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Rengar Build Guide by PikkuBenz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PikkuBenz


PikkuBenz Last updated on June 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide in Mobafire so dont expect some awesome titles with all the colors of a rainbow... I'm not a native speaker so excuse me, if i do some mistakes here and there. Im currently in Silver 3, I KNOW I KNOW "What a noob" "omfg, i'm not gonna watch this sh*t" "**** you" "i'm gay". But I have never liked playing ranked for some reason and i have played like under 20 ranked games soooo.... I have started playing a lot of jungle Rengar expecially with this build that I invented (not saying i'm the only one to use this, but i never watched any guides for him and have not seen any videos with this build). NOTE:I WILL KEEP UPDATING THIS GUIDE SO STAY TUNED ;) xoxo PikkuBenz

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Build order.

Well basically what you want to do is gather about 700gold by farming the jungle. If you can gank do it. Get the madred's razor and a Long Sword if you can't afford a long sword, just buy 3 potions, so you don't need to back in a while. After you've done this DON'T finish the razor until you have finished your The Brutalizer and your Sword of the Divine . Why? Because i tell you to, understand? The real reason is that i prefer ganking people as fast as possible (I usually start ganking once i hit lvl 6) so you want that early burst dmg and not attack speed which the Lantern gives you. Also once you've finished both of those items listed above, you'l have about 25 stacks in the darn thing, so you don't need to farm that much to get the Feral Flare. After buying the Feral Flare i usually buy lifesteal, unless you find yourself killed every 3 minutes. If that's the case, buy some defensive item, like the Giant's Belt.

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My Oppinion On Youmoo's and The Black Cleaver

The reason why i don't build youmoo's ghostblade is that when Rengar comes out of hi's ult, he receives a movement speed boost, so you don't need youmoo's ghostblade to stick to that c*ck sucking mother**ckr aka. ADC or APC.
I really don't care about the armor shredding passive, that The Black Cleaver offers, since you will basically terminate the ADC's and APC's before you will get the full passive stacks ticking. Overall i don*t think The Black Cleaver is worth the $$$ on Rengar. The only time i would consider buying The Black Cleaver is if the opposite team has a lot of armor (even the carry's), but if that's so, i'd rather buy the Last Whisper instead of The Black Cleaver.

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Ganking @S Rungo And Skill usage order

WHEN TO GANK: This is probably the most important part of this guide, since that is what junglers do ;). So you want to ask yourself this question:"Do i wan't to risk not getting a good gank off, even if the enemy is pushing lanes, or would i rather farm and wait for lvl 6". When you hit lvl 6, start looking around the map for enemies, that are low and/or are pushing. Once you see a lane to gank, be sure, that you have full ferocity, since that way you can triple q.

TRIPLE Q:Well now u are ready to gank? Gather full ferocity and press r. Before you leap, press q. Once you land, press q again. After that quickly press "w" and "e". After you leap you gain ferocity fast and you can triple q, because once you hit your full ferocity "q", normal "q"(you gain 1 ferocity), your "w" (at this point you have 3 ferocity, because of your ult) and your "e" you should have full ferocity again and you can "q" for the third time in quick succession.