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Yone Build Guide by riofacerr

ADC Riofacerr's Yone ADC Guide | The Melee ADC

ADC Riofacerr's Yone ADC Guide | The Melee ADC

Updated on May 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author riofacerr Build Guide By riofacerr 93 8 130,061 Views 12 Comments
93 8 130,061 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author riofacerr Yone Build Guide By riofacerr Updated on May 13, 2021
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Runes: Fleet

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Standard Yone
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Middle Lane
Ranked # in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Middle Lane Ranked # in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Riofacerr's Yone ADC Guide | The Melee ADC

By riofacerr
Hey there, I'm Riofacer. I'm a Diamond 2 Marksman player who specializes in Yasuo/ Yone ADC. I think Yone ADC is very fun compared to the traditional mid lane style and is very powerful.

I pick Yone because I find the 2v2 playstyle a lot more interesting and dynamic than the mid lane style. I also played Marksman before this so I didn't find picking a new role as appealing but I've managed to make it work the past upon Yone's release.

I've been theory crafting and testing a lot of Yone on the PBE and thought it was a great time to make a guide for Yone ADC preseason edition. Expect this guide to be updated and changed as the season continues :)

Check out my livestream at ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Why Yone?

Yone ADC has less power during the laning phase as opposed to Yasuo, but has more carry potential in the mid/late. For this purpose, I think he's extremely enjoyable when you have a favorable match up or jungle priority.

Similar to Yasuo, Yone has a lot of highlight potential making him a high skill ceiling champion with a huge payoff for playing well. If you like Dopamine rushes, Yone is the champion for you.

Yone is lacking in mobility and utility compared to Yasuo beacuse of the Sweeping Blade and Wind Wall. This means you'll have a more difficult time staying alive in lane, but your damage potential will be higher. If you'd like to sacrifice consistency for a higher risk, higher reward playstyle Yone is a good alternative.

Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork is more valuable for Yone due to his lack of mobility vs Yasuo with Sweeping Blade. While the champion playstyles are somewhat similar, it's important to play around Yone's biggest weakness by optimizing runes. While you lose the mid-late game potential from Conqueror you could argue you wouldn't be able to hit that phase without the safety from Fleet Footwork regardless.

If you think you have a winning lane or can survive with just Doran's Shield early you may opt for Conqueror over Fleet Footwork. This rune is better for all ins but one bad trade and you will lack the health to ever find this chance. Both runes work but understand your risk to reward for both setups. Fleet is never a bad option in my opinion.

Yasuo has a bigger lifepool due to his Way of the Wanderer and Wind Wall offering protection from the enemy. There is no second chances on Yone, if you take bad trades or get poked out, you better be running Resolve secondary.

Fleet Footwork
A really fantastic tool for lane sustain, making it harder for the enemy to punish you for farming. In conjunction with Doran's Shield and the secondary resolve tree, you'll find it very easy to avoid dying during the laning phase. This guarantees that you're able to farm and hit your power spike which is arguably stronger than Yasuo for carry potential.
While Overheal offers effective HP it doesn't match Yone's gameplay of extended combat, whereas Triumph rewards you for winning fights and pushing you to your limits. Since you'll be all inning, a successful kill could be the difference between life or death with the missing % health heal.
Mortal Steel + Spirit Cleave cast time and cooldown is influenced by Attack Speed making Alacrity extremely important to hitting your CD cap. It requires 111% and 105% Attack Speed to obtain this cap, opting for Tenacity or Bloodline would delay your power spike by 2-3 levels.
In conjunction with our will to die at extreme odds, we take Last Stand for the 1v9 gameplay. Cut Down is dependent on team compositions to outvalue Last Stand due to it's consistency vs tankier compositions.
We take Second Wind for additional lane sustain to prevent dying, this gives us time to scale. Pairs really well with Doran's Shield .
Revitalize increases the healing and shielding effects of our character, making our Doran's Shield, Second Wind, Spirit Cleave, and Fleet Footwork more efficient. Very difficult to die!

