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Riven Build Guide by Exdruid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exdruid

Riven, The Exile

Exdruid Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, everybody. This is my first build on MOBAfire, I've been playing the game for about a year now. I will be updating more as I think of things. I played about two matches before both joining MOBAfire and making this build. I fell in love with her immediately and I hope to help you to as well.

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Riven is a Melee Fighter, a highly mobile one at that, which means she gets into combat and is decent at staying in and harrassing. - A lot like Talon, she's not exactly an auto attack champion, I've played quite a few games with her and have come to realize that having more Attack Damage is much more efficient because she does so well using her skills.

With minimal attack speed increase she still attacks quite quickly. Remember that when you get into a fight you don't simply spam your broken wings (I've seen quite a few Riven's do this and I usually end up killing them.) What you need to do when you get into a fight is start with an auto-attack, then use Broken Wings in succession respectfully (as in Attack, Q, Attack, Q, Attack, Q) using this tactic you don't deal as much burst damage, but you do more damage overall within a slightly longer time-frame. In my opinion, it's worth it.

If you use Broken Wings to get away or to increase your movement speed always remember to keep sending Riven movement commands, after she uses Broken Wings she stops moving (not sure if she keeps attacking your intended target but I spam attack commands on my intended target anyway.)

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Greater Mark of Desolation I choose these marks because the Armor Penetration helps with your skills getting through armor, if they have no armor they take more damage as well! Stack this with your and later Youmoo's Ghostblade and you shouldn't have to worry about armor painfully reducing your damage output.

I choose these Seals because having that little bit of armor helps you take less damage while in a fight, I know it's not a lot but it's better than none at all

As with having some resistance to magic is just to help you maintain in lane.

I figure with the and these you'll start off with a good amount of health and attack damage.

Overall these runes should help you maintain your laning presence all the while making you good in team fights and allow you to farm and deal with harassment from your opponent.

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There's really not much to discuss about masteries. I go with a good 21/0/9, in utility I grab Good Hands to get back in when I die and Greed just to get that extra gold. I've got pretty much nothing else to say about this section.

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I start with Doran's Blade for the extra 100 hp and the lifesteal, it may only be 3% but it's definitely good enough to hold you in lane long enough to harass and farm up to your Vampiric Scepter

I grab these in between Doran's Blade and Vampiric scepter just to get you around a little bit faster.

Why the Vampiric Scepter? Well first of all you need to grab it sometime for the Bloodthirster, unless you intend to stick to just buying it outright. I personally buy it because the 10 AD on Doran's Blade is sufficient enough to last you quite awhile, at least when you can auto attack minions to heal back up. Note: Do not use your Broken Wings as it will kill your minions without giving you any health. Broken Wings does not proc your lifesteal.

As I mentioned above in the Runes Chapter the Brutalizer gives a good amount of Armor Penetration, not to mention it gives a 10% CDR, which is very nice for Riven. It gives a very good amount of Attack Damage, increasing your abilities damage and passively cutting through armor. The Brutalizer is only 1337 gold is not too hard to come by and its well worth it.

Mercury Treads I personally prefer having the slight Magic Resist and Tenacity with Mercury Treads. Sure, you could grab Boots of Swiftness or Berserker's Greaves and a Cloak and Dagger... But that's using two item slots and not maximizing your Attack Damage. ( for getting into team fights and across the map quickly. for quicker auto attacks in between your .)

I personally tend to be going back to my base around the time I can afford a B.F. Sword so I grab it when I can, obviously we get a Bloodthirster for it's ability to get you +100 AD, base of +60 isn't bad either. Using the combo I've listed off multiple times and am not going to bother repeating again you're using your Broken Wings then attacking, that attack heals you, potentially keeping you in the fight longer, the amount that it heals for is increased by your Trinity Force (I found this out when playing Talon and healing for TONS with my Noxian Diplomacy) that you'll be getting next. I buy it this early due to the fact that after testing, a Doran's Blade and Trinity Force just wasn't enough AD right away for me, all of her abilities rely on Attack Damage which means her shield increases exponentially after buying and building up a Bloodthirster, giving you that precious edge up on your opponents.

