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Morgana Build Guide by rhysyo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rhysyo

rhysyo's morgana queen of solo top

rhysyo Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Guide Top

welcome to my Morgana guide

I play Morgana solo top for the following reasons
- Godly lane sustain
- op farmer
- great support for youre team

This is mostly just a build guide I do not go to in depth because that's all words you must experience

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why these runes?

more than enough magic pen combined with the standard 9/0/21 caster masteries

has some mana problems combined with runes and and also an early catalylst of the protector you have godly sustain ability all game also providing mana dependent allies in team fights early to mid game

more ap= more chance of last hitting and more damage with you're spells

same reason as stated above also more ap is better than more magic pen on morgana because her skill especially her Q skales so well with it and insight wont add anything to her shield so that is why I go more ap over magic pen

Guide Top


- good support for you're team
- godly sustainability
- can deal a good amount of damage

- can be shut down with crowd control follow optional items you will be fine
- needs levels to be more efficient farmer that's why we solo top

Guide Top

Why morgana should solo not Jarvan or another bruiser

because of her passive great passive goes up to 35% which is in its self godly

rhysyo's on tips how to use morganas abilities

black shield should be used to be put on team mates before they initiate or here is a thing that I did not realise put on if against a galio.If he uses his ultimate it wont effect the champion you put it on and they can dive and go for squishies which by the way is awesome and the people you're carry kills will be like wtf.And also should be used if karthus or ammumu basicly any magic spells it will block.

get yore tank to initiate then
use this when enemy's are in range
put black shield on yourself before going in

Guide Top

optional items

Against ad heavy team if you are getting focused down it is a real life saver just activate that if they blow there skills on that.You take 0 damage you ultimate then you're team cleans them up if you're team knows how to focus of course

basics of it is a second black shield awesome if against a crowd control heavy team like for example Sions

great for crowd control heavy teams if you find yourself constantly harassed or dead to crowd control before you can get a skill off great combined with banshees veil if they are that crowd control heavy if not stick to build above

Guide Top

Here is morganas weaknesses

dnt try and 1v1 while this is on you hit you're Q on them and run for the hills is all I have to say

more annoying than ignite can be applied more often hate that skill Tristana and gangplank also can do this its a pain but when u get to team fights when they go into them ultimate em and you will be fine also black shield can counter it to which is awesome
also ashe's ultimate counts as a spell so if its Going to hit you or an ally which is low black shield them.

Guide Top

Morgana is viable in ranked play

But please learn dominate and protect allies first and as an end note add me if you have further questions or you wanted to do a game with me to show you how she works

Guide Top

using Morganas ultimate to escape

Guide Top

using Morganas ultimate to initiate

Guide Top

snipeing as Morgana

one of her many talents

Guide Top

why Morgana makes people cry OP

the reason I enjoy playing her also notice the ultimate and shield usage

Guide Top

my summary of Morgana

She is a heavy ap nuke supports her team very well and usually the ultimate combined with zhoynas = epic win and helps all of her team the tank so he doesn't get blown up with crowd control and the squishy ads and aps you save with black shield from for example requim is the often one you save you're mates from and make one raged up karthus

she is very balance and can either be very sustainable or very burst nuke which I find awesome
any questions things I have missed or haven't been clear enough about please comment on also if you liked this check out my Jarvan guide

Guide Top

Good laneing parters

Great ones are any with stun slow snare two words OP youre snare his grab and knock-up dominates the lane if hes exp

Good ones with burst damage Also has cc epic lane partner.

Bad ones other more supporting types like you don't need more support you're passive uber heals.