Playing as Renekton the first few levels are very scary unless played correctly.
First ability should be
Level 1: as always be mobile if you can time it right to get a few hits off run in an skin the minions just a tad but you need to pull out quick(thats what she said). this can be very helpful but depending on who you lane with this is what you should do.
Level 2: get . when I slice and dice first I second then Slice and Dice back out. the first time you do this if you took a good amount of damage becareful to continue to ever do it again. some people tend to back off as soon as you do it,so thats when you should do it.
Level 3: get . this is where it gets fun! you do the same thing you did at level two but before you use Ruthless Predator you will notice a Buff above your ability bars.this means its active,but only for a few seconds. Slice and Dice in on a enemy Target you will pause an Ruthless Strike them. after quickly then Slice and Dice back out. unless your pushing to kill them. if doing so use Exhaust this is extremely good to use after Ruthless Predator. DO NOT USE RIGHT AFTER YOU CHARGE IN!!!
Make sure also to do this when you have over 50 Rage when doing so Your will stun them for longer and do 3 hits instead of 2. Renekton does a EXTREME AMOUNT! of damage an can be very! dangerous to go up againist. if played correctly.

Level 4:(Optional): Now what I do an always do an this is very important an this is what always gives me the upper hand best trick for renekton. I go ahead an switch to jungleing till I hit about lv 5 switch in an out of lanes aswell then when I get my blue buff an Red buff I can do 2v1's easy by im level 6 Renekton does make a great jungle with my build because this is a reason why I go with Cull of Meek Cull of Meek First.
you don't have to do this but this is what I always do an always start with a good headstart an powerful advantage Renekton is absolutely amazing doing this.

Mid/late game:
your going to want to play extremely Smart with Renektonthis is a Pretty squishy build to some, cause I don't actually. Not one bit, seems just as renekton should be. I play smart an think fast. which everyone should for any Champion. I love my Renekton <3
its good to continue farming Neutral Minons try to have 150+ minion kills. and Always have Red/Blue Buff and Flasks.
Looking at my recent games are between (0-3 deaths 5-23 Kills). but never Negitive with Renekton or close to be. I always play smart.
( having troubles posting pictures if anyone can tell me how to acess/take screenshots be most appricated )

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Well Im glad you all Read my Guide I hope it helped if I catch anything I forgot which I probably did,ill edit it. or add new updates.
so Have fun with Renekton as much as I do. :]!
again leave comments I hope you like it.
Like it on your facebook or tell a friend or other league of legend Players.