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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by CaliCoastReplay

Ride My Rocket: CrittyJinx Double-Edge S5

Ride My Rocket: CrittyJinx Double-Edge S5

Updated on December 25, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaliCoastReplay Build Guide By CaliCoastReplay 0 7 11,701 Views 15 Comments
0 7 11,701 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CaliCoastReplay Jinx Build Guide By CaliCoastReplay Updated on December 25, 2014
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Your Friend Fishbones

Jinx is absolutely one of the top ADC's in the game as of Season 5, I do believe this.

Why? Because she has range over almost every other ADC in the game, and because of a little sidearm (okay, well, it's a bazooka) named Fishbones - which becomes capable of dealing 600-1000 damage later on on the game for only 20 mana a pop.

I used to face Jinxes who would just blow me to pieces with rockets, and thought to myself, Fishbones is almost an unfair advantage. Generally when I then purchase a champion I find out that I feel differently; with Jinx? Still an unfair advantage.

Plus, she destroys the current ADC meta. I regularly ride roughshod over Vaynes and Lucians with this build - they just don't have the range to match Jinx. Tristana is one of the only popular ADCs who can even match up; but I'm writing this build just having beaten Trist and Vayne in the same team - so take it how you will.

So get excited as I teach you the ways of ensuring that a vast majority of your attacks crit by the end of the game, or even midgame. It doubles your attack, plus when you have it you already generally have about 300 AD or so. 700 damage per basic attack from about Level 12 on is the goal here.
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Get Excited!

This build feels REALLY good in play. It's fun to play because you are dealing amazing amounts of damage out.

The secret is the double Infinity Edge - which is gold efficient even without its passive. It's not wasted at all; the goal is simply to maximize your AD and crit percentage in as few slots as possible. Once you have the 2xIE/PD combo, you have 80% critical chance and are effectively dealing 250% damage per hit. Fishbones' extra range and splash then means you can blow up CLOUDS of champions or minions all at once.

You're also carrying boatloads of mana on your runes and with Clarity to ensure that you can spam your Q whenever you have to. (I will deal with the screams about Clarity later.)

Your goal is to be an unstoppable force, and farm the roughly 10K gold you need for two IE's and a PD by midgame! It's not that hard to do, in fact. By endgame, Jinx always falls off, as just about any level 18 tank can suppress her or silence her; but midgame she is one of the most powerfull snowballers there is.

If you're doing it right you need a good first push, and to get your first IE about the same time as you knock over the botlane turret. You will have to learn the trick of switching weapons, still - Pow-Pow is useful in stand and trades, or to save mana (even with all this extra mana, you can STILL run out).

EDIT: After some suggestions, I added Last Whisper and The Bloodthirster as additional optional items. You will need LW against a fed Nasus or other supertank, and BT is for situations where your team is letting you down a bit and you have to supercarry and survive long fights.

EDIT: Dear haters, I know the passive on IE doesn't stack. The base stats however do. There is no single late-game damage item that maxes out critical strikes and damage like IE, even without the passive. The point is to get to 50% or higher critical damage as soon as possible so you can blow up clouds of mage minions and weak summoners. Try it before you hate on it and imply I don't know my own guide. :) I don't think you have.
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Zap and Fishbones are your first picks. Chompers third. Max Zap out, get Death Rocket as soon as you can, then build Fishbones and your Chompers up.

The idea with Jinx is always to Zap-Fishbones the weakest lane champion. You'll be surprised how much damage this starts to do as you grow. Zap needs to be leveled because it has to hurt; they need to get hit and try to run - which they almost can't, because the slow is so punishing.
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Your Support

If you have a chance, advocate for Morgana - Morg's stun coupled with Jinx's slow can generally kill or incapacitate just about any champion in the game, AND she's a tank too.

Tanky supports are your friend - so Blitz, Thresh, Malph, Taric are good choices too.

If your support prefers a mage - Sona's the best of the healers, and Kayle is not far behind.

Soraka's generally just too squishy unless she REALLY knows what she's doing.
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You're Insane. Clarity?

I run Clarity on a surprising number of champions. All mana is potential damage. It's not as crucial here as on some of my other builds, however. You can take Exhaust, Heal, or even *horrors* Ignite if you really want it.

Nevertheless, I find Jinx' best defense is - what else - Fishbones. :) As long as you have mana for the extra range, very few champs can init with you.
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What's Up With These Runes?

I'll assume all complaints here are about the yellows and blues - but just try it once.

Mana regen is underrated, as is CDR. Yellows and blues really don't add much damage, but scaling cooldown is AMAZING on a lot of champs. It really makes a difference by midcame.
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All Right. I'll Try It. Now What?

Now head to botlane with a willing support and WIN THAT LANE!

You can easily box out champions using the extra range and farm CS to your heart's content if you're doing it right.

Then when you know you have a better first item than your opponent, or two - engage and Zap as they run away.

After your first two kills or so - and if you're doing it right you will have them - get that BF and start snowballing to your first IE.

When you have your first IE you can one-shot mage minion clusters on a crit. That helps you get your PD or your second IE even faster.

By level 12, the goal is to have all three mid turrets down, your IE, and one other item to taste. If you have all of this stuff, you can own just about any 1v1 and be ready to splashdamage in teamfights for a huge deal of damage.

It just keeps snowballing from there. 2xIE plus PD gets you 80% crit and around 300 AD - so 700-750 damage per Fishbones crit. If you're not winning by then, I don't know how to help you win.

Give Fishbones a kiss when their nexus shatters.

Good luck, rocket riders!

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