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Rengar Build Guide by JeffJohns

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JeffJohns

Rengar, Silver and up build [S4]

JeffJohns Last updated on January 28, 2014
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This build is meant to prioritize damage with utility and run speed. It is focused on maximizing damage while also giving you every opportunity as much as possible to prey upon the isolated and kill the squishies both as quickly as possible. I focus on pure damage rather than any ARP, because most squishies go pure damage and don't require any ARP to quickly burst down to desolation. Although, if you're in a division where squishies aren't so squishy, or at least people are smart enough to keep tabs on what kind of items the enemy is buying, and care enough to counter those items, then this build might not be for you, and you might definitely want to build Rengar totally different, or just not pick Rengar at all. This build is for those who are at least in Bronze and Silver, and are skilled enough to get out, but just need a little advice and wisdom. You see, Bronze and Silver divisions are composed of a lot of people who just don't get it. These players a lot of times think it's their team that is stopping them from progressing. Obviously, many of the higher ranking players will tell you otherwise. Sure, you're going to lose sometimes no matter how amazing you play because your team is just lacking that badly, but much of the time, you can still carry a whole team even if they are playing poorly. In order to carry a poor team, one strategy is to get a lot of kills, so that the game is more in your team's favor, or at least the game is a little more even. You can backdoor, but that really complicates things sometimes and makes your team even that much more vulnerable to attacks. I prefer to burst down the ones who matter most on their team (which are usually the squishies (even if these aren't the ones carrying, you can still do your team a huge favor by eliminating these champs and you (your fed-self), joining in and much more easily taking down the tanks)). By following this guide, you will have one of many ideas of how to get out of Bronze and Silver, if you practice and play enough of Rengar. I have quit LoL, but I would have made it to at least Gold if I didn't. Rengar with this build has been my right hand in getting out of Silver. Back before there were divisions, I was down to 700 ELO, which is equivalent to being pretty low even on the Bronze totem. I discovered how much of a tank Garen can be, while still putting out a good deal of damage. Using practically him alone, I got up to 1150 ELO. Over time, as I discovered my strengths. After using Garen, I began using tanks, because I knew I didn't use squishy champs very well, but I knew I was smart enough to play the game somehow, and was decent with tanks. I had also used Taric, but it was hard to support in such low ELO because I relied so much on the rest of the team to follow up with my support. Using Hecarim, I discovered that I'm even better with assassin type of champs. I started using Rengar after awhile and knew that I had potential with him. I had sort of a rough start with him, and knew there was a way to play him better than what people were telling me. One time I seen a fed Yi using Sword of The Occult and seen how ridiculous his damage and run speed were. I decided to pick up on that item with Rengar, and to stack as much damage as possible while still maintaining the utility part of Rengar (Bonetooth Necklace). I started winning about 75% of my games with flying stars. My kill/death ratios were amazing. Even when I lost, I usually had a better kill/death ratio than the best players on the other team. I quit at close to 1500 ELO and was definitely making my way toward Gold. This build may not help you at all, not everybody has a hunting type of mentality. I would give it a try, though, it is a very rewarding build. With full stacks, damage potion, and baron, you'll receive a rewarding 600 AD. This build might work in Platinum and Diamond, I don't know though, because I haven't been there. 600 AD while being given free opportunities for kills (ult) is pretty hard to beat, though, IMO.

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Ranked Play

With lots of burst and damage altogether, you will have no problem making their carries disappear pretty quickly (ADC usually within 2 seconds (1 if they're built solely of damage)). If I'm pretty fed (and usually I am) I usually pounce on every opportunity I can on lone champions unless they're a tank. In team fights, I wait a moment before pouncing on the carry (usually the ADC) so everybody's attention can be elsewhere while I have freedom to do my magic and make that carry disappear. This is normally done without anybody noticing before it's too late, even the carry, himself. This is part of being a Rengar Magician. Sometimes, they still don't notice, so I can come in after the next squishy with my already established stacks and also vanish him. At this point, and especially if your team is aware of your assassination abilities, they probably will not have ever focused any attention on the carries with their trust in you to kill them off so quickly. They might have their attention keeping your squishies safe while shaving off their hp-giving you opporunity to finish them off, if they don't already. If enemy team does notice you killing off their carry, it's okay if they go after you, because you have so much run speed that you should avoid any sort of snare/stun/attack/chase that would oppose you. Having much run speed gives you much ability to quickly come back in on the fight and/or position yourself correctly to kill your next victim. Forget about your armor, MR, health, because your run speed, high offense and good cooldown reduction (especially if you're good at taking their blue) is basically your defense.

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Pros / Cons

Highly Destructive
Very Sneaky
Highly Mobile

Super weak if locked down
Clever warding makes plans go down drain

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Obviously, Hunter's Machete is only for the beginning of game to help you clear out monsters quicker. Also, I put in order of the things which are at more of a priority to buy than others. As the starting items are prioritized Boots, Sword of the Occult, Bonetooth Necklace and Vampiric Scepter, I don't ever intend to buy them in that exact order if I don't have enough money when I go to town. My rule is if I go to town, I buy something so I can be more advanced when I go out and fight again. I don't like to save. If I have 360 gold, and I need to buy a Long Sword to advance toward my core items, then I will buy one. If I happen to become almost dead soon after going out again, I Recall back to rejuvenate my hp. If I just so happen to have only 360 gold again, I will buy another Long Sword if I need another one to advance toward my core items. The Purchase Order is only there to give you a rough estimate of what to buy first. Obviously Sword of The Occult and Bonetooth Necklace are a big priority for me because I want to get stacks early. Since I play Rengar well enough to get stacks so early, I want to buy those items that early. If you don't play Rengar well enough to get kills or assists that early, then skip this build, because it's not for you. I always get a good kill/death ratio when I play Rengar, even when I lose. It'll be better than most, if not best, out of the opponents I lost to.

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Creeping / Jungling

I personally like to start blue first. I normally don't try to steal any buffs from enemy jungler, I just concentrate on leveling up, then getting red last so I can have it longer when I'm trying to gank lanes.

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I picked Sorcery over Fury, because having a lot of Burst from abilities and items, I want to be able to burst more often. I don't really care about attack speed that much, especially since I already get plenty, and especially since 5% attack speed really doesn't tip the scale as much as 5% cooldown reduction does considering the attack speed cap is much higher than the cooldown reduction cap.

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The whole point of this build is to have as much burst as possible. Since I have more long games than I do short games, and from experience, since I already have plenty of damage early games, I get all damage runes for the long run rather than for early game. This also breaks the facade of Rengar supposedly just being built for mid game... with this build, Rengar wrecks champs all game long, no matter how long it is.