The ideal rune for winning lanes or melee supports (results in less poke harass). This rune will scale well into the late game and also result in better extended trades for the laning phase. It's a riskier playstyle but can be very beneficial if you can snowball your lead during the laning phase.
While Overheal offers effective HP it doesn't match Yone's gameplay of extended combat, whereas Triumph rewards you for winning fights and pushing you to your limits. Since you'll be all inning, a successful kill could be the difference between life or death with the missing % health heal.
Mortal Steel + Spirit Cleave cast time and cooldown is influenced by Attack Speed making Alacrity extremely important to hitting your CD cap. It requires 111% and 105% Attack Speed to obtain this cap, opting for Tenacity or Bloodline would delay your power spike by 2-3 levels.
In conjunction with our will to die at extreme odds, we take Last Stand for the 1v9 gameplay. Cut Down is dependent on team compositions to outvalue Last Stand due to it's consistency vs tankier compositions.
We take Second Wind for additional lane sustain to prevent dying, this gives us time to scale. Pairs really well with Doran's Shield.
Revitalize increases the healing and shielding effects of our character, making our Doran's Shield, Second Wind, Spirit Cleave, and Fleet Footwork more efficient. Very difficult to die!


Alternative secondary runes
We take Eyeball Collection for additional AD to augment our Mortal Steel with more damage and increasing our maximum crit damage.
Ravenous Hunter is best in slot due to it's oppressive omnivamp making Yasuo literally 1v9 after achieving 5 stacks. Since it is a scaling rune, you need to be careful to tone down your 1337 skills before you achieve critical mass. buff is huge!)


Items are always going to be situational and based on the game state. A good player must always be flexible and open to change if they wish to perform consistently.

Yone has a lot of build diversity but it's important to respond to what the enemy is threatening you with. With this I would like to say this section will constantly be changing as new builds are discovered with the new item changes but these are my thoughts THUS FAR.

However, since this is a guide, I'll be showing you the most optimal itemization first before delving into situational items or divergences.

Currently with the Guinsoo's Rageblade nerfs my current build's is as follows:


---> ---> ---> --->

Berserker's Greaves -> Immortal Shieldbow -> Infinity Edge -> Defensive item or crit. As of patch 10.25 Yasuo's attack speed per level has been buffed so you may now cap out your Mortal Steel cooldown by level 12 with Alacrity. This opens up Infinity Edge as our second item now and with Yone's passive allows us to benefit from it's extra damage. After these first two items it is completly situational. You can go for more crit looking to pick up a Bloodthirster or go straight into defensive items with Spirit Visage for heavy magic damage teams or Thornmail / Randuin's Omen for physical damage teams. Generally you'll wind up with 3 crit items, boots, and 2 defensive items as your full build. This is my recommended standard build for Yone players as well as for people just learning the champion.


---> ---> ---> --->

My other favorite build that has come up recently is Berserker's Greaves -> Kraken Slayer -> Infinity Edge -> into either Sterak's Gage for a defensive healing build or finishing Bloodthirster if snowballing. Sterak's Gage may also be swapped with Spirit Visage if they have lots of magic damage or Thornmail / Randuin's Omen for physical damage teams. This build is also ran with Fleet Footwork. I generally will run this if I feel like I need more damage in a game where I was forced to take Fleet Footwork and Doran's Shield. The nice thing about this build is how much damage it can output however it lacks in the survivability that comes with Immortal Shieldbow. This build is heavily reliant on playing around your Soul Unbound and looking for quick windows for kills. Generally I also go this build if there are no bursty as sasins in the game.


---> ---> ---> --->

The 3rd build that I have been having tons of fun with includes Galeforce. This build is for more experienced Yone players as it doesn't have the innate safety that comes with the first two builds. I know what you're thinking, how the hell could this be good. To be honest, it's been buffed to a point that the passive stats are great and the active does a lot of single target damage in a 1v1. The dash further increases your potential play making ability and can quite often catch people off guard who aren't accounting for your increased ranged. It suffers from survivability but makes up for it with damage and more mobility. The dash can also be used defensively (backwards) which is something Yone massively lacks in. It follows the standard Yone build after Galeforce + Infinity Edge where preference items come after. Personally I like defensive items third and Sterak's Gage is a great pickup if they have both physical and magic damage threats. This build can work with both Fleet Footwork and Conqueror

I am testing out a build for Blade of the Ruined King rush into Kraken Slayer as an experimental build to crit if they have heavy HP stacking team. I am enjoying the build so far but still testing. I've found going Immortal Shieldbow as a replacement mythic to Kraken Slayer has had very nice benefits of helping stay alive while most of our damage will come from Blade of the Ruined King.