This may surprise you, Sheen gives Mana and Ability Power (nothing that Riven uses at all) However look at it. it says "Every time you use an ability, your next physical attack deals =100% damage. this is a free crit on your next auto attack, which conveniently is right after your Q. With Sheen, you use the afore mentioned combo; Attack, Broken Wings, Attack, Broken Wings. Attack, Broken Wings, Attack you will increase your overall damage by a lot. Note: Your second use of Broken Wings will not proc Sheen unless you wait dangerously long.

I grab phage because obviously I'm going into Trinity Force. I grab Phage instead of Trinity Force because I want that health and Attack Damage, as I've mentioned before Riven is not an Auto Attack champion, getting the increased ATS isn't worth it in my opinion. Phage also procs a nice slow, this slow will help you chase your enemies if it does proc, you don't necessarily need that slow with how mobile you are but it's definitely nice when it does proc.

Trinity Force, as mentioned with Sheen increases your next physical attack's damage after use of a skill. Trinity Force is for your Sheen as an Infinity Edge is for crits. So with Trinity Force your auto attacks between your Broken Wings are more powerful with the Sheen proc, are quicker so you're bursting more, and just do overall more damage. Not to mention, it gives a nice extra run speed and health. Definitely worth the buy in my opinion.

Frozen Mallet is the only item I recommend possibly switching, you can go with either an Infinity Edge or Last Whisper. I personally like Frozen Mallet for the guarantee'd slow, loads of health as you are some-what squishy, and a decent bit of Attack Damage. If you find you're lasting in fights well enough and don't need that slow but want to do more burst damage go ahead and grab that Infinity Edge, which will increase your Attack Damage further and when if you crit with your Trinity Force proc you'll do a lot more damage. If you find that they just have way too much armor, get yourself a Last Whisper, this will double the AD from a Frozen Mallet and also get a bossly 40% Armor Penetration.

Why don't I just recommend Last Whisper over Frozen Mallet anyway? Well I find myself to be quite the glass cannon at end game, the Frozen Mallet helps immensely, +700 health is a lot. Another thing is if you don't have multiple high armor champions that 40% isn't that great, 40% of a low amount is low, whereas a Brutalizer and Black Cleaver just give you a flat 60 armor penetration after 3 basic attacks.

This item is great for my foundation of this champion. Every basic attack takes off 15 armor, this stacks up to 3 times (how many times do you auto attack before the last Broken Wings? Oh right... 3) So at the end of your broken wings, with your Brutalizer, you're ignoring at least 65 Armor, making your last Broken Wings attack do even more damage. The Black Cleaver also gives 30% attack speed and +55 Attack Damage, just what you need.

Youmoo's Ghostblade. Why Youmoo's Ghostblade? Everything we LOVE about Brutalizer except increased. The 25 AD turns into 30 AD, the CDR is increased to 15%, the Armor Penetration is transformed into 20 and you gain a 15% crit. With your Trinity Force you get up to 30%, not bad for a non-crit based champion in my opinion. If you drop the Frozen Mallet for Infinity Edge you're at a nice 55%. Ghostblade also gives you a nice active, +20% movement speed and +50% Attack Speed, really nice for team fights. Activating it makes your burst better because your auto attacks between your Broken Wings are going faster.

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More is coming!

As I said in the pre-introduction I am currently working on this guide, I hope to be done with this build within a few days, I'm currently playing and testing it out.

Also, I'm having issues figuring out how to put the icon's up for B.F. Sword,, Black Cleaver and Youmoo's Ghost blade, so just ignore that part and if anyone cares to let me know what the BBCode for those are I would greatly appreciate it.