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Rumble Build Guide by fatman1337

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fatman1337

rumble goes rampage

fatman1337 Last updated on September 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've wanted to make a guide for my best and favourite champion for quite awhile now. Everything about Rumble's design, playstyle, kit, and even personality has interested me and made me adore him as a character, and someone who kicks a lot of *** since he was released on April 22nd, 2011!

As of March 10th, 2012 I have played Rumble in over 3000 Games, be them Ranked, Normal, or on Smurf accounts or other accounts, and achieved platinum ranking on 2 accounts as Rumble, The Mechanized Menace. I'm here to show you how I play him, build him, and many other things that are just nice to know! In a short, quick, and sweet format. Not taking too much time, but just enough to explain all there is to know about my favourite little yordle.

With all my personality and character design loves about him aside, his overall damage and burst, teamfight disruption and overall AOE explosion is incredible, here are some pros and cons.

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*Lots of consistent and free damage
*Short CD on Scrap Shield to absorb incoming damage
*Manaless caster with increased damage from passive
*Long range aoe ult
*AOE/Teamfight extraordinaire
*Lots of slows
*If managed poorly, you can overheat and silence yourself
*No actual escape ability(ie; dash/blink/knockback)
*Easily escapable ult with a dash or blink
*Can be kited if you miss harpoons

So much damage can be done, and I love seeing the numbers fly above someones head! With his massive AOE, and his insane consistent bases. His damage is quite deceiving. Ganks from the enemy jungler can be turned into double kills for you if you play it right.

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Some Good Counters to Rumble-

Rumble is extremely fragile from levels 1-5 and can easily be dominated during those levels. This is why I have always take my Electro-Harpoonat level 1, to farm minions from afar, or to harass from a distance with it. Passively farm and gain EXP to get to level 5 and dominate them back!

* Yorick Ghouls > Electro-Harpoon. This top laner can be difficult for most new players with rumble, but after time and practice, seasoned Rumble playerss will see that rumble beats him quite efficiently.

* RivenIf you have a not so good early presence jungler, like warwick or Shyvana. Riven can start off with just a dorans blade, which in this case can beat you up early because of your lack of early game damage and with her added mobility, so play extra careful around it.

* OlafCan be a difficult lane. Try to dodge his axes to your best extent. After level 6 it gets kinda hard. True damage blows through armor, and his ult can negate all of your slows. All around just be careful around him.

* Blitzcrank Believe me or not this guy can beat you up in lane, a knockup that turns you around, big ole burst of silence that can mess up combos, a speedup that is decent in avoiding harpoons and getting away, free health from a massive mana barrier and if you try to get away with your shield? You're not going anywhere.

* Cho'Gath 3 second silence to mess up combos, and Rumble is a caster afterall. A decent knockup that slows if you try to engage on him and a big ole burst of damage from feast, he's truely a force to be reckoned with as the little furball. Can be easily abused levels 1-6, but after? good luck killing him.

* Jayce All I have to say is as a Rumble main I think he's OP. Has range to kite you around, plus one of in my personal opinion best disengage on rumble in the game. He can knockback and turn you around making him avoid flamespitter completely, while also chunking your health and speed boosting away. Be careful 'round him.

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Flash and ignite, always, forever, and ever and ever.

* As you most likely already know, a great offensive and defensive summoner spell, great for closing the distance vs the Squishy AP/AD Carry after landing your ult from a distance. Or escaping those ganks or sticky situations you couldn't of escaped otherwise without.
* Great vs heavy sustain champs like Warwick or Mordekaiser, and very good for finishing people off who have already flashed away!

Wanna go full-on man mode? Here's your spells.

* Exhaust if you're team doesn't have it, or want to go man mode, I suggest using this over flash. It has quite a lot more utility, and can even turn jungle ganks into double kills for you a lot easier.

Unless of course you need mana, we all know rumble lacks mana. Making Clarity an amazing summoner spell for him!

My humour is terrible, I apologize.

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some runes for wumble

Why Movement Speed Quints?

*With Boots of Speed you have 398 Movespeed at level 1 without Janna but, with janna you have 409.
*Amazing for keeping them in your Flamespitter
*Easy to escape early ganks by simply using Scrap Shield and walking away, even if you have red buff proc'd on you.
* Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are by far my favourite type of runes in the game, for many reasons.

Why AP Per Level Glyphs?

*Decent amount of AP given to you at the level you are suppose to start being aggressive
*A bit of AP later, for mid and late game.

Why Magic Pen Marks?

*Should be self explanatory since he's an AP Caster/Bruiser.

Why Armor Seals?

*Extra armor for VSing many top ad bruisers.
*What you should always do on any top laner.

Only one small rune difference for going mid.

Why Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

*Normally what you would get when mid laning, vs's any ap caster.

Why Greater Seal of Armor in Mid lane?

*Good for handling their autoattack harassment.
*If their jungler ganks and catches up to you.