See below for explanations on each item

Berserker's Greaves will always be best in slot for Yone due to it's Attack Speed being one of the highest in the game and for it's gold efficiency. This increases the potential of our Mortal Steel and overall DPS.

Immortal Shieldbow is a fantastic item offering a versatile statpool. It offers a plethora of stats including Crit and Lifesteal for dangerous situations. (As well as some Attack Speed towards your cap) The best thing however is the additional Lifesteal from the Lifeline effect on top of a shield making you deceptively tanky.

Kraken Slayer is also an option for a first item after boots because of its amazing damage potential. I will opt into buying this item if I decide to run Fleet Footwork to sustain through the lane and do not need the shielding and saftey that comes with Immortal Shieldbow. This will usually be when the game does not have an assassin in it

Galeforce is an awesome item that adds extra layer of mobility to Yone. It's surpriisngly good and can catch people off guard if used correctly. Due note this item is meant for play making and also increases the skill ceiling of Yasuo further. I still recommend using Immortal Shieldbow for people who are learning as it takes no conscience effort to use unlike Galeforce

Blade of the Ruined King is an awesome item to rush if you'll be up against a HP stacking team. This item has a HUGE power spike when finished but can be somewhat lack luster during the laning phase while you build its components. You will also be delaying your crit items. I will usually build this if I see 3 or more HP stackers on a team.

Our second item is usually going to be Infinity Edge for obvious reasons. We need one crit modifier item in this build and Infinity Edge starts to gain power at this point in the game. With the recent changes in patch 10.25 Yone's per level attack speed has been increased thus allowing us to buy this item 2nd and still cap out our Mortal Steel cooldown by level 12 *if running alacrity*

Third item can be either a defensive item or a crit item depending on the game. Some good choices are Mortal Reminder & Bloodthirster. Sometimes I will also just buy a Cloak of Agility or Zeal to cap out on crit and finish building defensive items. Sterak's Gage is also a fantastic pickup when you need a defensive shield option. I love picking this up when I run Kraken Slayer or Galeforce since I don't have the lifeline passive that comes with Immortal Shieldbow

In terms of defensive options, my go to is Spirit Visage against heavy magic damage. It's a fantastic pick up since it makes lifesteal more effective and affects shielding. Guardian Angel is a strong armor item with AD with a neat add on of preventing death. If you need a more defensive anti heal, Thornmail. If you need anti-crit damage, Randuin's Omen is best in slot due to it's innate crit reduction.

The last item pickup will usually be situational. At this point it is up to you, yes YOU, to figure out what you will need to round out a game. Ideally I will always have 3 crit items at this point and 2 defensive items while keeping my boots. Any combination of these options can work but it is up to you to figure out what you will need in different situations :) You can also stop by my twitch and Youtube channels for more information or to ask me questions personally.

I'll have a YouTube guide coming in the next month going in depth with items and different build paths. If the link is not here then the video is still in progress.
Pre game
To be impactful, you need a strong foundation.

League of Legends is built on the basic building block of last hitting, trading, and positioning. If you're able to master even one of these, you'll find yourself winning more games.

A carry requires resources to show their full potential, which is what makes minions valuable. Every last hit is experience and gold that will make you stronger.

Focusing on the basics will improve your performance and make it easier to snowball.

However, it is important to note that Marksman is a unique role that is dependent on the support to survive laning phase, which makes it inherently more difficult to be consistent than other lanes. You need to consistently consider the positioning of both sides in order to properly trade. This requires you to be familiar with a majority of the match ups unlike other positions.

Distance is an extremely important concept for bot lane. Knowing whether a play is possible or someone can follow up on your initiation will be the difference between success and failure. This is especially important for Yone who is a melee champion who lacks a lot of mobility unlike Yasuo.

Yone can play for scaling, but has extremely good 2v2 post 6 making it viable to play aggressively. If you're able to safely farm, you could also just consider waiting for two item spike. It's important to use your gold lead when you can, especially with a winning 2v2 so don't always choose to farm it out. Every play will impact your lane making it extremely important to be flexible with itemization and positioning.

The key to playing Marksman is consistency, being able to have an impact despite your laning phase. It's important to identify your win condition early on, so you know exactly what you're working towards. As a Yone ADC, you have one purpose in life. Do damage, if this requires you to E max range Fate Sealed to engage 1v4 so be it. Obviously the more targets you hit, the more collateral damage.

If you find you're the only source of damage on your team, you might instead opt to play for a more calculated playstyle which requires your team to lead the way. This creates opportunities for you to find good angles for Fate Sealed and Crowd Control gaps after the enemy commits to other players on your team. You have extremely strong sustain as Yone but that's irrelevant if you're unable to lifesteal due to CC.

Thus, we come to the conclusion.

Good team comp? Less Brain, do more damage.
Bad team comp? More brain, do smart damage.
Early game
It will be painful. You will suffer, but it'll all pay off in the end once you hit level 3. Your only goal is to survive, then your enemy will know vengeance. Due to the range disadvantage, Yone has an extremely difficult time farming level 1-2.

This compounded with the fact that our support has no f*cking clue whats happening usually results in lost trades. It's important to avoid unnecessary damage until you're able to contest the enemy. This is because our ability to be aggressive is directly correlated to our health pool. It's very risky to all in with half hp as opposed to 100%.

Since you're conceding the first few waves, wave will be always on your side of the lane making it easy to engage. Find an opportunity to build up Mortal Steel stacks then all in with your Soul Unbound to burn summoner spells or find a kill.

This is easy to do because most low elo players don't understand the concept of wave manipulation. They will consistently push into your tower giving you an opportunity to dash through minions without a problem. This won't change until around the D2 mark.

If you're able to find an opportunity, your lane will commence to the snowball phase. Every 2v2 will be in your favor due to your massive stat advantage as an ad assassin bruiser mage. If you were unable to find an opportunity due to your support holding you hostage, wait until level six for your next opportunity. (Or jungle gank)

Most junglers have some form of displacement making it easy to follow up ganks with Fate Sealed, while most tank supports will have easy initiation for you as well. If you're stuck with an enchantress, you must hope to god it's a healing champion.

Once we have an optimal recall timing, we'll have access to Immortal Shieldbow. This item is our first item spike after Berserker's Greaves and is where most of our damage comes from. You should be like a rabid animal at this point, looking for an excuse to fight anything. Every dragon is an opportunity to force fights that you'll benefit from.

Once you've taken bot tower, you can rotate mid for plates or continue to perma split. However, the best option is to honestly hold bot lane hostage and refuse to take tower so you can continue to get double kills. Plates are valuable but a reliable source of kill gold income is better.

Since we are playing Yone as opposed to Yasuo its ok to tone down your aggression in exchange for farming safely, while you won't be using your gold advantage or your winning match up. This can secure your core items making mid game fights a lot easier than coin flipping over random skirmishes. A lot of champions struggle vs the hard initiation from Yone making his side lane very safe.
Mid game
Once we've taken tower with the help of our team or our own godly skills, we enter the mid-game phase. The macro phase. Due to our range it is difficult to force towers making it more meaningful to side lane, we'll ditch our support and force him to lane with the mid laner for priority on objectives.

We'll start to acquire solo xp and catch up in levels while winning most 1v1 match ups in the side lane. Generating pressure will cause enemies to respond to our movements while opening up other areas on the map leading to free objectives. This however is a double edged sword as we'll likely be forced into 1v2s. While your support should be with your mid laner, it's important to note that they can still ward for you to protect you.

The nice thing about Yone vs Yasuo is the extreme mobility in forcing fights at maximum distance, which catches people off guard. You can typically do 50% of their health bar with a simple Soul Unbound proc making people think, what the f*ck is this sh*t?

It is also your responsibility to track the enemy team, keep a constant tab on who is showing so you can predict ganks and avoid disfavorable situations. If you're continuously dying in the side lane for no reason because you're egoing spamming mastery 7, you're not helping at all. If you're staying alive while acquiring resources, you'll have an impact. It's important to understand the concept of


If you're creating pressure, the enemy is forced to respond causing a push reaction. Once they react to it, you pull away. This creates gaps in the enemy's movements and opportunities to take objectives. You should be consistently pushing and pulling the enemy's movements so that they're never in control of the momentum. Being in control means they'll never be able to initiate something meaningful as a team.

Prioritize being at every objective with your team (Dragon/Baron) before it spawns so you can fight for vision control and take advantage of your solo experience/gold efficiency to win team fights.

If you're playing methodically, this will result in a victory.

Congratulations and good luck on the rift! Check out my livestream at to ask me questions
League of Legends Build Guide Author riofacerr
riofacerr Yone Guide
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Riofacerr's Yone ADC Guide | The Melee ADC

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